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  1. Have you seen CH-CH ,Same amount of dogs ,Same amount of low grade dogs,but 1 xtra meeting a week and thats why they are not bitching and moaning, And you did not know this?
  2. To me looking at the south island and traveling seem these dogs would not miss out at CH-CH if nomed. But to me seems like spliting teams, more than no races or can't get starts. How many do that travel with less than 4 dogs?. Im in the CD thats what this subject is about. thanks
  3. Yip ,out of 42 races in the CD no C2 sprint. Thats not bad for one region. AYE. Oh and that is 1 less meeting than the other region with the same amount of dogs. And as for traveling up north for 6/7 hours,4/5 hours at the track and 6/7 hours back and only if ya dog placed in its last start,to get a start on a track you have not seen.For C2 sprint money. Thanks for your thoughts guys. It must just be me that thinks the CD is getting a raw deal. PS. Maybe not handed to on a plate, but can we get a servet or napkin
  4. Over 60 c2 sprinters missed out this week in the CD. There were 15 C1 sprints this week,which could bring the number of C2 sprinter to 80 for next week. FFS put another meeting on in the CD. 100+ dogs missing out each week in the CD still. PS. How is GAP going? Must be full.
  5. Have to larf, Howrude, hope you get paid for your info, and they acted on it to. They need all the help they can get.
  6. They are the most looked after dogs in NZ and you want to call them rescued. GAP, It rehomes dogs that people don't want and if not rehomed has a reasonable chance of being euthanised. Like any other breed of dog would be, if they are not people/cat friendly. Why are Greyhounds diffrent from any other breed of dog ? ? Easy target.
  7. Agree GOM, Put the figures up for all dog breeds. Well over 100,000 dogs get put down each year by the spca and councils they must have a record. Does anyone know where the public can find that infomation ?. GREYHOUND FACTS FOR 2016/17 * Greyhounds imported into NZ - 279 * Bred in NZ - 675 * Total registered for racing - 3225 * Died naturally - 40 * Retired for breeding - 46 * Euthanised - 309 * Found new homes - 414 (Source: Greyhound Racing NZ) Greyhounds are just seen as an easy target.
  8. I love the idea. Being comfortable when handling your dogs should be a must. But in our code where sexism is still alive and the ones who make the dress code rules do not handle dogs, this will never happen. "In theory, sounds easy and practical. But yeah, um," This sounds like the NZGRA.
  9. NZGRA has asked for an xtra race meeting a week and got told no. The NZRIB Don't like how well our code is going and want to slow the rapid growth.. NZRIB should be a team player and let growing codes grow, and nurturing failing codes. That is there job, is it not?
  10. Enough you had a fair go, time to move on please....
  11. BIG STUFF' Same old bullshit at the greyhounds...infighting and inbreeding by the sounds of it. no wonder you lot have bad names JOHN' I think Big Stuff made a fair point, anyway thanks for interpreting for me what a post. Was it the Infighting or Inbreeding or the bad names bit that you thought was the good point John?
  12. So it is the just the getting along bit. lol Put your facts up re Struggling Scooby.
  13. What part is struggling? Scooby? And don't say the getting along bit. I can think of 1, but from what i've heard it's getting fixed. lol
  14. dogrug


    Maybe if these people could race there dogs more than once a month,they woulds be happyer. Another meeting in the CD would help. NZGRA how about it. We will share with CHCH,week there, week here(CD) . IT's a dogs numbers thing.
  15. Love it. Thank you for your reply. From your words to gods (nzgra) EAR'S.