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  1. Double Change $500 Whelped Jan 2017 Is better than current form suggests possibly suit smaller kennels. Contact Jared udy 0272303453
  2. uddes

    Sad news

    Sad news this morning after the passing of Leo earlier in the week Henny has joined him this morning.such beautiful people our thoughts go out to the family. RIP guys.
  3. uddes

    Pup for sale

    Sold thanks guys.
  4. Hot pootie x Bekim Bale one bitch pup left for sale $2000 . 10 months old contact Jared Udy 0272303453.
  5. uddes

    Grassroots Udys

    Cheers guys. We get a lot of help from a lot of different people to whom we are grateful. Happy racing. Jared.
  6. uddes

    Box draws

    Definitely think the system needs looking at the last 2 auckland meetings I've had five races with more than 1 dog in and have drawn side by side in all of them.Random? I think not.
  7. uddes

    Pups for sale

    1 boy sold
  8. Blitzing mayhem x Hot pootie 2 dogs 2 bitches for sale from litter of 8 Ear branded and vaccinated. 12 weeks old. $1500 Contact Jared Udy 0272303453 or 07 8263115.
  9. uddes


    Could try ownagreyhound.co.nz
  10. Have some owners wanting to buy a race dog what's around?
  11. uddes

    pups for sale

    these pups wIll only be for sale for two more weeks as I wIll be startIng the break In process after that and we will keep them.cheers
  12. Secret star x Ate To Much Whelped 22/3/2015 Secret star is a litter sister to bright star 1bitch $1600 Contact Jared 07 8263115/0272303453