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  1. Is Savvy Coup as good as Princess Coup?

    Probably not if you see who her dam was by.....
  2. We import a lot more racing than we export so will we be net losers or are we already paying for our imported product.
  3. Couldn't be.could it.

    Manawatu harness also good to watch by the fence.
  4. Wakouaiiti abandoned

    That damn weather again,
  5. Binoculars.

    Your optometrist should be able to suggest a good pair that would suit your vision.
  6. Mark Mitchell

    Could be a bolter outside of the five. A way out of a deadlock.
  7. gisborne sunday

    The JWG will be looking at that.
  8. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    Levin should have been developed as the Cambridge of the south.
  9. governance

    Shareholders may not be happy at Fletchers either.
  10. Outage Apology No. 58855

    Fake news
  11. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    Will JWG sort all this out. Bernard leading or led.
  12. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    Reap what you sew or don't sew............
  13. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    Blame the harness????? Haven't heard any other grass track bag the harness code for spoiling their track. Why is Trentham or Awapunui not options as they are closer.
  14. Horse ambulances for NZ.

    Tell us more. Where are they going to be situated, who staff's them and who pays.
  15. Singapore RAce 8 result

    Initially paid race 8 using same numbers as R7 then corrected shortly thereafter.