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  1. Video on excessive use

    As per normal Mr Troll you are again trying to derail the point of the thread with unsubstantiated observations. You don't know who i am or how much i invest/punt.
  2. Video on excessive use

    One observation, 2 mediocre replies
  3. Can Lazarus do it?

    Theres some suggestion the guy who trains him knows what he is doing so that's a start. Only time will tell if he can win the final but on raw ability he is a champion.
  4. 2017super stable

    Most surprising, no Wayne McKenzie or was he not allowed on this as well
  5. Aussies restricted from offshore betting

    If the idiotic overpaids at NZRB had been on the ball this whole trans tasman nonsense would never had occurred and led to this mess. I bet no heads have rolled and now NZRB resources will be chasing their tales on offshore jaunts to Ozzie to sort the matter out at the expense of all those with a vested interest in the game
  6. Queensland Racing Integrity Commission boss Ross Barnett says tip-offs from insiders in the harness racing industry are helping to weed out alleged race fixers. Prominent harness driver Mathew Neilson has become the latest Queensland harness racing identity to face fixing charges, charged with one count of match fixing which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years jail. Neilson, 35, had been a sought-after driver and finished third in the 2016/17 premiership. Fellow driver Barton Cockburn recently pleaded guilty to fixing two races, with his lawyer telling a court that “everybody’s doing it”. Cockburn was warned off all tracks for life after pleading guilty to two counts of match fixing and one count of disclosing knowledge. QRIC Commissioner Barnett, who left his role as Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner to run the commission, would not comment on individual cases. But Barnett revealed Racing Crime Squad investigations into harness racing were being aided by industry participants. “I have received frequent complaints and pieces of information from people inside the industry who allege that race fixing has been going on,” Barnett told Racenet. “These are complaints from honest participants who just want a fair go. “They want to compete in races without the fix being in.” Neilson has been released on watch house bail and is due to appear in the Cleveland Magistrates Court on December 12. In a separate case, harness racing identity Marshall Dobson was charged on October 31 under anti-money laundering and terrorism-financing laws with running a fake betting account worth millions. QRIC will allege the account was in operation for 10 years, and over one 16-month period, $1.77 million was moved through it.
  7. Safety

    The starters assistant was very lucky on this occasion. even the commentator made mention of it. Not so lucky was BP in his charity boxing match last night at Cambridge. 2nd was his lot but lets hope he recovers to go to Opie's do on the harbour today
  8. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    Poorly kept secret G after his Perth efforts 1600 the limit now according to Red
  9. Well said about Brodie, would love to know who he is in real life.


  10. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    Worry no more LJM, he has not let you down. Where are all the knockers now??
  11. You have to wonder where this leaves Moody and what options may be available to him now.
  12. Will Purdon Rule Again

    Sacked from Dream About Me. Real driver on board today but a shame about its draw.
  13. training fees

    Last i heard which was in July Purdon's were 95 plus GST per day plus extras'
  14. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

  15. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    So Matt got one right , whoop whoop . Can anyone be judged on 1 selection, i think not.