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  1. Great to see a new possible adoptee for the Canterbury region on the GAP website but I do have a concern. These dogs were only dropped off to the kennel on the 21st January, and a week later one of these dogs was already up for adoption. It seems a VERY short time frame for a dog to be accurately asesssed and deemed 'home ready', don't get me wrong, I'm sure the people who have done it have done a great job, but I'd hate to think they are being rushed through.
  2. mcmissile


    Please keep an eye out if you are in the area, or if you know anyone in the area please ask them to make contact if they have any sightings.
  3. I have never stated that they don't, all the GAP volunteers and foster carers I know do an amazingly job, can't fault them. I am purely stating there is something wrong when there isn't an available greyhound in the entire Sth Island ready for adoption when we know there are plenty out there waiting for a couch to retire to.
  4. Like it or not GAP is the face for the re-homing of greyhounds. For those not involved in the industry many are unaware of other smaller, private re-homers. I gave this family in particular the details for Hounds 4 Homes who are smaller, non-funded rehomers, this family they had never heard of any other re-homers other than GAP. Im aware that the Amberley kennel is also a boarding kennel, but for there to be ZERO dogs at the kennel available for adoption is just abysmal, I'm not sure when they were intending to get more dogs in, maybe there is just not much incentive to take the greyhounds in a decent amount of time. Maybe other options are needed to be looked at in regards to the Sth Island dogs, I know one trainer who has 15 dogs on the GAP list waiting to go in, many other people just cannot afford to hold onto so many dogs for so long so what is the alternative? With all the issues going on in regards to welfare and re-homing of dogs, this should be one of the top priorities, I hope no one out there is out looking for a greyhound to adopt in the Sth Island any time soon ( and people are!)as I don't know how long it will be until the next one is available, well at least at GAP kennels anyway.
  5. So I was at an event this morning in which a group of us were out looking for a lost retired greyhound. Afterwards I got talking to a lady and her son who were there helping the search and they were ultra keen to adopt a greyhound, great I thought! Then I was dismayed to here about how they went to the GAP kennels here in Amberley (the only Sth Island kennel) and were told they had 1 greyhound there, and that was out being fostered, so in effect there were ZERO available dogs ready to get adopted and for people to look at. So I looked on the GAP website and sure enough there are no dogs on the available for adoption list in Canterbury, there are plenty waiting to go in, but none ready to go. Something is seriously wrong, who is to blame? A] the NZGRA in that they are making no attempt to actually rehome all these dogs despite us being told they are B] the actual GAP kennel itself, why are they not taking in enough dogs for people to adopt? There are plenty waiting! In what are very trying times for the industry I was really fu#ked off when I heard this, and it's no wonder the industry is in the peril it's in. If this is the state of our supposed number 1 rehoming agency then the greyhound industry deserve to be shut down, it is just not good enough. Im not sure what the state of things are like in the North Island GAP kennels, I havent heard great things to be honest, but I was just dismayed about the situation of the Sth Island base, I'm not that involved in the industry myself nowadays and I'm quite thankful if this is what has become of it. Our association needs to look at themselves in the mirror and actually walk the walk when it comes to the rehoming of our retired racers, and not continue to just pay lip service. DISGUSTED!
  6. If this happens at Addington then the dog is an automatic scratching, as it started happening (accidentally or not) more than often. It is an unfair advantage and the dog, in my opinion, should have been scratched. It is ludicrous to have one rule at one track and another at a different track, for exactly the same scenario. I can only assume it was a different stipendary steward to that who works at Addington and he made a different decision. Ther must be consistency in regards to the rules that are not just dependant on who the stipendary steward is.
  7. The dogs have now found new kennels. Good luck to the new connections.
  8. Maganatrix C1 Aurora C1 Both winners over 520m, lightly raced and injury free. Suited to North Island racing. Contact Ray Casey for further information on (03) 3103080 or (027) 4271536
  9. Clearly aquaman doesnt realise its about an hours drive from akl to cambridge... Is that a serious statement or just sarcasm? Try racing dogs in the South Island, if you told trainers down here it was only an hr to get to the races they would be jumping for joy! Try 5 hours to Dunedin and 9 hours to Invercargill in the middle of winter and then you would have something valid to complain about. There are ample opportunities for North Island trainers if they are prepared to travel, races unfortunately don't always drop on your lap right in front of you and sometimes you have to make a real effort.
  10. Can anyone clarify whether the dogs who are choosing to solo trial in order to qualify for the Amazing Chase are subject to swabbing? I would like to think that since these are almost like races in terms of the fastest times qualifying for the head to head races that they are being swabbed but I'm sure someone will know.
  11. Do you know what the word 'consistent' even means? He has had 51 starts in NZ for 43 wins, 5 seconds and 2 thirds. Thats 1 start where he hasn't stood on the podium, and you call that inconsistent? Last nights track conditions were very testing and you could forgive any dog for a poor run last night, and given he is an out and out speed dog his run for 3rd was more than acceptable. Talk about tall poppy syndrome, you are bagging a dog just because he isn't winning 10 in a row anymore, get a life!
  12. This was Sandown yesterday afternoon, the race meeting went ahead last night with no problems. What do you think would happen to one of our tracks over here in the same situation?
  13. Considering you are seemingly such an expert in everything greyhound, and can pick up apparent injuries on dogs from your television screen, I'm amazed how you had such limited success yourself as a trainer? Swimming Goat has been great for the code and has been a talking point in the media which is fantastic. To come on here and say you knew he was going to get beaten because of the way he was being rubbed is nothing short of laughable, maybe you have been rubbing yourself too much? I hope and believe he will bounce back and win the final, he hasn't done too much wrong to date has he, and if he doesn't well so what, it's sprint racing and we all know how much luck is involved in that.
  14. It's unfortunate that in this day and age people expect something for nothing, if you don't do the hard work and get the best out of your dogs then you don't deserve anything, it's not hard to comprehend. Many of the people complaining that they are going to go bust because they are not going to get a voucher for running last were training when we had no vouchers and in fact had nomination fees to even enter a race. Its no coincidence that the 'leading' trainer in the country who has the most to gain out of running unplaced or is the person who brought in the vouchers in the first place and is in fact making quite a profit every meeting by not even having to get a winner, something is wrong with that. There is no doubt that we have all got used to getting the petrol vouchers, but to complain about getting nothing for running 7th or 8th really reeks of desperation and that's not a good look in anyone's book. We all strive to have a good dog and those that manage this deserve to be rewarded, not those who are running last week after week.
  15. This is a step in the right direction. They are now paying a 4th stake money so something would have to give surely? You should not be getting anything for going around every week getting last, we have to encourage people to get the best out of their dogs, and rewarding worse than mediocrity should not be an incentive. Lets be realistic, if you have a dog you a relying on getting a petrol voucher to keep you going then you should be looking at another vocation.