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      Winter getaway to Fiji....Hotel and airfares.....Comp to start in July.... details soon.....


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  1. WANGANUI club Cheaters

    They're not starting too late today after that first race...a uniform 40 to 50 seconds late so far..which makes my 'tantrum' seem incredulous.,
  2. WANGANUI club Cheaters

    Every meeting this Club cheats by starting every race a minute late., today's first race was 1minute 45 seconds late. They do this to extract every last dollar into the betting pools..but it encroaches into the Thoroughbred racing's race build up and form analysis. Quit this dispicable practise you cheating bastards!
  3. Happy Birthday.....

    ..and to Puha., i hope you've been having a great day on your Birthday too mate
  4. Happy Birthday.....

    von Small Haussen ..hope you have a good weekend on the punt
  5. Winston in free fall ?

    Yes Nicky47..all National's crisis
  6. Ellerslie Track Progress

    Look at the patchyness on the right foreground..doesn't look any good to me
  7. Matamata Comp

    R1 #7 One Prize One Goal R2 #7 Lady Shabeel R3 #14 Itsabird R4 #2 Rising Shot R5 #5 Blue Lagoon R6 #14 Nicoletta R7 #11 Endean Express Cheers Gruffy
  8. T K Allan - Done it!

    You Beauty T.K., just keep up the good work..you've been riding very well on average cattle, congratulations!
  9. David Bowie..tonight on Channel PRIME

    Tonight on Prime Rocks @8:30.p.m. ..Michael Jackson "This is It"
  10. David Bowie..tonight on Channel PRIME

    Tonight on Prime Rocks @8:30.p.m. The POLICE channel Prime
  11. David Bowie..tonight on Channel PRIME

    Attention!!! Queen Rocks tonight right now on PRIME ROCKS
  12. xero shares goneburger.

  13. David Bowie..tonight on Channel PRIME

    Tonight @8:30.p.m.,..Carole King "Natural Woman" on Prime~Rocks
  14. David Bowie..tonight on Channel PRIME

    David Bowie is on channell Prime Rocks tonight at 8:30.p.m.