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  1. Yes Paddy is a very good dog he’s raced every week and twice a week more often than not which is a big ask and he keeps winning this should clinch Greyhound of the year
  2. Sorry but I disagree with narrow minded, slow dogs are more than catored for, prize money further back than 3rd, 3 unplacings and the dog is down graded, and NZ bred dogs more than catored for, more series than needed ie no import series, as well large fees on imports, GRNZ are more than looking after all grade of dogs, I’d say yes, now as for this race set for two big kennels, I don’t think so, anyone has the ability to have a fast dog it’s a lot of luck in breeding along with the hard work as it’s just as hard to breed a slow dog. This Series is very exciting and we should embrace it, yes ca
  3. I hope this gives an insight of how I read it, Seriously it’s going to be hard to go past Paddy, that’s the tip for punting, because it’s at hatrick, if it was at Addington it would be all ACs doggy’s to take it out, but this is gambling so expect to loose your money, if you can’t afford too loose your money, don’t bet as it’s designed so the house makes money by their rules, I repeat by their rules, am I punting in this race, may be, as I’m Cheering for our Camp, Krusty. Cheers WB
  4. Sorry but after reading this post, it Sounds like a bunch of bitter twisted people not happy because your dogs are not fast enough to nominate to make the final and this has nothing to do with me having one befor the flack starts, how about getting behind grnz instead of continuously knocking, this series is awesome cheers WB
  5. Two faces for one identity, people like this do these things, once a national advocate turns to Labour to rule, and couldn't win the seat lol did we all expect anything else lol Id say not, sad reading, its worse here sad
  6. Hi Joe Blogs just my thoughts as nearly all the races in Aus are over 720 as the extreme distance as I think and only my thoughts as what I have seen that this distance can be got by a few, only a few strong 520 doggy's and would entice more trainers to have a go, For instance AC big free running Avenger Bale for one, many a dog like him may just get 720 bowling along out in front, but 779 or so is a big ask two weeks in a row only my thoughts, surely more trainers would have ago over 720 cheers WB
  7. Hi GOM I love stayers especially free running front runners and the very few that come from last to win, but there are only a handful that can run time over the extreme distance races in NZ, the field this year only has may be 2 or 3 real chances saying that I wouldn’t mind owning them all as there are some nice doggy’s in the heats. Cheers
  8. Agree should have 3 heats all get a go as there is hardly a stayer here, the distance race should be 720 the race would get more noms for sure get some speed into the race
  9. Yes champion short course dog, only resently they have been given group1 status races which is well deserved but they don’t quiet carry the glamour of middle distance doggies unfortunately as I love them cheers
  10. Hi Brother AC, who would you say is in the top 5 doggies in the last 18 years to race in NZ, import or NZ bred, 520 specialists, my favourites are little Mother, Dyna Vickers, thrilling Sam, Blitzing mahem, Rockabye lad, my fav dog iv had is Cawbourne Crouch and close behind is Cawbourne Krusty
  11. Thanks Pilli yes I remember your champion Girl, once in a life time doggies cheers Warren B
  12. Thanks Joe blogs nice record but no group 1 win in that time cheers
  13. Thanks Bro, just been looking up how many dogs have only raced in NZ and have put together a record this outstanding in 13 starts 9 wins 4 2nds including 1 group 1 win and 2nd and a group 2 win, can’t find one can you help cheers
  14. Very gutsy effort by Stu and I young girl tonight, many thanks to Brother AC for helping our team, well done Matty and Sarah cheers Bro
  15. Very has the runs on the board to back that cheers