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  1. Il leave you to your festering sores...sayonara
  2. having said that I respect your views on racing
  3. sexist to the core that little diatribe https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/boris-johnson-donald-trump-white-male-privilege_uk_5d3ae0c6e4b0ef792e0b07bd?utm_hp_ref=uk-homepage
  4. Do you even understand MMP ?....Im picking only in your tunnel view
  5. looks like you went back to bed...sweet dreams
  6. the winners are going further and further out... I liked powerofhope...no go on the inside though
  7. And your love boat key did what for New Zealand ?
  8. When did Trump come out in drag?...I missed that one
  9. was that in between him playing golf with Obama...doing stupid shit on the rock...endless selfies with political celebs for his photo album...An egotistical flag referendum ...oh yes a financial wizard of monumental proportions were did the money go?...but I cant think what he left as a everlasting legacy for New Zealand ...other than baling when he saw the shit was heading for the fan....A real Titan !!!!
  10. Well said..I was beginning to wonder if there were any free thinkers on this
  11. Here is an interesting article about definitions https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/boris-johnson-donald-trump-white-male-privilege_uk_5d3ae0c6e4b0ef792e0b07bd?utm_hp_ref=uk-homepage
  12. Yes persued as a jumper ..agreed ..looks like it will stay forever on heavy going