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  1. Deepest sympathy to you Cubes and your family
  2. kdt

    Peter Early

    First of all you could do him the courtesy and spell his name correctly. Secondly, the man has lost his job and you want to bitch on about what he says.
  3. The cynical part of me says this is the price for the $72 Mil . In saying that racing just couldn't keep going the way it was. Too many tracks (note: not clubs) for too few horses, population shifts etc
  4. Probably something to do with the fact that 98-99% of the horses racing at these meetings come from outside of the area. A large number come from the South Island.
  5. I suspect this is the flipside/strings that came with the $72mil . To get this funding this was the deal.
  6. I suspect the fact that this store is in a mall and the lease/rent (whichever) $$ may have been the tipping point. Unlike Shirley/Bush Inn no pokies
  7. Would be interested to know how many others have found that their "local" TAB retail store did not open today and is shut for good. Mine being Barrington in Christchurch. Notice on the door refers customers to Bush Inn which is about 5km away.
  8. Another gone. 3 years for Cobalt. So it goes on https://www.racing.com/news/2020-05-14/news-pateman-disqualified-for-three-years?fbclid=IwAR1EL5fXFEYKB6MjZDb5SX7GkAbhGHNq7o358TUQ40wjNYJKikhtuMvvtik
  9. Most of us on sites like this understand racing and the huge financial hole it is in, but the wider public do not. Just go on Facebook and read the comments attached to the Stuff article that has been posted detailing the $72.5 mil. This is a big problem for racing/breeding now and into the future. I suspect and in fact know that if racing disappeared the majority of New Zealanders would barely blink.
  10. There would be a whole lot of punters in Melbourne who would disagree re tracks. Take Caulfield for starters.
  11. This will be what you are referring to. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/75609379/harness-driver-blair-orange-fined-and-suspended-for-positive-breath-test
  12. kdt

    Sweden harness

    Have watched a few of these. Agree not too bad but some average race calling I would have to say. If you haven't already and want a bit of a laugh, google 'swedish trots caller'
  13. Probably has a lot to do with how long it takes to get a thoroughbred racing fit with the closure of training tracks up to a week ago, vs dogs etc. Many of the standardbreds have been in work on private property so will be ready to go sooner. Just my thoughts
  14. kdt

    TAB Mobile App

    I phone Eljay
  15. Anyone else having trouble with this today. Can get every other app that I have going except this one.
  16. Currently listening to this. What a great show this is. Heaps of info (doesn't necessarily mean winners!!) and you can go into the day well informed.
  17. I would have thought 3 meetings a week in July would be a very good start given that it will be the middle of Winter. Many on here (Racecafe) over the years have expressed the view that there should be no racing at all in June/July. I think we will all love the return of racing in New Zealand as soon as possible.
  18. Funny thing is Rusty I also live in Christchurch and sometimes I thought he must have been giving the forecast with his blinds closed.
  19. Talkback caller "Andy the weatherman"
  20. Sad to read in The Press this morning of his death. RIP
  21. The punters are happy
  22. This is an interesting read in regards to the arrangements the HKJC have made to allow racing to go ahead in the context of the Coronavirus outbreak in China https://racingnews.hkjc.com/english/2020/01/24/special-arrangement-for-chinese-new-year-raceday-on-27-january-2020/?b_cid=EWRNRNE
  23. I'm not complaining. Bordeaux Le Rouge. Thank You, very nice.
  24. This has to be a story that goes out to mainstream media. Go Kozzie
  25. Totally agree. You only have to look at HK/ Singapore/Japan, it's almost one barrier assistant per horse.