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  1. Haha pays to read. Oops. Sorry.
  2. Are you blind? The full fields were in the Chronicle.
  3. Sorry, you thought you'd train a winner in July before Pitman. Still confident of that?
  4. Yes. You get a rebate (5% of your losses) and given you think you will train more winners than Pitman in July I imagine you will have plenty of those.
  5. 1 year. Win place vs exotics. Racing vs sports.
  6. Pretty simple formula. 100 points to reach elite status. Each $1000 of tote turnover is 4 or 5 points and each $1000 of fixed odds is 1 or 2 points.
  7. You have probably received a CV of late from a bloke named Glen Saville. Apart from being a complete fraud, unable to make competent decisions, unable to build a culture of success, despite being a bully, not very smart and a terrible communicator he will be a real asset for your business. Honestly, please employ him. He's singlehandedly brought the NZ racing industry to its knees, a unique achievement in itself and I'm sure he'd enjoy doing that to your business too. Thanks in anticipation of behalf of everyone who cares about NZ racing.
  8. To be fair the main failure of John Allen was getting duped by that fraud Glen Saville over the FOB platform.
  9. They've taken bets via their online platform for 20+ years on ANZAC Day morning.
  10. So who didn't get their facts straight?
  11. No apparently here. Keep digging. After the theft of the voucher saga I didn't think your reputation could get any lower. But you just continue to embarrass yourself on this chat site. Keep digging.
  12. Oh so those facts you mentioned weren't exactly facts. Right.
  13. Really? Are you sure it was Sunloon Boy?
  14. Why would the government bail out an organisation when the idiot who caused the problem (Glen Saville) is still there?
  15. Good laying. My Betfair account says thanks.