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  1. Kotare_Hunter

    Methven Sunday- Counter Punch

    I do wonder what happened to that guy from Hillmorton.I think it was him who was constantly going on and on about how his straight jacket was overly restrictive.
  2. Kotare_Hunter

    Methven Sunday- Counter Punch

    Aren't they the ones that left here for the darkside.
  3. Kotare_Hunter

    Is Bob butt

    Trying to emulate his Dad
  4. Kotare_Hunter

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    The Crown case review hearing set down for March 25 has been postponed.
  5. Kotare_Hunter

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    I think the issue of diversion is under consideration for 2 of the cases. Lawyers and Police will be discussing this in the meantime.
  6. Kotare_Hunter

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    when did supression orders expire
  7. Kotare_Hunter

    Any NZRB employee other than Senior management....

    lol @ Kia Ora Mickey
  8. Kotare_Hunter

    Invercargill Cup

    Peter Jones won on both horses on day one. Hands Down won a lesser race thus graduating to the higher grade in which his stablemate had won on the first day. No idea about goings on in the house bar but I seems unlikely to have been the Invercargill Cup.
  9. Kotare_Hunter

    Help me please

    Bizarre and Knee Jerk reactions are comfortable bed pals. Ironically from an organisational standpoint I am pretty sure the allegations relate to off course activity.
  10. Kotare_Hunter

    Help me please

    Roughly speaking the original bans were re not going on course which allowed the trianers to essentially continue at home. Drivers obviously need to be on course to maximise their income.
  11. Kotare_Hunter

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    Cherish this Christmas you think Ivan?
  12. Kotare_Hunter

    Peter Jenson

    Now is this the Armalight Brent Smith or the Yaldie Brent Smith or someone else? Anyways I have 2 questions for Brent Smith. 1) What has Peter Jensen achieved? 2) What makes you believe the NZMTC is NZ's premier club?
  13. Kotare_Hunter

    Peter Jenson

    Standard babble when someone leaves, provided they are not in handcuffs.
  14. Kotare_Hunter

    NZ TAB Response

    The mind boggles. Surely they don't pay a site rental. There would be some set up cost re the POD and the 2 TV's maybe they supply a printer for doing the fields. I actually have no idea. As for ongoing costs its hard to fathom. I know they consider taking them out if the weekly turnover falls below $2500.
  15. Kotare_Hunter

    Dexter Dunn.

    Eamon Maguire the horse that keeps on giving headaches for Dexter