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  1. This post was not attacking one person in particular, but the dress code itself. There are some shirts, mainly up north that do not even resemble a shirt. Why bother having a dress code in the first place.
  2. Who is responsible for ensuring that the dress code is followed?? Some of the shirts that the women are wearing are just rediculous... Hardly a shirt at all. Mostly North Island. Why can't the women just wear a standard white shirt with at least 1/4 sleeves. They seem to think they are in some fashion show. The men look professional, time to step it up ladies.
  3. It's frustrating, I don't cope with frustration, I like the old functional site... Save my $$$ now.
  4. Time wasters. People have nothing better to do with their time. If you didn't hear it with your own ears, see it with your own eyes then don't repeat it with your big mouth. Keep on keeping on buddy.
  5. Very sad to hear, one of the nicest trainers I had the pleasure of knowing. RIP Ian.
  6. Absolutely agree, I can't believe trainers are sending their dogs over 779 today, the rain hasn't stopped, condition of track will only get worse as day go's on. Hopefully the track is not as bad as it looks on TV.
  7. If this were certain other trainers Denis wouldn't think the ban was long enough. I have to say that he loves his dogs, and I doubt he knew the dog was positive, but he put the person in charge at the kennels so therefore he is responsible. You sign as the trainer, knowing full well that if a dog is presented to a race and found to be positive to any banned substance, you are deemed to be responsible. The rules are in place for all regardless if your 18 or 80. I have little to no respect for him, and it's well justified, however my opinion on this matter would be the same for anyone, 2 years is right.
  8. We do have a tendency to create more drama than the other codes, we have to admit that. Not all but a lot of the posts on this forum turn nasty. Unless both sides of every story can be truthfully posted, with factual evidence then don't start a post. There are just some things that are better left unsaid. Feel for the Admin of this site.
  9. I think the dogs were perfectly selected, made for a great race. Well done to winning connections.