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  1. pakari

    Thank You Roger James!

    If I owned a dairy I’d buy Whittaker’s chocolate.
  2. pakari

    Thank You Roger James!

    Hopefully you reinvest the extra $1 worth of odds back into our industry given you bet offshore
  3. Pretty ordinary to say the least. Where are you getting these figures? Didn’t think they were published to the public until the half year results and then the annual report? What has sports done? You’d hope some of the money has gone there like it is over here and and probably a greater rate now with old DK etc bring the game into disrepute.
  4. pakari

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Not 1 bookie over here, including the TAB display stakes so clearly they don’t see it as important. Why do you want to see it? You only bet if the purse is over a certain level?
  5. pakari

    New FOB and Shutdown

    They outsourced the whole lot mate not just pre match. You do realise that don’t you? If the prices are stale why don’t you take advantage then?
  6. pakari

    New FOB and Shutdown

    No I don’t actually, but nice try I own horses so by virtue I have a vested interest in the TAB and it’s performance. I’d be guessing that regardless of a monopoly they did it to stop the leaking to lads and 365 etc but I’m sure, being the expert on all things you’d be able to fill me in.
  7. pakari

    New FOB and Shutdown

    No competition? You’re off your head. Why do you think they did it
  8. pakari

    TAB $50M dry run went wrong!

    And in the meantime ‘they’ lose market share to offshore bookmakers and ‘we’ suffer as a result. I don’t really see any other other option other than to press ahead. Standing still won’t fix anything and outsourcing a diminishing customer base only means that the company they outsource to has to spend a truck load in marketing etc to win them back and grow the business. Do you think outsourcing will immediately make punters come back and bet with the outsourced mob purely because it's been outsourced? Tabcorp aren’t the gold standard in this country either, they can't run a tote pool for races with more than 25 runners or have emergencies in the melbourne cup because of their legacy systems. Why wouldn’t you grow the customer base and reduce the churn now then you cater for both scenarios? They need a competitive product/platform and to start to win customers back and grow interest in the punt outsource or no outsource
  9. pakari

    TAB Site

    Original multi, people use that thing???
  10. pakari

    Reaction time tab Thomas hobson

    $40 now and you can get on to win $3500. $67 @ Sportsbet. 100’s with me if you want it.
  11. agreed it would be a mistake
  12. I never said thy were outsourcing anything, u did! I was trying to understand how by doing what most other sports books in the world do its outsourcing. Maybe if PP do it all then it is outsourced, don't see how you'd make money if they do it all tho?
  13. PP offer event management, pricing and resulting service as a B2B service, its what sportsbet use
  14. Like I said a few times now, I'm not referring to the Messara recommendation on outsourcing i'm referring to your comment where you said the NZRB want to outsource their fixed odds product. If you've worked in the industry for 20 years you would be well aware of companies such as Bet Radar and other B2B providers.....
  15. They're buying a data feed like almost every other bookmaker in the world does mate, you think they all do it themselves?? They would still be managing the risk themselves so where is the outsourcing?