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  1. Avantage Syndicate & Veitch Share??

    Trolley boys get paid more at New World I hear
  2. Avantage Syndicate & Veitch Share??

    Exactly. And now I'm without a job so I've lost my income because of the sale of the busines so even more reason why I should be entitled to 10%!
  3. Avantage Syndicate & Veitch Share??

    I'm going to ask my former boss for 10% of the sale proceeds from his business he sold recently. I helped improve his asset by doing my job diligently for the last 10 years.
  4. Please be nice

    Gravano hmmmm what happened there for the race at Pukekohe today? Reweighted after acceptances. How did that not get picked up earlier?
  5. Aiden R

    oh dear...for someone so knowledgeable as yourself to not know they have competition already....
  6. Aiden R

    Anyone done any due diligence on Andy Kydd the boss of Trackside? Therein lies your problem me thinks. Had to laugh when at the Christmas function he went up to shake Peter Earley's hand, Earley refused and said I'm not shaking your hand, you're a fu#&@ng idiot.
  7. MOE races today

    No wonder why you haven't gone to Australia to train Chris, what time is Caulfield finishing today? And then there's all the night meetings at Moonee Valley, Cranbourne and Canterbury.
  8. TAB Bookies turning punters off!!!!

    Read what you wrote. You are the fool.
  9. TAB Bookies turning punters off!!!!

    Bump. Hmm Brodie says it's a blatant lie if you are saying people get 10k on. Now he says he knew the TAB treat punters differently and has known that for years. Shown up yet again.
  10. Punter puts 40k on Vincent in Auckland Cup?????

    Nice to see you have changed your tune, you are finally starting to learn.
  11. Punter puts 40k on Vincent in Auckland Cup?????

    Hey Brodie awhile back you said no one could get 10k on a harness horse and that it was blatant lies if anyone suggested they could. Time to wipe the egg off your face to start 2018?
  12. u kidding

    Surely you wouldn't get too thirsty with 6 doz beers?
  13. head to head bet Race 5 Matamata

    Barry, you are making an idiot of yourself, the H2H option offers the lowest take out rate of any racing bet type. You do know the TAB removed this option from harness. I wonder why. Crucible has done the maths for you and yet you still can't see.
  14. head to head bet Race 5 Matamata

    Crucible has pulled your pants down Barry. End of story.