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  1. No on our TAB , as horse crossed line I think it was called as a 200 to 1 shot , flew home on outside .
  2. Anyone get a bit of the 284.50 , 33.90 the place shot last night Happy Valley . I cannot recall seeing a bigger win and place divi .
  3. Wonder what the turnover has been on the harness here v the OZ gallops now . At least O'Connor has made his own decision not to carry on with his work , plenty have not got option of turning down work , good luck to the guy for the future .
  4. Could tell he appeared uninterested as he and Cross went on and on and on and on pre race about a driver's facial hair the other day really need to be talking about the horses not that .
  5. Bee Tee Junior looks a bit over the odds at 16s and 3.50 odd later at Sandown, hit bit of form, goes on ground , suits trip and some weight relief from claimer . I've had a little ew go on him .
  6. Ex Yulong Smart at Maher / Eustace, cannot find its sale price out of yard , might have been private . A number of Yulong horses on name change list .
  7. Old Giant Turtle still going round in HK . He has dropped 30 odd points now since his high , fav a 3 year old topweight . Not a great race and got a bit closer last two runs , apprentice knows him well . Might be worth an small ew throw at stumps for interest.
  8. It would be a very sad day for racing if closed off to on course punters .Obviously the closure at moment is temporary but behind close doors permanently would be disappointing to say the least .
  9. Walking into Carisbrook was a miserable old walk , the ground was old and tired but of course if brought up with it the memories make it . Just like old football grounds in UK . I went to 2005 Lions v Otago at Carisbrook, the atmosphere inside was great , everything about the old stadium that night was great fun . So I suppose like your post about Ascot Park, if no one's there it highlights the poor facilities , it's there a crowd and some atmosphere it's going to be good . That's why the little tracks are a good day out , the crowd , that's why point to point in UK and Ire is crammed with crowd with no permanent facilities in a field .
  10. I couldn't get the lads to stay long enough for the food , headed to the Octagon .
  11. Have you been to Forbury in recent times ? . I had a bit of a go at facilities at Riccarton a few days back but honestly Riccarton is real luxury compared to Forbury . Not sure what other posters think of the place but I went when in town for rugby with a a group mates a few years back , we lasted three races . Without doubt the worst racing facility I've ever been to in my whole life bar none .To go from Forbury , next night to that excellent stadium was like time travel.
  12. A lot of youngsters at Kumara , and Omoto. Haven't been to Reefton for years but guessing the same . I went to Riccarton once , they had a bouncey castle for kids, was years ago , when was last time they had a family day at races , something people can go as a family , have a bet , fun for kids . Other tracks do it well , Motukarara, Rangiora trots used to do it , candy floss , kids tote , Shetland ponies , puppet shows . Just something , a bit of life .
  13. I agree , why don't they do that . Let one or two owners in back paddock , privy to hearing the instructions and meet jockey, feel part of it , it adds to the occasion . It's odd here they are excluded , all over Europe , Ireland , US it's done like that , never heard of any incidents and it's a way more litigious society . If it's a health and safety issue put an area next to it for the pre race briefing and meet of jockey , make owner feel involved .
  14. Just had a look at the website for summer racing evening racing UK 2020 they did have lined up Rick Astley, Kaiser Chiefs, UB40 , James Arthur, some DJs that mean nothing to me , Bjorn Again and a Welsh bloke called Sir Tom Jones . Draws the crowds in to get for a nice evening . Like you say need some new blood with vision to get that sort of event organised .
  15. They had to limit numbers in UK for the summer evening racemeetings followed by concerts , it was getting too popular . Newmarket , Sandown have some high profile acts during summer ( not this year though!!!)
  16. Obviously you are very involved with Riccarton Uneasy , can you tell me if a racebook will be provided once racing is open to the public again at Riccarton ? , not free like Addington do , iam prepared to pay but will there be any to buy ?
  17. TT , I like the racing there it's fair , produces great finishes but agree the food tracks are 1970s , us hardened punters turn up and put up with it , but it's just not going to cut it to get new blood in , with so little Shop window now , how do they get fresh blood , I just cannot see the in for them bar BGP .
  18. I haven't, however I was under the impression they were potless . That old stand i liked for viewing but again was in need of a fair lick of paint .The wooden steps were worse for wear , bits were failing off stair rails , ive seen a trainer in the euthoria of winning knock a bit off the top of the steps handrail as it crumbled , the concrete area is worse for wear at some points around the edges .Now it appears they have millions , therefore next time I am allowed in I will make an up to date assessment and write in to the CEO .
  19. Fair enough , we are not here to agree with everything . I go Riccarton regularly , I want it to survive but I'd be worried the track will suck them dry in the long term . Again ive got no issues at all backing on them, look at Ballarat and Pakenham , they seem to go well there , win from front , back, midfield , Awapuni might be a very short straight so wouldn't be overkeen there I put up with the frustration at the Valley because I love the course , Riccarton should have decent run in . I've got my doubts , but I would rather be proved wrong and in 15 years racing here is flying , with some bloody paper form I can hold onto at track , or at least a black and white racebook , nothing flash .
  20. Comparable to what tracks ? What the food options like for public ? A few food carts , I don't mind a hot dog and chips but honestly it's years behind most tracks in OZ or most other places . Years .
  21. OK, I will believe it when I see it . I don't mind AWTs it's not the angle iam coming from , I have punted on them for years , attended meeting all over with all different surfaces , watched plenty go up gallops in morning at Newmarket over years so I know if laid well they are fine , in fact Prescott uses them rather than grass gallops . When trainers like Gosden and Prescott who use them in training and raceday with no issues they must have something going for them , Pinatubo had a racecourse gallop on poly at Chelmsford to prep for Guineas next week so imho poly is good from what I've seen and read . However NZ racing is potless , will it be a millstone round it's neck going into a shambles like the rest of Riccarton racecourse . The racing itself is pretty good imho , I like the track but the facilities are miserable .
  22. I am aware where money is coming from , like tab the all weather is the taxpayer handout . However Iam not convinced that Riccarton have the required funds to maintain the track, relay the track in 15 or so years or the ability to fund their part , if they have why is the place such a poor , windswept failing down racecourse .What's gone wrong ?
  23. It makes no sense , they having 3 awt tracks they say but cannot afford a cheap racebook , comments or form guide. It just does not add up . I've said it before , there will not be an AWT at Riccarton , no way at all . It's a blind alley they heading down .
  24. Ladbrokes Au have a comment for every runner Addington .So who's doing their comments ? This is the biggest retreat since French from Moscow . NZ Tab curling up . I think it's probably past any retrieval now .Very sad situation .