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  1. Waste of time and will only slow down the process more
  2. alltheway!!!

    NZ Oaks

    Was a huge run by Cawbourne Krusty. Looks like she has a big future
  3. Ring the bell Dusty gambler Nitehawk rose Translator
  4. which dog will you be bagging out next week so I can get my money on it now
  5. Does Cole have any bitch that can beat it?
  6. Common sense is something clubs lack.
  7. If she makes the final. She wont have any chance
  8. Do they still have the bonuses for dogs winning their first middle distance race? Maybe they could do this with every grade. Give small bonuses to nz bred dogs over the middle distance
  9. Sounds like there are too many low-grade dogs in the CD. The clubs shouldn't have to cater to that many. Maybe its less issues with the clubs and more issues with the people breeding all these low grade sprinters?
  10. Who wants to see another meeting full of low-grade sprinters?
  11. It was a better field than 99% of distance races. Just look at the poor field at Wanganui tonight. Translator beats them for fun
  12. Made them look weak today. Dont think hes ready for retirement
  13. Surprised there was no investigation made by the nzgra or riu into how someone managed to falsify the papers. Seems strange.
  14. I think its very hard to say any of them are better than one another. Paddy and the bale dogs have all had their day in the sunshine. It tends to be a case of whos better on the day than whos better overall
  15. Dog was second to the lure. Wanted more ground i thought. Looks like he has been rushed back for silver collar preparation
  16. The dog looks like he was just winding up last week. Didnt see this weeks run so cant comment on it
  17. I can't believe they didn't get a full field for the Jack Hannan Memorial. How did Palmerston North get of running a 5 race meeting?
  18. It's poorly written like many of the rules in the rulebook. If this sport was anything professional, the rulebook would be the first thing that would need to be overhauled.
  19. Who makes up the schedule? Why would you have a group two race at Palmerston North the same day as the NZ Derby and other 2 or 3 feature races at Cambridge?
  20. Just punt all the All-star horses. You win every time lol
  21. Bigtime paddy. Quintis bale. Allen ablett for the cup Danny dee. Mrs browns girls. Sheza rippa the railway
  22. Imagine if the third placed dog was a swab?
  23. In a perfect world, I do not think anyone would race there. The tracks appalling. Been consistently awful since they put the new sand on it one or two years ago and heightened the canvas of the track (which was a terrible decision). And whenever anyone complains. its always the same old excuses like no one else has complained (which is rubbish) or they will/are fixing it. I also believe the last time she went to Manukau, the lure broke down on one of her leading NZ cups contenders due to the faulty rail issue at the time that no one had tried to fix since the week before that trial. The Auckland club has well and truly become the laughing stock of the country. Something needs to change up there and fast.
  24. paid out on blocked drains so obviously an issue