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  1. Hurricane tweets deleted.

    Yeah that tackle was a shocker. Not sure why they needed to replay it 10 times. Looked a genuine "Red" from first viewing.
  2. Chaos in NZ

    "Vituperative" - Now there's a word you don't hear in every day conversation.
  3. World Cup Soccer 2018

    It's not 'coming home' after all.
  4. World Cup Soccer 2018

    While not a ardent football fan, some of these games have had there fair share of drama. And the goals...... I feel for the poor old Goalie's the way the strikers can make that ball dip and dive. All in all you can't deny it's a great sporting event.
  5. Player Ratings

    Quite right Blue. Some of these "commentators" have no idea. If you want to listen to facts and not errant opinion, then tune into this new 1040 Rugby analysis program on Sky. It is excellent. On Tuesday they quite rightly pointed out the great lines Jordie Barrett runs and how the All Blacks utilise this. His first try in particular was no fluke. He started it and finished it, after getting himself to a position to take that final pass from A. L-Brown. He's a very smart rugby player and the natural successor to Ben Smith.
  6. Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    It made the Aussie sports program "The Back Page". They went on to show similar incidents; the best being a horse running into second in the US, with the jockey dangling from the horses neck.
  7. For what its worth....

    Isn't this Tommy Robinson just another nut job..........like you?
  8. Phil Mickelson

    Phil sprints after his rolling ball like a petulant 10 year old and hits it to prevent it rolling off down the hill. Steve Williams was right all along. He is "a Prick".
  9. Attention Susan Devoy

    The "All Whites" tournament?
  10. For what its worth....

    Tommy who?
  11. Winston in free fall ?

    Race Cafe needs a section titled "Party Political Propaganda".
  12. Chris Rattue

    Did Cowboy make the Honours List?
  13. new island team

    More "Fake News" from the CBS Crusty News desk. The $80,000 feasibility study was commissioned by National Government, Sport and Recreation Minister, Murray McCully. And good on him for doing so. That Report has just been completed. The current Labour Govt have given no indication that they will put further funding toward such an idea.
  14. Trump written off

    Have you run these ideas past your Psychiatrist?
  15. Trump written off

    Oh dear oh dear there are so many conspiracies going on in the world. Sounds as though everyone is involved. I'm glad 100 and 6's and Donald Trump are onto it, because the whole thing just gives me a headache......Now who was standing on the grassy knoll??