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      Hi everyone sorry we had some hosting issues and had to upgrade to a bigger storage plan. As I am now managing the site and on learner plates it caused some issues. I want to thank Admin for all his help over the past years but we have decided to go our separate ways, I really appreciate all he has done for the site and the help he has given me over the past years. We will be upgrading and adding new features to the site with a new business directory, a special members only with many benefits  and many comps and prizes as we have been doing lately. We hope the new changes make the site more accessible to more, and more industry people feel able to participate in the forum in a transparent basis. There will be something for everyone we hope and look forward to seeing you all in here.Cheers.


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  1. Trump written off

    Yes I do know the meaning you were saying that Trump is like Jesus or "similar if you are Crusty. But then you are so wacko who knows what the hell you mean
  2. Trump written off

    Similar! so instead of rising on the third day it will be the fourth day then Crusty. You are splitting hairs ,
  3. Trump written off

    Hey Wacko, you are comparing Trump to Jesus. So when the fuckwit dies he is going to rise again on the third Day? Shit that will be a sight to see
  4. Trump written off

    I will put this nicely 6 pack. You are fucking mad!
  5. OP

    She is the best. Great presenter, great knowledge of racing and attractive. Opie is a lucky guy.
  6. Jacinda Ardern

    Agreed someone in Melbourne had great vision retaining the trams.
  7. Jacinda Ardern

    Eljay you make some very valid points but I wonder if they have really put in a decent effort in the past to sort Public transport.
  8. Jacinda Ardern

    Sorry Ohoka, I thought you were from Rangiora where a few years ago some guy was convicted for shagging a goat
  9. Jacinda Ardern

    From the time of the Muldoon Government thorough to Jenny (earrings) Shipley the petrol tax was put into the consolidated fund. After 30 odd years of neglect Helen Clark and Michael Cullen made a change so that petrol tax was used how it should have been from day 1 for traffic infrastructure. Funny how Labour have been in 6 months and they are suppossed to have fixed roading problems ignored for 9 years by the Tories. Its good to see Ohoka that you have moved out of the Dannevirke of the South Island.
  10. Jacinda Ardern

    Ted I was in Auckland for a week last month and it is amazing how much they must have spent on roads, highways etc which have sprung up around the city but it is still stuffed. We left on the Sunday morning after the Ed Concert (my wife went) and it took 4 hours to get from Mt Eden to Cambridge All the great cities of the World, Melbourne, London , Paris etc have quality public transport as part of excellent infrastructure. You will not fix Auckland by building thousands of more roads.
  11. Jacinda Ardern

    Gee Ted you really are a bitter old bugger. Get over it mate you sound just like those Trump clowns on the other forum that cut and paste any shit they can find. You have got so desperate you are quoting that prize wanker Hoskings.
  12. New Zealand Netball

    yes we will wait but of course "the fall guy" will leave with a very good golden handshake
  13. New Zealand Netball

    Well your comments also mean didly Squat. You can call for the Board, CEO etc. to resign but you are farting against thunder. They will call in their PR people and talk about reviews and learning lessons from the experience but at the end of the day nothing will happen apart from one fall guy (maybe the coach) who will take the blame and save the others arses..
  14. New Zealand Netball

    Netball is a game designed for the referees to constantly blow their whistles. "Contact Wing Defence" is yelled out about 50 times a game. Lets hope kiwi girls wake up and let this stupid game die by giving it a wide birth.
  15. Israel folau

    I am sure that you have in your collection a copy of the Gay magazine with Folau on the front cover promoting Gay Rugby. If you cannot find it perhaps you should ask Tony Abbott, he should have a copy