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  1. 4sold. Price reduced $3000 each.
  2. My brother fabio--Corinth bale. Corinth is a litter sister to. Allen ablett avenger bale and dirk bale. Pups were born 4 .11.18. $3500 each 5dogs 1 bitch Contact paul freeman 0274954474 or
  3. ate

    CD Racing

    Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story. Guessing you are asked to carry your passport when you leave the house?
  4. hallucinate straw for sale offers please paul freeman 0274954474
  5. HI "hound fan" Maybe you should know your facts before you post Craig is one of the most generous peespple I know,especially when it comes to greyhounds.Over the years he has been heavily involved in race sponsorship and helping clubs out He and his wife have even held charity events to raise money for greyhounds.And no one cares for CRAIG'S Greyhounds more than Craig. I can even recall when one of our/his dogs didn't make it to races it went to home. While she was there ,strawberry developed an eye injury and required surgery.Craig donated extensively through the give a little page and later to ensure she got the treatment and care she needed. THIS isn't the only time he's gone above and beyond for his dogs. I'm sure you and your business must perfect to be throwing stone
  6. wankiwi. Did the dog run like it got hit by a rake? I didnt think the dog acted as a rake hit it!!! How would you act if rake hit you? Shit forgot . The shooting off of your mouth makes me think you have been hit with more than a rake or is it stuck up your assssssssssss
  7. ate to much/pink socks. 6weeks old $2000 each. paul 0274954474
  8. super rooster 3k super zip zip 3k 0274954474
  9. boston strike $3500 call paul 0274954474
  10. ate

    stipe reports

    You wouldnt get a job with iru . You cant read and you cant count.
  11. Whats the rush people.???????? Must be slow week on coronation street? Took more than 2weeks for the decision to be sent to me.... Conveniently just outside the timeframe to appeal according to the rules. Wish they could have at least text me in time to appeal which is what i was supposed to do at 11.50pm when i found an injured dog when i got home. No dog missed a start, Dog in question scratched before enquiry open
  12. I think you may need glasses.big jamsey was always at 2.80ff all week long. Glad you have a veiw. Being a trainer the most important thing to me is the owners. And in this case owners of need to chill knew there dog was lame after it last raced. And yes the question was asked by the stewards on the day. And yes the dog was vetted on course. And yes it wasnt a great night for me having to answer all the bull shit complants for people like you. And yes i ask the steward to report it all for you all to read