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  1. Same name that’s on my boarding pass in the True Story thread
  2. Righto. So you choose to post the screenshot of my personal bank account of 14K without my name on it and you choose not to post the screenshot of my personal bank account with my name on it? You make no sense Leigh.
  3. “I always thought he was a bit strange.” Again We’re Doomed gets personal with me and you allow it. Proof that you are clearly not fair and balanced Leigh.
  4. We’re Doomed is personal with me all the time Leigh. Go and read his threads, ditto Leo Molloy. It’s ok for them to go personal on me but not vice versa. Has Molloy threatened you?
  5. Are you referring to the 3 most popular threads on racecafe recently which I started? Are you jealous you’re not as popular as me because you don’t have the intelligence, wit and charisma to generate the wide appeal that I do?
  6. I’m quoting Craig Williams verbatim and I’d respect his opinion over a no name like you any day of the week.
  7. Agreed Ernie. This horse has just beaten the best sprinter in Australia (Craig Williams words not mine). Osborne Bulls has finished runner up in 4 Group 1’s (Lightning, Newmarket, TJ Smith and All Aged Stakes). If it wins the Straddie it must win NZ Horse of the year surely? What would Osborne Bulls do to the fields Melody Belle has won?
  8. Like short stuff and Hone Von! He must be a short fulla that Hone too!
  9. It’s one of my “spare change” bank accounts Leigh.
  10. I’ve got some spare change in one of my bank accounts short stuff. The fact is I have the money, I can pay. You’re just trying to weasel your way out of the bet because you and I both know Felaar has no chance.
  11. He’s just looking for a way to weasel out of the bet. No surprise here. Anyone would think he’s risking 100K the way he’s reacting.
  12. Jesus short stuff. I’ve had a busy morning. I’ve bought a fishing rod for myself and a yoga mat for my wife. I’ve voted. I’m now sitting in one of my favourite cafes enjoying a delicious brunch before my dental appointment at 12pm. I’ve then got to drive into the city to pick up my work colleague’s dog who we’ll be looking after for the next 3 weeks then meet some friends at 6pm tonight for dinner in Fitzroy. I don’t have time for this nonsense. How about I come and meet you at Crown after dinner tonight? Which one are you in? Crown Towers, Metrolopis or the cheap one Promenade?
  13. How does Felaar go in the wet short stuff?