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  1. Michael Pitman

    Yet another example of South Island horses winning during Wellington Cup Carnival
  2. Trump written off

    Clinton is a cronic liar like Trump. I recall her visiting NZ and she claimed that she was named after Sir Ed Hillary. Her parents must have been very perceptive because she was born well before Hillary climbed Mt Everest She lost to Obama and then she was subjected to the ultimate insult, beaten by the big Fuckwit Trump.
  3. Trump written off

    How can anyone reason with crazy man like you?
  4. Trump written off

    The BBC has been going for 100 years plus. The wacko web sites you follow are pop up.
  5. It is good that Trackside provides the pedigrees of horses winning feature races. However, It would be great if they delved thoroughly into the pedigrees rather than just giving the Sire and Dam of the winning horse. For example after yesterday's Avondale Guineas if they had researched more fully they would have seen that the grand dam of On The Rocks is Refused The Dance who is the Dam of VRC Derby and Melbourne Cup winner, Efficient. I used to enjoy Alexander Fields how he did his home work on breeding and used to go into the pedigrees of well bred horses prior to races..
  6. Trump written off

    I get my news from reputable sources such as The BBC. You can carry on worshipping Fox News and Hannity talking their usual tripe.
  7. Trump written off

    I have taken a few months away from this thread but nothing has changed we still have the same nut jobs such as 1% predicting all sorts of bullshit but none of their crazy predictions ever eventuate.
  8. Without thinking

    Daryls Joy, IL Tempo and Showgate
  9. gisborne sunday

    They also have had good numbers in recent years. If I recall correctly they offer travelling subsidies and trainers such as Rogerson and Myers support them.
  10. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    Well it is called The Otaki Maori Racing Club and the Iwi has owned it for over a century. Unlike the cowboys who bought The Warriors
  11. Nats Nirvana or Armageddon

    Come on Hesi surely you did not think Cunliffe was going to be a good leader, he was always a Dick Head. If the Labour Caucus solely got to vote on it he would not have become leader because they had a saying "anyone but Cunliffe" The only other Dick Head that I would compare him with is Tony Abbott who was quickly shown the door once he became Aussie PM. Abbott's one redeeming feature was that he married a Wainiui girl.
  12. Nats Nirvana or Armageddon

    No Crusty, poorly framed legislation
  13. Nats Nirvana or Armageddon

    Yeh Crusher she was a great success at crushing cars. According to her it was the greatest piece of legislation to sort out the boy racers. Well she only crushed 3, yes 3 cars and boy racers still hoon around.
  14. Jacinda Ardern

    Sure a safe pair of hands on the purse strings? He claimed rental that he was not entitled to through his family Trust. How come this was not fraud?
  15. TE RAPA

    If AC / DC were playing they would be there