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  1. "Northern" Kawi

    Will never be seen over anything more than a mile if Red sticks to his guns.1800 at Perth assisted him making that decision
  2. 26-day suspension!

    Not unlike a few other kiwis when they threw Hes Remarkable out a few years back R James was furious
  3. 26-day suspension!

    Is that why you don't bet over there or is it because of the prices as you posted elswhere
  4. Oh Ho It's on!

    Give up on them all Iraklis, the excuse making brigade on here will never accept your proposition that Lazarus is an outstanding horse and deserved winner of the last 2 NZ Cups and Now the Interdoms. He can only beat whats put in front of him
  5. Oh Ho It's on!

    Dont read my posts then, you always reply rapidly and in a critical way. As for your expert comment, I'm not the one proffering all these so call expert opinions , its you Flag After all whose the confused and arrogant person on here who posted Ill tell you who wins the final after draw comes out but Laz wont if such and such draw in side. so ill tip it to run 2nd followed by " Yes fantastic win by Lazarus no excuses the rest" and then you say its a boring contest.
  6. Oh Ho It's on!

    Great post but at the end of the day the champion horse with the champion trainer/driver bolted in. what else could any rational poster say. Ifs and maybes have never won a race
  7. Oh Ho It's on!

    Your the expert in all things on here so you tell me. Try and make it personnel as usual , it is your style!!
  8. Summer Cup last night- Standing Start or WHAT????

    Just about as stupid as your question re M House at Kaikoura, Ring the RIU, we have given you their numbers numerous times and ask them rather than bore us all on here or is Wayne too shy?
  9. Oh Ho It's on!

    No you can talk all the rubbish you like on here and call it an opinion. Hope you didnt lose too much on the final given you posted your tips like the rest of us.
  10. Summer Cup last night- Standing Start or WHAT????

    More pedantic nonsense from Brodie the whinging place punter. Ring the stipes and get your answers to your stupid questions. you know their numbers and they yours. Over to you FU to help your mate out- again
  11. Oh Ho It's on!

    Absolute garbage post but thanks for letting us know you are in the boring contest camp with the big swinging dick punters on here who didnt fancy him nor back him.Cheers
  12. Horses to follow over summer

    You two need to get a room and get over each other and then tell us about the losers you both backed.
  13. Summer Cup last night- Standing Start or WHAT????

    Thats the way he operates- Brodie the place punter and junior stipe in waiting
  14. Oh Ho It's on!

    Or Flagship and Brodie labeling it. Fortunately neither happened and the Champion won at 2.31 much to their chagrin. Top marks for all Iraklis 's post on the final winner- brilliant
  15. Oh Ho It's on!

    Just ignore him and his one mate Flagship. They truly are birds of a feather who might as well room together.