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  1. Investigate nous

    Never mind, perhaps next time you will manage to finish your sentence and write something coherent. You refer to the current CEO of the NZRB/TAB but then start talking about the RIB, which was a different entity to the TAB and doesn't exist today.
  2. Investigate nous

    RIB hasn't existed for how long? So who is the plonker now??
  3. TAB stores - opening hours

    Probably to withdraw a significant amount of cash out of his account....something obviously foreign to you
  4. Driver's Premiership: Dexter Dunn V Blair Orange

    I'd say Blair is going just so he can say he's stayed at the Palace!
  5. Pick6

    Wrong. Pick 6 is in 50c units so it is 10%
  6. Fair dinkum - you can't be serious can you? If someone backed the Lions at $1.08 in the h2h market of course they only got 54c per $1 invested back.
  7. Were the Lions paying $1.50 at the same time the Hurricanes were paying $8?
  8. Dear oh dear, when has there ever been a two horse market where one is paying $8 and one $1.50. That's a market percentage of 78%. I will leave it to Nimue to honour you with the Frampton Award
  9. The actual take out rate for win bets is 14.5%. When you factor in the TABs draconian rounding policy it probably ends up being about 14.75%. What were people arguing the amount was Bruce?
  10. Incorrect, they got half their expected return.
  11. about $2087 by my calcs, based on a take out rate of 14.5%
  12. Johnson v Johnson

    Herd rode Loader three times, none of those races were at Banks Peninsula.
  13. Avondale fields

    Are you saying ditch 65 75 and 85 and replace with 60 70 and 80 or are you saying lets have 6 different classes?
  14. 7k on Hillarious Magic @$3??

    Brodie refused to believe these FACTS; Gallops punters are restricted too. There are punters with far greater restrictions than his of bet to win $1000. There are punters in the above boats who can still get bets on with the TAB using different means. He wasn't smart enough to work this out and just continued to moan about it which became laborious.
  15. Interesting reading on Te Akau website

    So if Davey is completely against this idea, you would assume his lovely wife is too, and then I see one of the other board members at the Waikato RC is also a director of one of Davey's companies so could we assume he also is agin it? Yet reading on here most people seem in favour of the idea. So what are we missing here? Can someone confirm if indeed Te Rapa is now zoned residential?