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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha. Best laugh in ages thanks SS
  2. Neil does a superb job.
  3. Good point. Never see Yeboah not finish off his race. Should've been checked for sure. Can you confirm they've actually changed the track management and process used? I've just assumed they have
  4. I take your point but think you missed mine that track safety and quick times/track records are not mutually exclusive.
  5. I don't give a stuff about times. Slower the better if it's better for the dogs' welfare which I believe it is. But, quick sprints today. 18s broken for the first time. And a C1 running 18.10. And no injuries? Is thus due to the new bottom-up watering system? Perhaps you're on to a winner? Hope so.
  6. Haha what a load of shit. Talked him up since I first saw him as a 15 year old you goose. In fact, I said on here he will be our best test batsman and future captain. Never heard of you Koozer. You one if these multiple aliases clowns lol?
  7. Not denying the quality of the dog at all mate. Top shelfer for sure. Made plenty off him including tonight when I get the last leg of the quaddie fingers crossed. Only got the 2 and 3 in it. Last time he ran I got the tri 60x. Went straight Supa Dog/Kava Blu/Marlissa you beauty
  8. Some great picking in here. That Boston Billy tip was gold. Wish I'd seen it earlier as I missed on the place 6 from the first leg. I have noticed that if the favourites miss out in the first leg it pays well. Should take my own advice from that but really thought Kava Blu would at least place given the previous big run behind the "supa dog" (haha Wasa hadn't changed) Not denying your frustration Racing 84 as I assume you took a spread, but I thought the Cambridge place 6 paid pretty well given the divvies. I tend to look for meetings that have lots of anchors and preferably a two divvie race and go for multiple $ worth. So yesterday's was ideal with 4 anchors. Nangar Star's been flying and was the only C5 in the C4/5 race (albeit Melham was only recently downgraded). But yes hard luck if you go for a smaller percentage you really needed one or both of Mi Tensile or Cool Marlow to miss out.
  9. Terrible news about Dusty. I only knew him on here but in this era true friendships can develop online even if you never meet. On the caff he was an astute assessor of races, a great contributor, and a real generous provider of his thoughts. He sure knew his dogs! Just back in October Dusty messaged me and I've decided to share some of his comments. I do this out of respect for him because I think it shows his compassion and determination to continue to contribute to helping others. I hope that maybe his friends and family might get something positive out of this small snippet that he shared with me. 8 October 2015 "Going through gluten withdrawal at the moment which is kinda like a drug withdrawal-not pleasant but been through a lot so I'll be fine once my system sorts itself. I've been spending most of my time helping others in Facebook health groups while I've been struggling to help myself! Hoping to be 100% in 2-3 years from now which would be a good result after being sick off and on pretty much my whole life(am 35). When I'm well, I have options. Wanna get into the dogs more seriously because I'm going really well(putting loads of work in studying/recording bets etc as I was) and found best tracks are in the North Island-might have told you that ages ago. Best bet types have been Jackpot First 4s and Eachway. Will be nice to get to the tracks again because that's what I really like. Also like to get back into owning dogs, haven't had one for about 3 years. I am considering getting into Counselling, but obviously want to be 100% to do the training. Have always considered doing tertiary so just gotta get myself right. Have had plenty myself, I'm an empath and had fair share of tough going. The other option I'm considering is Functional Medicine/Holistic doctor as I'm pretty much doing that already with advice that I offer but don't get paid, just happy to volunteer at the moment and get a name for myself. My brother is a web designer so he could do me a website for zip." RIP Eugene/Dusty
  10. Yes also wonder about Dusty. His health's not great but did msg me awhile back saying he's getting on top of it. He's always said Wanganui's consistent and stay away from Chch. I'm finally agreeing with him
  11. Howzit Lad Congrats on the house and kid mate! That's awsm news. Yes I buttoned right off the caff ., and the punt. Also recently bought a house which would not have happened had I not pulled my head on. Funnily enough had some of my best wins now I'm punting less and far more carefully. This was a good one from 6 January: $30 multi, any 4,5,6 Spiritello (Anchor) Kirkham Harvey (A) Showem Baby (A) Homebush Justine Double Entendre (A) Cawbourne Gil $6950!
  12. Must admit I gave up on the triple trio in the end. Place 6 has been good tho. Trick is to go on a mtg with a reduced field or even better, two. Only 2 divvies makes them pay real good overs. Chch is a graveyard tho. Wanganui's been a good consitent track the last year or so. Good boxing and starting and track conditions. Chch they always seem to bash and crash. Super quick one week and slow the next. Gave up on there
  13. My avatar has been the same since I joined the cafe. Saw them live Auck Town Hall. Had a yarn on stage with Lemmy before the gig. Shook his mighty hand. Saluted the lord of rock. And man did they rock. Never seen such a mix of gangs partying in one place. They were all there and not a bit of niggle. All there to respect the mighty Motorhead. Made Shihad who opened for them look like kids - which they were to be fair. Monumental
  14. Indeed he did. The quinella even :0
  15. bblunt

    S A Dickinson

    Haha the Gary/HTran Wazza threads were hilarious. Then a female got involved, can't remember her name. Ol Gazza used to crack on to her with a faux Asian accent but you always wondered if it was just Gaz cracking on to himself under another alias lol