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  1. Good man. Cruises in and good divi.
  2. Look up Racenet. Enough form to sink a ship and all accurate and up to date. But you really shouldn’t have to. If they served up this crap in Oz the natives would be restless
  3. They must update their form 12 monthly Nomate
  4. Raceform has the correct form for Flying Sardine.
  5. But maybe he was born with shoes on .
  6. Headline should have read She’s at the back baby
  7. Who is allowed to attend at Waverley tomorrow ?
  8. Just got mine from 4 Square Whanganui. Bloody great. I love it. Worth $7.50. To me
  9. Saw it win the AJC Derby way back when. It was Sir Silver Lad then I think. Pretty good horse.
  10. Well he seemed to extinguish the chances of one runner. Forever
  11. You can’t see the replay of the incident on the NSW tab replays. Censored
  12. Trainer said Hot N Hazy had potential to be the best horse he’s had so it must be totally gutting for him. Like to see him setting the penalty for Bowman.
  13. They should move the outside rail in at Whanganui and see what happens. Unusual racing.
  14. What happened in this race because I went to watch it on the NSW TAB site but the race has been removed. Never seen this before.
  15. 10k at Te Rapa would be impressive.
  16. Memphis2


    Watching today’s Supercars. They have soft and hard compound tyres to use. Commentators saying he has soft tyres on and he is using the hards.Then that goose Mark Scaif said Van Gisbergen has a hard on
  17. Yeh all this cost cutting is bollocks. Why don’t they do away with the starter and get the jockey in the outside barrier start them.
  18. Unreal. Poor bugger. Have to give him another go surely.
  19. Watched a replay. Amazing race. Only two casualties. They seemed to be going at a good clip. You wouldn’t want to lead if it was your first time round there. One of the fallen runners jumped the running rail after the finish. The steeplechase was abandoned. I wonder what happened there.