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37 minutes ago, scooby3051 said:

Just like his over the top comments about Catalyst on the weekend...geez Mark Mac was a star.

Ron Dufficy made a comment about his call on TB weekly. Something along the lines of the 2000 winner being the next Phar Lap according to the way MC went on about Catalyst



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21 minutes ago, chelseacol said:

Yes Mark M was the best in the country by some distance.

I get the comments about Matt Cross. He needs Reon to get in his ear and just restrain him a bit on some of that stuff. But give him credit - he's young and good. Lets not run him out of town like Tom Wood was

He just needs to watch the race and cut all the extras out. He completely missed Winterfell breaking for 200 metres yesterday when outside the leader. Then went overboard about it when he realised it had broken.. As you say just needs someone to pull him aside and tell him to calm down and watch whats going on



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Watching yesterday I thought the 'new' young commentator did a fantastic job.

When you consider it was his first NZ Cup day I'd rate his performance as outstanding.

Most of the races had big fields ,there were a lot of lesser grade horses going around and I find him hard to fault.

Us at home we are all so knowledgable....experts........and even a trifecta taker like myself only has 3 or 4 horses to concentrate on .

He has the entire field.

Yes, I saw Winterfell break much earlier than him ...big deal ,I was specifically interested in where he would settle.

As for a bit of emotion ,well good on him.

Calling a horse a superstar or a champion is something which can sound over the top but when a horse wins a Group race brilliantly, surely he can let loose.

The lad did a fantastic job yesterday IMHO.

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