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  1. iteruka

    J.B./Ian Hastie.RIP

    I met Ian when I got into Greyhounds. I was lucky enough to lease Ciame Go, Mistress Honcho and Iteru Ka from Ian and Ron which gave me a great start. He was always available to offer his support, advice and friendship freely. He pushed me to become a lure driver at Auckland and helped with my breeding program for my dogs. I will always be grateful to Ian for giving me a great introduction to racing and am honoured to have called him a friend. Rest in peace Ian
  2. iteruka

    Hair Follicle testing

    Didn't start this thread to stir shit Scooby and it's sad that others feel the need to fling it. Only asking what a lot of people want to know
  3. iteruka

    Hair Follicle testing

    I've never hidden who I am Scooby. You should know that
  4. iteruka

    Hair Follicle testing

    Well considering I've never started a petition before why would I start now. And whoever you are that won't put your name to your post, what is wrong with asking a simple question without people like you turning it into a joke. Maybe you are one that doesn't want it to start?
  5. iteruka

    Dead baiting NSW
  6. iteruka

    Hair Follicle testing

    I was told over a month ago that this would be started within 2 weeks. Why are we still waiting?
  7. iteruka

    Sad state of affairs

    Go and read up on autism and then come back and tell me that. People also need to realise that he buried his grandfather the day before the incident at Wanganui and was told on that day that a certain person was going to bury him and his family. My son is 24 and has autism. I'm certain he would have reacted the same way in the same circumstances
  8. iteruka

    Sad state of affairs

    He's just turned 20
  9. iteruka

    Sad state of affairs

    Maybe if that girl kept her hands to herself she wouldn't get herself in the shit
  10. iteruka

    Sad state of affairs

    There had been an incident at Wanganui track a couple of weeks before but my point is that he had done nothing on the day ( yesterday) before being banned. If he had been banned from all tracks then he should have been told beforehand and he wasn't
  11. iteruka

    Sad state of affairs

    It is a pretty sad state of affairs when a young autistic boy is banned from a track (for doing nothing wrong on the day) and forced to sit in his Uncles car on the main highway until the dogs have finished racing. The stipes involved should be ashamed of themselves.
  12. iteruka

    What, no comment on CH CH debackle.

    Maybe it's time we started standing up for the welfare of our dogs and pull them out when we feel the tracks aren't right. It's time trainers stuck together for once. We know what is best for our dogs, not the stipes. Yes I got fined and was given 28 days but I would do it again in a heartbeat because I would rather have my dogs to race again in 28 days than have broken down dogs or none at all. Welfare should come before the rules not the other way around.
  13. iteruka

    Box Draw Policy needs changing

    I have one that holds her line and from 3 starts has drawn 7 twice and 8. Has been bashed at 1st bend all 3 times and now has 3 lasts and will struggle to get starts or will become field shy. She holds her line and would love to see her get a fair chance. The other one runs to the rail and has had 2 box 1's and a 2 for her 3 starts but yesterday got slammed into the rail by 2 dogs coming across on to her. We have been wanting them to seed the dogs for years but has always been put in the too hard basket. You have my support for sure Glen
  14. iteruka

    harsh call

    The dog who won races is now 12, still has arthritis and is still not sore all the time.
  15. iteruka

    harsh call

    He is treated with injections and has nutri zing tablets. I also have arthritis and I am not sore all the time. He is not sore all the time. Raced a dog in the past with arthritis who was very competitive and won races who was not sore all the time.