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  1. Another meeting bites the dust

    If there was an all weather at say Cambridge or Matamata would this help much Some meeting are going to lose out anyway,
  2. Fav last leg of quaddie

    If equal favourites on win pool go for the lower number?????
  3. Congratulations Jonelle Price

    Hearty congratulations and noting that it is a first for a Kiwi lady is fair comment. Good on her.
  4. miramar and kilbirne tabs closing wgtn

    Is this because they do not have pokies there. Still Newtown or the realm I suppose. Upgrade the corner bar??????????????
  5. Winston can’t cope

    Never fear, Messara is here.....
  6. Interesting development

    And Helix
  7. Herald article today on Hanger

    Comes from a very good Wairarapa Family. Passed at the ready to run. Came home very strong when clear late. Looked very good horse on the improve.
  8. Ashburton abandoned

    Possible drainage issue. Lack of maintenance?????????????//
  9. Passin of Ivan Mauger

    A thought for Barry Briggs as well. Both greats at the sport...............
  10. Setback for Race Fields Legislation

    All these new customers and net profit flat at best. ?????
  11. Waipuk Jump outs

    Why worry about jump outs at all. They shouldn't have to be recorded at all. Trials I can understand but jump outs???????????????????
  12. From Kentucky

    NZRB or NZTR Who should be leading the promotions. NZTR happy to leave it to NZRB then grizzle they are spending too much. Or do they have an agreed position????????????????????
  13. Glenda wants to spend our 90 million

    How does this affect Open bet / FOB project at NZRB
  14. Probably not if you see who her dam was by.....
  15. We import a lot more racing than we export so will we be net losers or are we already paying for our imported product.