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  1. Are you saying it was a bad ride , IMHO outside gate he dropped horse in without using too much energy, moved up at right time , took decision to give him clear air and really only came up short against a very tough quality mare ,most horses he would have breezed on by and he did breeze on by most that field all better drawn with lighter weights. Go inside he's asking for trouble and AVD don't look type horse that stops and starts press button .
  2. Best form guide race for this is Armoury's 2nd in the Group 1 2019 Criterium International at Longchamp , a gallant effort to place .
  3. AVD , trip ?, what do you think Trump , damside full of sprinters , Bounding and Kuroshio probably the best , relation Transactic ran in first yesterday at Mornington , AVD number 21 in ratings for Galileo produce from what I can see , of those above only Order of St George looked a true stayer I may have missed one only quick scroll through . Hard run extra 800 might be tough , he was strong through line Saturday though. Will have to have a look later how Galileo's have performed in Cup .
  4. Took me a while to get my head round it over the sticks , is the inside draw an advantage from the 6400 start , will have to check the draw bias stats ? . Been Sandown more times than I remember , never seen golf played during a meeting , never crossed my mind it would ever be allowed . Sadly they didn't all come home unscathed , Perry Mason was euthanased .
  5. King Montrose, won bucket loads, I am sure he held a track record at Riccarton once but might be wrong , he shifted anyway .
  6. Did a Google of Norman Pentaquad , very interesting life . Dodged a bullet a few times , he had an extra spare hoof growing when born and was small and runty , was lucky as a blueblood so got it cut off and given a chance , earned 500 bucks on track in US but dodge another bullet when brought to NZ , then was going to be released in bush but was brought by Kerry Packer and as of 2009 was putting his now only four feet up at KPs ranch
  7. I am not an expert on horses hooves smacking down on a golf ball but my gut instinct is it might be not good if unlucky , must be something in it as Sandown in UK have a small team walk around track pre meeting to check if a stray ball has gone on course and it appears a sensible thing to do , I've never seen anyone playing during the meeting , it seems madness it's allowed .
  8. Is this Shark one person or load of different people using the name . Most these tipsters no better than most punters , they just flower it up a bit and talk a good job . Good on them making a living out of it . There are some good ones , Ron Dufficy IMHO pretty good and the guys on Get On I have huge respect for .
  9. I think they have been baffled because the race is outside black type so in theory if looked at quickly or by some computer it would be a lessor grade , bit like Karaka Million .I suppose technically it is lower grade but of course it's not lower grade .No one would write those comments if they had any sense .
  10. Mirage Dancer couldn't win a Hardwicke last year , he is group 1 down here , Dunaden couldn't win a Hardwicke but won a group 1 down here . Highland Reel, Red Cadeaux another two who found Hardwicke too hot for them. As for Caulfield Cup, the 2008 Ebor was abandoned , rescheduled a short while later and won by horse called All the Good , he went ok in 2008 Caulfield Cup . Avilius, Master of Wine is ours meaning OZ / NZ , I cannot find any NZ connection with those couple.
  11. I quite liked CTs comments too and was bit of fun watching his hotpots run . He labelled that LibertinI as a good one last year and Orderofthegarter way before that and he's gone OK this prep bar that shit run last week .
  12. Hastings R8 5, 9, 10, 15 Hastings R9 2, 3 , 5, 8 Randwick R6 1, 2, 4, 8 Randwick R7 1, 2, 3, 6 Randwick R8 2, 4, 9, 11 Caulfield R4 2, 5, 8, 10 Caulfield R5 2, 3, 5, 6 Caulfield R7 2, 6, 7, 8 Caulfield R8 4, 7, 9, 10 R9 Caulfield R9 1, 5, 7, 11 R10 Caulfield R10 1, 2, 3, 4 Thanks to organisers .
  13. 2019 Lingfield Derby Trial , AVD got through the Lingfield soft fine , looked to be getting in a bit that day , race is on you tube .
  14. It is others business if it's over the threshold as it needs to be declared . But yes it's a person's right to support who they choose as long as the laws requirements re political donations is complied with .
  15. I am big AVD fan , but travel, weight , draw might be tough . What are your thoughts about draw ? . Best Solution got round and in I recall and hoping AVD car do it .He has the OZ / NZ connection like Highland Reel through the dam.
  16. Aiden O'Brien bit unlucky lately Stodge , feed issue , wrong horse saddled , Wichita injury and AVD drawn the car park Saturday .
  17. He has full brother to Sofia Rosa waiting in wings , the grandly named Ozymandias ( King of Kings ) .
  18. 71k in bank so far this season , 338k last season . I can see his business model appears to work .
  19. Rusty ain't gonna be no hernia , no hassle and no trouble as long as Bryce gets his sandwiches . So pissed off I forgot The Warrior was running as been throwing a few coins on some of his more fancied runners and 17s is on scale of things red hot .He must know every inch of his horses how he keeps them going as doubt many cost more than a grand .
  20. Rusty , The Warrior is back in over the more conventional 2400 distance at Bendigo Saturday , 60.5 kgs to lump .
  21. Bay colt full brother to Enable born 27/2/19 as yet unnamed , I assume he will be out of the Gosden yard , theres Portrush by Frankel also . Birdwood was the unraced half sister not Birdsong , I think I read Entitle was sent stateside but cannot find where I read it .
  22. Hanaki Warrior the iron horse rolls home Kyneton today at 17s , every month bar one since March 2018 debut he has run , 73 runs in . Stanaway got the third as well with Harlech's brother Compulsive.
  23. Meant I whizzed through race a bit on record , like I say it did stand out to me at time so much so I rewatched from turn couple times as did look odd and as soon as I read your post I knew what horse you were talking about , I just assumed it was gear or steering issue and as I never had a bet in race didn't bother looking at stipes . I will suffer the buffering on NZTR and watch it again , but agree totally it needed a bit more in stipes just to clear it up.
  24. Stipes said couple poor jumps prior , I kind of whizzed through them a bit but did look to be going OK as I do recall rewinding tape quickly to see what happened to him as it did stand out . Maybe he knew horse had little left , couple poor jumps and took live to fight another day path rather than force him on late , better that than flog poor bugger and he tips up next fence and does jockey or horse serious injury .It probably needed another line in stipes to be fair to clear it up a bit .