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  1. Trackside

    What's the take on the FF book?
  2. Fav last leg of quaddie

    FFS some people get confused very easily don't they Kloppite. The sub is the horse that has attracted the most bets (in $ value) on the win tote. Its highly unlikely two horses have exactly the same dollar amount on them. It has nothing to do with takeouts. Remember the TAB round down every win dividend to the nearest 10c which is a massive rip off. So if horse A was paying $4.29 as a raw dividend and horse B $4.21 they will both show $4.20 but horse B will be the sub. Yes Gruff I'm bagging the TAB. I don't work there, never have, but no need to concede you got another thing wrong, we've come to expect that from you.
  3. Fav last leg of quaddie

    on their pre-rounded tote win price.
  4. TAB......... Please explain

    No Barry, they always say a minimum of 5%. Some combos are 5%, some are 6%. And what's so hard to understand about it?
  5. TAB......... Please explain

    No Barry, you need to read Page 195 of the betting rules.
  6. TAB......... Please explain

    Seriously this thread shows how stupid people are (Kloppite excluded) when it comes understanding the fundamentals of punting.
  7. Must watch Winston

    What about all the hush payments they have had to make to ex employees to ensure they don't tell the world how bad the management is? I wonder what cost centre these payments come out off?
  8. TAB big bets

    100% true
  9. Maiden Trivia

    There was a trotter in the late 1980s who won his maiden at his 92nd start. He had accumulated 12 seconds prior to that win.
  10. The Totalisator Agency Board

    Hence the mention of the fixed odds system and using golf betting as a comparison in his post.
  11. The Totalisator Agency Board

    Yes they did offer fixed odds betting. Best Mr Notts wipes the egg off his face.
  12. Easter Monday Rotorua

    there was a hurdle race on New Year's Day as recently as 2005.
  13. When you were an owner the caddy gates were still in operation. Talk about moaning for the sake of moaning.
  14. What's the easy solution you speak of? Remove the name altogether and lose out on the revenue?
  15. Exactly. So what's it worth in your mind for that inconvenience?