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  1. Given punting is not your thing right at this point in time - Maybe you could also take a break from posting on this forum. That'd give us all a little break!
  2. What about this quote 6xes - Proverbs 28:26 "If you think you know it all, you're a fool for sure; real survivors learn wisdom from others." God's watching you 6xes, and he sees a know it all blowhard.
  3. That Tyson Fury - Wilder fight yesterday was up there with the Heavyweight glory days of the 1970's. It was brutal! No matter what you think of Tyson Fury, he's got the back story, he can fight and he puts on a great show. Best showman since Ali. I like him!
  4. I had never heard of this country prior to yesterday, but happy for us to beat anyone in Soccer.
  5. An idea toward solving the problem of drug addicted and sexual deviant Rugby League players bringing the game into disrepute. For one month after the end of their season there is a moratorium on all penalties for misconduct, pus a media ban on reporting the same. This would include snorting cocaine; not obeying Police direction; group sex recorded on cell phones; adultery; punching your father-in-law and having sexual connections with consenting dogs. However it would not cover taking a cab to a woman's house, who you have never met and having sex with her against her will. The player wou
  6. I would never click on any link you post 6xes. It's likely to take me to some virus laden, anti-vax, Trump loving, election conspiracy supporting, Bible Basher from the backwoods of Arkansas.
  7. I don't find this surprising at all. The caliber of horse in the Auckland Cup over the past ten years doesn't warrant it remaining a Group One race, pure and simple. The date of the race would make no difference.
  8. You know me, I do try to put a positive spin on things, especially rugby which I am very fond of. However......... This was the most turgid, mind numbing dross imaginable and I take my hat off to you Memphis in that you manage to find some small enjoyment in viewing the game. For mine, by the end I barely cared who won. It might be "Test Match rugby" and might be what wins World Cups, but if they keep feeding us this up, there will soon be no one watching Test Match Rugby or wanting to play the game in this country. By way of contrast I was lucky enough to watch an age grade Rep rugb
  9. Judith needs a very thick mask every time she speaks. Either that or just leave David Seymour to speak on behalf of the Right.
  10. It's much harder to understand what drives Gruff...
  11. I see "The Big Fat Hypocrite" went for an ice cream in Queenstown...without her mask on. Did Dr Reti tell Judith that was an OK thing to do?
  12. LA Dodgers fan from way we doing this year?
  13. Good on you for trying Nerula, but you'll never get through to them. This is the Gruff / 6xes thread. Gruff is an immovable Conspiracy Theorist, which is bad enough, but 6xes is worse. He is a "religious nutcase conspiracy theorist" and I doubt there can be a worse type.
  14. I was painting on Saturday, so listened to the Mark Stafford show, on the new Brendan McCullum/Ian Smith radio station. They were hopeless tippers, but I enjoyed the banter and maybe you try listening to them with the sound down on your TV.
  15. A new low for you rdytdy. Why don't you show some guts and post it as your own views? Who is CS?
  16. The Trump legacy lives on, down in Texas. The Good Old Boys seem intent on steering that state back to the Middle Ages, with their new Anti-abortion legislation, which the Trump appointees on the US Supreme Court supported. It's like the Taliban are ruling in Texas. Do I hear them chanting "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great) out in the streets?
  17. Uriah Heap


    Paralymics on Duke - Channel 23. Some outstanding efforts, none more than the backstroker with no arms, who kicked his way to a silver medal. Got to admire that.
  18. To be fair no independent person or body raised an objection to the name "All Whites"; it is NZ Football themselves who are considering changing the name. I agree, it's a dumb idea, but would assume "The Back Cocks" NZ badminton team will be the next to go.
  19. It's the 12th. Did Mike Lindell show this?
  20. Is this a Piggy Muldoon quote from 1981, Crusty?
  21. Uriah Heap


    Gotta love the Olympics. So last night I'm watching this cycle race where they go round and round for 99 laps, with riders spread out all round the track. You can't tell what's going on and then they go "The Kiwi rider wins silver." You beaudy!!
  22. If you've got a Gold Medal in your back pack you get to party all you like. I used to love those trips home on the bus after a good "Away win." Great to see nothing's changed (except for whingers, who get far too much air time these days).
  23. Uriah Heap


    Big Tom Walsh gave us heart palpitations last night. I don't know why he can't just jam his front foot up against the board like everyone else. That landing out to the side is going to cause more problems in the Final I reckon.