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  1. World Cup Soccer 2018

    Its been a great Tournament. What are your thoughts on the VAR?
  2. Choke ya bastards

    Oh well it was a bit later than usual but they had their "Dunkirk"
  3. Choke ya bastards

    I do not support The Poms but I love their passion. Last year I went to Elland Road to watch my beloved Leeds. For the first 10 minutes the support was so loud if you wanted to talk to the person next to you he would not hear you. 20 minutes after the game the fans were still in the ground singing. In July last year I went to The All Blacks V Lions game at Wellington Stadium and that was like a wake compared with Elland Road. After about 60 minutes into the game if you listened hard you would have heard "All Blacks "All Blacks" from some All Black supporters. So if the Poms win at least we will get to enjoy their amazing passion
  4. Choke ya bastards

    You sound like a typical rugby head Berri. I guess when you put it in world terms, Rugby is Dannevirke and Football is New York Insert other media.url
  5. Scumbag Secret Witness

    I have idea whether he is guilty or not but the Plod has fucked up
  6. Scumbag Secret Witness

    Gee the secret witness who helped put David Tamihere away by fabricating stories was himself a double murderer. He only spent 9 years inside for the double murder and was released as a reward for being a lying nark. He was quickly put back inside as he sexually molested a girl shortly after getting out A dodgie Cop named Hughes who had his fingers involved in the Arthur Allan Thomas planting of evidence was involved turning up at the parole board hearing to give this low life a reference so that he got out early. The Plod should hang their heads in shame.
  7. Trump written off

    Yes I do know the meaning you were saying that Trump is like Jesus or "similar if you are Crusty. But then you are so wacko who knows what the hell you mean
  8. Trump written off

    Similar! so instead of rising on the third day it will be the fourth day then Crusty. You are splitting hairs ,
  9. Trump written off

    Hey Wacko, you are comparing Trump to Jesus. So when the fuckwit dies he is going to rise again on the third Day? Shit that will be a sight to see
  10. Trump written off

    I will put this nicely 6 pack. You are fucking mad!
  11. OP

    She is the best. Great presenter, great knowledge of racing and attractive. Opie is a lucky guy.
  12. New Zealand Netball

    yes we will wait but of course "the fall guy" will leave with a very good golden handshake
  13. New Zealand Netball

    Well your comments also mean didly Squat. You can call for the Board, CEO etc. to resign but you are farting against thunder. They will call in their PR people and talk about reviews and learning lessons from the experience but at the end of the day nothing will happen apart from one fall guy (maybe the coach) who will take the blame and save the others arses..
  14. New Zealand Netball

    Netball is a game designed for the referees to constantly blow their whistles. "Contact Wing Defence" is yelled out about 50 times a game. Lets hope kiwi girls wake up and let this stupid game die by giving it a wide birth.
  15. Israel folau

    I am sure that you have in your collection a copy of the Gay magazine with Folau on the front cover promoting Gay Rugby. If you cannot find it perhaps you should ask Tony Abbott, he should have a copy