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    I get shit on the other channel for rocking the boat occasionly, BUT, I have been part of the Industry and will gauge results on these tracks, more importantly as Berri says above, is horse numbers and attracting owners, outside the top trainers./ upping Min.Stakes and putting the right people in charge, to, increase crowd numbers and entertainment value, for both members and public racegoers, should be of prime importance.
  2. 1.... 7 Very Elegant 2.... 1 Anthony Van Dyke 3....21 Tiger Moth Last..20.Etah James Cheers...Good luck all
  3. Agree totally Baz and Shane, I,ve run a couple of Syndicates with mates...SURE the fun aspect is there, BUT, Unless you are @ the top end and in a big syndicate, (or lucky), the expenses far outweigh the income ! And the novelty soon wears off.
  4. Yeah nah, I enjoy the race 1 & 2 F/F win bets (if come 2nd,3rd or 4th) you get your wager amount (under $30) as a bonus bet. BUT..F/F win odds appear shrunk....would be an interesting exercise comparing them to winning tote prices. (don,t have time) the fact you get a second chance (admittedly less wager amount) is quite appealing.
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    off the subject a tad Moose BUT yeah I hate all these machines everywhere that you cant withdraw from. Grumble , Grumble...sigh of the times I suppose...along with once a year pissed youngsters spoiling major race days. BUT hey good to see good crowds returning ! more organisation needed...chuck em in the middle with a band
  6. I better be careful with names here...I recon Peter Kelly and Keith Haub along with George Simon (3 of the best IMHO) would have had trouble meeting those credentials ! They either have their man (as listed) so they can say they followed employment law to the letter OR ... a lengthy employment process is in progress to Justify another inflated Suits Salary at Head Office.
  7. I really enjoyed the Video ...as for the Health and Safety ruling and penalties ...that is out of my league.
  8. call me paranoid...BUT... NOW it seems the TAB play games with the odds...To ensure their winning balance sheet ( fixed, and advertised TAB odds plummet quickly to match closing fixed odds) and yeah, they are playing games with make a deposit and receive a free bet offers whilst trying to get the up to date contact info on every account holder and their punting activity
  9. Bring back the Friday Flash and Dominion Friday lift-out... Had all my bets sussed and ready for one trip down the TAB ...(after the 8.16 scratchings) 0800-10-20-30 and a human would answer the phone (well versed on all bet types) ...should any further bets be wanted during the day. by the time you,ve hit the PDF drop down button and start studying, on this new site, They have jumped and you,ve missed ya bet. I preferred the old site ...Having said that ...I enjoy the will pays for exotics
  10. Fri, 02 Aug 201910:36am Winning Team & MarginNRL: New Zealand Warriors v Canberra Raiders New Zealand Warriors 1 to 12 @ 3.40 $5.00 I collected $18 off the Mighty Tiges win and for some unknown reason (i feel a warriors win coming tonight)... something to watch anyway and I,m going to make the TAB pay (one way or another !) this weekend . ANYWAY...TAB PROMO DEPARTMENT...Money back madness and bonus bets have been a success (dream up other promo,s expand the portfolio) and don,t drop existing ones...some loyal cus
  11. I get the odd bonus bet Baz... they dangle the carrot and I take the bait ! Had to deposit $50 today to get $30 bonus bet...have taken the tigers head to head to win $18 (once they have rescinded their kind gesture) My son said don,t be a pussy...take em 12 and under and have a saver on Taumalolo to score a try @ $4.50. we shall see...starting now. (WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE BONUS BETS?... THE PROMO DEPT. HAVE TO EARN THEIR BICKIES SOMEHOW)
  12. WHY ?... TAB customers will be all over Aussie accounts
  13. Yeah Baz...I still enjoy the promo, BUT only limited races now. They dangle a carrot and flick it away
  14. Drop INFLATED WAGES and SACK a few non performers Winston...UP STAKES...Problem solved. At least do something to save the Industry!...I VOTED FOR YA MATE !
  15. Yeah we pulled the pin on ownership as a syndicate...too costly. Must be Tax Write-offs or some other scheme available to retain so many owners in the game Whats the inside oil ? LOL
  16. M6TE AROHA Race 4 FFWIN: 6, FFPLC: 490 It is the new system by where, if you want to take a fixed odds place price early, (FF/PLC... to ensure pay-out and beat fluctuations and price drops )...Tab price still often pays more ! BUT 6 months ago before all the wonderful new expensive changes... there was a logistical meeting and race numbering system that made sense to punters and operators alike and avoided delays. E.G from the example above today ...(in the past)...would have been M6TE AROHA Race 4
  18. just a silly question Huey...I realise we must be waaay smaller than Oz in most aspects of the Industry, BUT is that justification, and representative of the stakes difference?...and more importantly... how do admin. costs compare ?. We seem to throw good money after bad and still await improvements. (I,m only a silly punter now, but have been involved in the industry previously)
  19. 15k min stakes would return owners to horses and trainers in Business because you wouldn,t continually be dipping in the pocket to pay extras...vets, farriers etc,etc. it would become fun and a social thing attracting youngsters and grow from there. Oh Shit yeah , i remember Grey Way, On Show , No Show, Tono Bungay, Shivaree, Mop , Fraxy, Game,...... (that is off the top of me head)...don,t get me started.
  20. Thanks for that Ohoka...along way from the action up here...and yeah i,ve even heard of the Riccarton Markets (probably been myself).. .to be quite honest I like markets as a community event...some are better than others ...up north...Waihi / Thames / Coromandel excellent.(as well as the fishing) And crikey yes , the Maori deserve to hold onto their land...Foreign investment would see it gone in a heartbeat !
  21. AND ? ...DOES THIS RELATE TO RACING ?... A spokeswoman for Russell McVeagh referred any requests for comment to NZ First MP Clayton Mitchell. His office has been asked for comment. A spokesman for New Zealand First said "In the absence of state funding, dinners like this are a typical part of fundraising for political parties in New Zealand." While steep, $350 is relatively cheap for a fundraising event. Labour charged $600-a-head for seats at a post-budget speech from Finance Minister Grant Robertson earlier this year. A dinner with then-candidate Donald Trum