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  1. Trainers UDR

    I hear you Lamour but surely with all the trials these days trainers should not be taking slow ones to the races too often. It wont do much to enhance their reputation as a professional. IMHO
  2. Trainers UDR

    Always interesting to look up HRNZ premiership stats as we head into the back end of each season , especially in relation to UDRs. All stars lead the way with a rate of 0.473. Only two others reach the magical 0.4 mark Graeme Anderson and Mitchell Kerr. My interest however lies in the opposite end of the spectrum for the purposes of this thread. Its amazing how many trainers lie below 0.15 and how public some of them are. Surely owners must be awake to such continual failures or does sentiment play a bigger role than many thought in the sport. Be interested to hear others views on this matter
  3. Driver Tactics

    One of the owners of a useful 2yr old was far from pleased with Blairs performance last week in the same race.
  4. Will Blair break Dexter's record?

    Heading for some sun to evade the cold stuff down south, smart move
  5. Will Blair break Dexter's record?

    Great performance yesterday Jack. On some good cattle but gets the job done.
  6. The Budget

    Has moved to greener pastures by all accounts which is his choice of course
  7. Lazarus should dominate in North America

    Trains from about 4-6 bases withe main one being at The Meadowlands. Champion trainer in US a few times and trained NZ based stallion Sweet Lou
  8. Juniors shafted

    Its just one of those things Tim albeit very frustrating for all parties. Not so long ago i recall Counties ran a mid week maiden for 8K and had a full field with emergencies. Three days later at Ellerslie the maiden over the same distance was worth 20K and had 7 acceptors.
  9. Lazarus should dominate in North America

    Takter is very good trainer who has a lot of top liners in his stable. He would have to be given serious consideration Iraklis
  10. Lazarus should dominate in North America

    Have not seen anything as to who will train him over there.

    You should no!!! n0
  12. Will Blair break Dexter's record?

    Good point Jack, an obstacle may be that racing in the deep south has begun to taper off and that is where he has got quite a few wins this season.
  13. The Budget

    Be prepared to be let down by Messara report especially its take up by NZ Government. It buys Winston time and will struggle to get support from Greens/Labour and hence give NZ First an opt out excuse. Sadly i'm thinking the report may well have some good ideas but as for their introduction , little or no chance
  14. Lazarus should dominate in North America

    Is mile racing really his go Iraklis, thats the bit that concerns me when it comes to US racing
  15. The Budget

    No one with an IQ above 35 would trust him as proved by his 7% electoral vote. Cant win a seat anywhere but such are the vagaries and stupidity of MMP. Its tailor made for losers. As for the great debater J Allen , saying its costing 1mio a month wouldn't coincide with how much he fleeced reserves by would it, a classic cop out for when he departs. Speaking of departing , how come the National appointed NZRB chair is still there. Given her failure to hold costs and improve anything to do with gambling some might venture to say she knows something about someone!!!!