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    Race or Sell

    Had this discussion numerous times in the last year and for the life of me im not sure there is a right answer. Everyone's heard the phrase, its met its mark, its used often by trainers and owners when they feel the horse is noncompetitive in NZ. Similarly, in the TB code large numbers of horses are exported to Asia or Ozzie each year. Asia prefer trialed or well credentialed raced horses as a rule. In terms of harness what is apparent is that their handicapping system is more conducive than NZ's to the longevity of the individual animal. Most will have read about the decision by the owners to send Lockaburn NSW stable of the Trittons, note not a ex NZ based trainer such as Jones or Butt. I'm sure also of the irony of seeing Tritton advertise for horses at around 67 per day with supporting info re stakes etc at Menangle. Is our Handicapping system fit for purpose in terms of drop backs to retain potential exports and give them a reason to stay. How is it that many of our useful horses improve when they are trained by Ozzies. Look at Tiger Tara and how much he has won since being exported. No doubt the naysayers and anti AS scribes will blame them and say that others in NZ cant compete so they export them, i find that scenario bizarre and so do many others in terms of how defeatist it is, What do others think about this issue????
  2. Fartoomuch

    Allstars website

    Your not alone. I can't get it either
  3. Fartoomuch

    Felaar was ok

    After all the bull shit from the stopper I had a good go for a plc at 2.76. Thanks Leo he did you and the team.proud and look where he was 50 metres after the post. That's always the best sign.of any staying horses ability IMHO
  4. Fartoomuch

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Ore might also conclude from.this post of yours that everyone has given up trying to have a rational discussion with you. I don't blame them.
  5. Fartoomuch

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    If NM is playing in the shallow end based on your verbose nonsense your in the deep.end looking for a lifeguard but probably in denial about that as well. I wish you well in your crusade but disagree with your whole approach to this issue.
  6. Fartoomuch

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    So given above were you happy with TBS's handling of the ACS issue
  7. Fartoomuch

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Look your making a bigger idiot of yourself with posts like this. They had a retired and most respected Vet with no ties to HRNZ or RIU who told it as it is . Its not illegal and even someone with an IQ of 20 could understand his explanations and answers to GO's questions. A look back at all your posts suggest you have some major issues with a certain stable and other bodies of influence.
  8. Fartoomuch

    The Mighty Laz

    The fact that you raise the matter and the way in which you did comes across as casting aspersion's on team AS. Likewise G Smalls superstars were not much chop either or as you put it none of them were successful sires but yet both were very talented horses. Tell us why you think the AS team have not uncovered a successful sire, you seem to think you know a bit The last bit ill ignore as its you getting a touch personnel which is not something i engage in unless really provoked
  9. Fartoomuch

    The Mighty Laz

    Else and Changeover never really made it either and they were not trained by All Stars
  10. Fartoomuch

    the jewels back to Ashburton .yes

    Could they , im pretty sure that a trust was involved in funding. That wont be the case for NZMTC but i could be wrong
  11. Fartoomuch

    Unlucky Felaar

    Thats because they usually know what they are talking about and how they rate their opposition.
  12. Fartoomuch

    the jewels back to Ashburton .yes

    Im wondering how long NZMTC will sustain losses on the event before they kick it for touch or is it going to be one of those events where the board want prestige over profits
  13. Fartoomuch

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Are you really trying to imply that all NZ vets are not objective on this issue-- prove it as what you wrote is clearly nonsense
  14. Fartoomuch

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    How do we know they have not. A lot of speculation pre show which is disappointing IMHO
  15. Fartoomuch

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    I do hope they invited you to comment Lee given your practical knowledge on the subject
  16. Fartoomuch

    J dunn

    Fame or Shame depending on what side of the fence you sit
  17. Fartoomuch

    HRNZ Web Update

    HRNZ website upgrade tomorrow 30 April 2019 Harness Racing New Zealand is excited to launch our newly redesigned website tomorrow morning, Wednesday 1 May 2019. The website will upgrade from 9am on Wednesday 1 May, with a full migration expected to be completed around lunch time. Users can expect to have some disruption to the use of the website during this time, and we appreciate your patience while we bring you a new and improved version of the HRNZ website. Following feedback from the industry, we wanted to move with the times and give our users a website with a clean new look, a fully responsive layout on all platforms and an overall better user experience. A responsive design will transform itself meaning it will adjust itself to fit the device you are using. This means that you will no longer have to zoom in to read content on the website. Whilst the website will have a fresh new look and be easier to use on multiple devices, the information you receive will remain the same with the added bonus of more Punter Information. One can only hope it will be more successful than TAB disaster but the jury is out already.
  18. Fartoomuch

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    No point in you watching the program then as you have already made up your mind
  19. Fartoomuch

    Invercargill Cup

    Small but select field racing over 3200 for 32K Funatthebeach is chasing his 4th cup win in last 5 starts but will be hotly opposed by 2 Dunn runners. I'm sure there will be no team driving with that sort of money up. Supporting races include 2 maidens which I'm not that convinced should be programmed on their biggest day. Surely F and M races would be more productive.
  20. Fartoomuch

    HRNZ Web Update

    Lloyd , your wit is priceless
  21. Fartoomuch

    Oscar Bonavena

    AS will make a decision in the next week or so whether to go straight to races with OB or trial him again. Thats what MP said on website
  22. Fartoomuch

    HRNZ Web Update

    Who knows these days although of all the conspiracy theories i have seen this one seems a non starter given the management at HRNZ
  23. Fartoomuch

    HRNZ Web Update

    Im sort of in agreement with you Rusty, if it aint broke dont fix it
  24. Fartoomuch

    Is this how a rating system should work?

    Outstanding bit of research. Best post this season on here for authenticity
  25. Fartoomuch

    HRNZ Web Update

    Only time will tell