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  1. Is this a small dig at 100 1? It's certainly appropriate for him.
  2. Was it "$260 million for rugby," Tripple A? Or are you referring to the $265 million support package to all sports in NZ, announced in May this year to support sport affected by the Covid crisis?
  3. Golly well there you go! Thanks for that insight Trump!! President Trump sounds very sensible AND smart. And now we find Joe Biden paid $299,000 tax in US in 2019. Now I'm confused Trump?? Does that make Biden "successful", "an idiot", or just plain "honest"?? Gotta say, I'm leaning toward "Honest". Just saying!
  4. I'm no great supporter of the Auckland Warriors, but I admire what they've achieved in 2020. Heading over to Aus in the middle of the Covid and, for the most part, performing with a bit of pride. "Good on em," I say.
  5. They're busting their balls to try at get this Rugby Championship up and running, but as a spectator it's hard to get very excited about it. It's coming into summer; it's a post World Cup year; it's a "Covid year" where local competitions have reclaimed the limelight; the Boks look like they'll be well underdone.....etc etc. Seems to me like we should just be saying "Glad we got a bit of local rugby"; then pulling out the cricket bats and beach towels and hoping for better in 2021.
  6. If President Trump says "Fake News" you can bet the story will be accurate; just not what he wants made public. So now we find he's payed barely any taxes the past ?? years. That's not surprising, There is plenty of documented evidence that Trump has made some very poor business decisions as a businessman. He's like a Used Car salesman.
  7. rdytdy - Your man Mr Persimmon begins, "I have always found Jacinda Ardern's persona to be strangely repelling" So why post the rest of what he has to say? Just like Tripple A, Mr Persimmon watches the debate and finds exactly what he is looking for.
  8. President Trump is intimating that, were he to lose the November election, he might not accept the vote was legitimate and therefore can't promise a smooth transition of power in the USA. Has such a thing ever occurred previously? It sounds very Third World. I guess he would turn to The Supreme Court to declare the election null and void. Two of the Supreme Court have been appointed by him this term and likely one more shortly. If he refuses to go that would certainly bring protesters onto the street and some of them will be nutjobs. That will bring out Trump supporters and some of them will be "nutjobs". The Cops won't cope, so the National Guard will have to be brought in and then.......... where's it go from there? I'm desperate for Biden to win, merely so we can see what plays out in this divided country that purports to be "Leader of the Free World" ...Ha ha ha ha ha ha...!
  9. Well have they been mismanaged? We going to take President Trumps word on that? That man merely says whatever suits his agenda.
  10. I try to flick between both CNN and Fox News to get some balance. What I've noticed is CNN focus on the Covid Crisis and the 200,000 deaths in USA. Fox News focus on anything but Covid; including riots, anti-Police sentiment, bush fires, Supreme Court appointments etc.
  11. I didn't watch the debate. Why would I - they're tedious. My gripe is with people like Tripple Alliance, who clearly have a preconceived "pro National" bias, coming on here and announcing Judith Collins the winner. Ms Collins could have walked on, done a dump on the floor, and walked straight off without saying a word and TA would have still had her the winner.
  12. Really Tripple! That's desperation on your part.
  13. I'm happy for Tripple Alliance and 100 1 that they both feel National are doing so well at the moment.
  14. I'd never, ever open any of your attachments. You need to explain what your talking about in this post. I gather it occurred on Tuesday - so what happened?
  15. Oh! Well; that's OK then. I thought for a minute it could be straight out, self-serving bullshit.
  16. Where are the majority of these forests? Answer = In the Blue states = this post is irrelevant. The first question you need answered is; are these forests all under State or Federal authority? Any forests under federal authority (National Forests) would be the White Houses responsibility. Wouldn't they?
  17. ......and then picked up by the 2008 - 2017 National Govt and driven on relentlessly, under the stewardship of Attorney General, Chris Finlayson.
  18. This is the day after the US election??? No more Covid. That's very specific 100 1. You don't want to pull back on that one and give yourself a bit of room to manoeuvre?
  19. rdytdy - Who are these writer's Suze and CS? Why are they hiding behind initials and pseudonyms? I think it's cause they're embarrassed at pushing conspiracy theories.
  20. Although he did bomb the shit out of that poor old Iranian Head of the Revolutionary Guard, who was just minding his own business down in Baghdad. That wasn't that peaceful
  21. So there we have it!! Tripple A has it that the problem is Maori "tribal hierarchy", created by a false interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi. So all on the shoulders of the Maori themselves, eh? I'm not so sure about that. You're a man who knows his history Tripple A and i reckon you need to observe a bit more widely on this one. But at least we managed to get poor old Police Minister Stuart Nash off the hook. Chevy 6 had the finger pointed directly at him.....and he's not even Maori.
  22. Thanks for that history lesson Tripple A. Mid 1800's I think you'll find noted as the end of "The Little Age", with Industrialisation well under way in Europe. Even if the warming is natural and part of a cycle, would you at least acknowledge that human activity could be exacerbating the effects?
  23. Re: "Guaranteed to Raise Your Hackles and Blood Pressure" - Is Suze the pen name for David Wong-Tung; the husband Judith Collins can't keep on the leash?
  24. A TV shot of Scott Morrison with a garden hose running into a pool at his Honolulu hotel would have boosted Fire Fighters morale, for sure.
  25. You've asked the question, but clearly believe you know the answer. In your view methamphetamine is the reason for NZ's high incarceration numbers. Then you go on to say Govt's are "wimping out", Yet I read about arrests almost every day; both small time and large scale. The better question would be -why are so many Kiwi's attracted to methamphetamine use? What's going on in NZ society?