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Cathy Odgers' web site has much more detail on this matter, and the irascible Leo comes out smelling of roses.

I was surprised that HQ security ejected two customers who had gone into a toilet cubicle together and then locked the door.  Those bastards don't miss a trick.

I imagine the male offender told his friends that he was ejected after he ejaculated.

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Obviously self-isolation is a crock of sh.t as expected. Everyone entering NZ should be placed in isolation at a place such as Mangere Refugee Centre or the base at Whangaporoa or an approved hotel/s, tested then permitted to leave after 14 days. Air crew should stay in isolation until they are due to fly out. This should have happened weeks ago - what is happening is commonly called -= closing the door after the horse has bolted - (but we still haven't done it). What's the problem Cindy? - job too big for you to control or too many lefties telling you everything you are doing is correct??

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