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  1. Of course there will be an increase, online betting is up across the globe. Maybe they need a pick 8 product.......
  2. Nothing, was tried by global tote and failed, move on...
  3. 1% difference on 1 race isn't really a good sample size. I doubt cash out would be factored into market percentage they bet at. Cashing our lower than your stake is par for the course across all bookies.
  4. What does the new platform have to do with overrounds? They were $41 the 2 when others were $67 or more and $31 the 7 when others were $51 or or more. There is at least 5% there
  5. The same Aussie bookies that also offer these meetings??? We whine when they don't keep up with the Jonses and again when they try to match them in content!
  6. I thought it was 2020?
  7. maybe it's legislative too given offshore wagering providers can't advertise here?
  8. R1 on Saturday is a handicap not the Caulfield Stakes which is on 10 October
  9. If you don't know the race name enter in the broodmares name in here
  10. You really think with all the issues people are reporting that they would bother doing that? wow
  11. doesn't suit his narative tho