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  1. I see Godolphin have first 2 year old out at Ascot , Wild Beauty . That Stowell too in the 3 runner maiden , be interesting if he's as good as he looks as Havlin copped a big ban on him last time . I didn't think it looked that bad on a newcomer , I've seen way worse .Gosden says his instructions are never any whip on a newcomer . Coeur De Lion in Cup each way , King does well in these type races with hurdlers and I picked up plenty on him at Royal Ascot last year .Going might suit better than last time out .
  2. 2013 winner of Lingfield Derby Trial Nevis ended up running in a few 1200 metre races in South Island , won a couple in OZ for Lloyd Williams but clearly had issues . Trainer posts on here , Nevis shown as retired now . Be interesting to see if he is doing something different now , not trying to put trainer on spot if he was unsuitable for new home or had bad injury , just be interested if he's off doing another pursuit .
  3. Went better than his half brother my Derby longshot Law Of the Sea , looked ,more like a selling hurdler than Derby winner at Chester . Le Don De Vie heading to Queensland for Doomben Cup according to trainer . Gold Medal and Zed Em what a battle , two superb horses , Yensir was cruising at one point but now got a not to race tag on Risa site so will have to look when stewards report what's gone on when it's uploaded .
  4. Example , "Vardani well back " , after callIing a shit load others past post in last race, nope ran on nice first up after slow start finished forth !! .ahead of shitload runners . Each to there own, but couldn't listen to him everyday .Not an easy job I know .
  5. One to keep eye on for future in last today , nice lightly raced ex Aga Khan French import for OTI, Vardani, half brother to champion stayer in Europe Varizabad . Will improve for a trip I would have thought.
  6. Nice training performance with The Statesman , cleared the pipes last week on flat and grabbed the big one . Well spotted by the agent out of a Ludlow maiden hurdle as he has done quite well over the years in OZ , just wished I hadn't abandoned him at the price he paid , bugger .
  7. That would bring in 65k per year , so likely be cheaper than the 25 per week unless the horse is living in a Palace trained by Waller . , or they use the leftovef to continue on punt . It's a good idea for bit of fun .
  8. If they wanted to support the bottom end could be that it's Auction type race , horses brought below a certain price, or sire average sale price . That's what they do overseas . Horse like Shared Ambition won a few auction races . Just gives a chance for smaller connections to miss the heavyweights unless they buy a cheaper one too .
  9. Princeville 4th of 8 and Eagle Fifty 6 of 7 . Looking at track record at course Isti Bee and Suembul two ex kiwis hold one each at different distances , Isti Bee over hurdles and Suembul over the timber .
  10. My gut feeling WD is they don't want crowds , especially midweek . According to head of trainers association UK some courses happier not paying for workers to service meagre crowds midweek at lower tracks and quite happy with pay outs from off course and media. I suspect no crowd racing on a Wednesday is fine by Riccarton sadly .
  11. Tend to agree on economics and that stand . It must be sorted soon, it's been years . Surely it must get to a point it's dangerous to keep up unless they paying to get maintenance and sign offs regularly . The thing is look at the crap that appears to kick up on turf track at Riccarton at times compared to what appears a lovely surface at Cambridge Poly . One rainy Cup week will stuff them big style , one day in rain for lady in expensive frock with no shelter normally enough for them to say don't ever take me there again . I will happily punt on the AW once it's going though b
  12. One thing I would say about AWT , in UK the vast majority of horses have same rating between the tracks , it's not dirt . The figures are on BHA website . . That's why the US trainers got the arse , the results on the main track at Breeders Cup vastly improved for Euros during the time Santa Anita had pro ride .instead of good old dirt .Meydan went back to dirt to some degree to appease the yanks . That being said , iam no fan of our tax dollars put into racings begging bowl but will brave the cold and stand by the derelict stand at Riccarton to watch the odd meeting on course but I d
  13. Turns a bit full circle , Grand Canyon was brought by trainer called Derek Kent who brought a lot in NZ according to reports , he won 76 and 78 Colonial Cup ,with GC , also broke track records 5 times in a row .Race reply of him leading the 1979 King George Chase is on you tube, leading a stellar field , can see how he broke the records . He fell late on down backstraight in that race . Derek Kent went to HK and won the Queen Mother Cup in 85 while there and had best winner to runner ratio whilst he trained there . This weekend they run the 2021 Quien Mother Cup. Kent died in 2001 .
