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  1. Kotare_Hunter

    Mile Racing-Good or Bad

    I would not want to see too many mile only days unless brodie was there prancing around in his bottomless gymp outfit and taking a lashing for everytime he said this is boring
  2. Kotare_Hunter

    Oiy oop where's.....

    You Ess of AYE I believe
  3. Kotare_Hunter


    sure to be making up for something they lack
  4. Kotare_Hunter


    Yes there will be someone going home a winner from every meeting but it wont be the same person every time. Its a sure sign of dishonesty when someone says they always win.
  5. Kotare_Hunter

    Open Class Races

    Any North Islanders coming down for the Kurow Cup on Monday ?
  6. Kotare_Hunter

    Bad boy Bronson

    It seems you have Fartoomuch and the hibernating (out of shame I imagine) Brodosaurous confused Big Ears.
  7. Kotare_Hunter

    TAB Bravery Awards

  8. Kotare_Hunter

    Don't See This These Days

    Brother James a worthy adversary for Regal Flyer.
  9. Kotare_Hunter

    comments forbury park

    Like Auckland he is a champion reactor too. 236 more sleeps to Waikouaiti May the seagulls eat their prunes.
  10. Kotare_Hunter

    comments forbury park

    Well it was only a minor matter afterall.
  11. Kotare_Hunter

    Addington this week

    Salute to "Old Bill"
  12. Kotare_Hunter

    Blood Nonsense

    Sounds like someone had a bad night on the punt Friday and when they calmed down a bit thought they would try their hand at some fiction writing.
  13. Kotare_Hunter

    All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    If I needed a brick wall demolished by way of someones head, Brodie would be my prefered choice.
  14. Kotare_Hunter

    harness racing and gallops help greyhounds

    Would further restrictions on parasites like Brodie be helpful ?
  15. Kotare_Hunter

    harness racing and gallops help greyhounds

    Would you mind if I passed up your suggestion ? I was more meaning what % of tote turnover goes to the club. I understand there is no greater % for on course thesedays.