  14. If you search under title " The Argonaut " I posted a photo of Grand Canyon details and write up in the race card that day in 1984 . Write up was he is based at Barracks in London , hunting in Leicestershire and some work on beach in Norfolk . I don't think the fast work was possible on Horseguards Parade . That post was in response to Sha Tin naming all their races after the Queen Mothers best horses , race one being named in honor then as it is this Sunday of The Argonaut another super jumper from NZ that the crowds loved in UK . Those were the days if you wanted a good jumper NZ was a
  15. Will go some to beat Grand Canyon's record , would love to know about his NZ life prior to tearing up in States, France and UK. My Dad was in awe of the horse and we got to see him jump around Sandown after years off in Grand Military Gold Cup in 1984 , he was living with Household Cavalry in retirement at the time and was advanced in age but had one last spin round .A legend from NZ .
  16. Concurrent sentence , always struggled to come to terms with that invention .
  17. Eagle Fifty and Princeville both ex Myers runners race this Saturday at big meeting at Middleburg , Virginia . Both in maiden hurdles , Eagle Fifty couple great runs on Coast last year then win at Poverty Bay , Princeville Mckee prior to Myers 1 from 16 in NZ . Both had few runs to get into Stateside jumping , Princeville couple of 2nds in three runs and Eagle Fifty 6tn and 5th . Lot of Ex Euro jumpers in , best of them Footpad in the big race who at his best is some horse , and another runner Zanjabeel is a half brother to Caravan Rolls On winner of Geelong Cup about 10 back .
  18. IspolinI Charlie Appleby's runner that was kicked out with Marmelo in 2019 has ran 5 times since, twice in UK , three times Dubai , the last a decent run at Meydan in Feb without incident . Still on 110 only 7 lbs off Twilight Payment and 4 lbs off Prince of Aaron so clearly not much up with him . Cross off all the imports and international that Cup would be awful quality , would be embarrassing really for a world renowned race IMHO.
  19. They will never allocate the same resources to a horse in dust bowl downs to what they doing here , in that they are hypocrites, it's all about image and money and that is now going to be the big truck they have driven into a narrow cul de sac they won't be able to reverse out in years to come when quizzed about OZ wide welfare . Two horses got destroyed in past 10 months due to dodgems by win at all costs jocks at Randwick , are they putting in double yellow no crossing lanes down Randwick straight .
  20. Cliffsofmoher 16 runs Red Cadeaux 54 runs Anthony Van Dyck 19 Runs Verema 13 runs . So 10 runs not the panacea , the more they run the more they will pick up nicks and knocks I'd have thought too so damned if they run damned if they don't. I heard John Gosden say ramming a stayer half fit through 1200 first up in his opinion not that great for them , the results the OZ trainers have got in Cup suggests he's probably right . I hope they don't zero in on Slipper wastage , ramming the two years old to get them in for big race . A look at the massive entries and lat
  21. That was a serious glut of MK and MF offspring onto market in one lot Shane , . Let's hope they all end up finding a home in end ,. Leg of lamb I got the other day 30 bucks so there's some profit in sheep , was nice though .
  22. Condition of entry is win over 2400 I believe it is , probably in a decent class too but would need to check . These Euro horses don't want for miles on clock, they go first up fit enough for trip most time , look at Stadivarius last night at Ascot . As for the club rugby analogy , Cross Counter and Rekindling both had less or not many more than ten starts and kicked the home team up the arse to be fair, Tiger Moth almost got home last year , I'll Paradiso a moral beaten , so how's that club rugby v test match . These are the rules now , the Euros and Japan raiders will adapt and keep wi
  23. I reckon these rules need applying across the board , every racehorse in OZ and NZ scanned completely pre race from Flemington to Bonnie Doon Downs and if lame cannot race for a set period even if passed sound by qualified vet . All Horses should be restricted to the same amount of races , no back ups allowed . Maybe two races max a month . Then let's see how racing is at then down here .
  24. That bumper winner in the last Crown Major breeding from left field for bumper , how did he end up there I'd wonder . Bred for Japan dirt tracks more than bumper and hurdles .
  25. Wetherby still odd looking for me as Classic form in the book , Iam used to sizing the form from there into Cheltenham . One of the Frankel''s out Midday went to Luke Comer in 2018 for 65000 out of Stoute yard but unsighted since so doubt he will be seen again . I think he breeds a few so may turn up in race book one day in a bumper as the sire . He has some detractors Comer as a trainer but a billionaire I doubt he cares . Talking Juddmonte horses Logician's brother Collide has died , cardiac issue few weeks back but online it appears to be kicked out in stall and broke a leg