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  1. Following are factual results I've put together. Since the beginning of 2016, there have been 19 race meets held at Manukau. Listed below are winners that paid $18 or more on the tote with the corresponding date & sex of the greyhound. 3x on 24/04/16 Dog/Dog/Dog 1x on 17/04/16 Dog 2x on 13/03/16 Dog/Bitch 1x on 06/03/16 Dog 1x on 28/02/16 Dog 1x on 22/02/16 Bitch 2x on 21/02/16 Dog/Dog 1x on 14/02/16 Dog 2x on 10/01/16 Bitch/Bitch 1x on 07/10/16 Dog
  2. Mike Godber hasn't offered any assurance that it wasn't a real possibility. "Male dogs have a normal level of testosterone, so you have to be able to prove that amount of testosterone in a dog was way above what would have been a normal level. That can be quite challenging. It's not impossible, we didn't say we couldn't show it, but everywhere in the world it is difficult." http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/79089391/Racing-Integrity-Unit-considering-sending-David-Scott-investigation-to-police $19.70 win dividend in race #9. https://ebet.tab.co.nz/results/AUKG-reslt04241609.html
  3. What do you feel is untrue about my post? The first in race #5 paying $25.00 The second in race #7 paying $23.40 Both males.... Both from box #5.... Both the longest on the tote.... Proof ~ https://ebet.tab.co.nz/results/AUKG-reslt04241605.html https://ebet.tab.co.nz/results/AUKG-reslt04241607.html
  4. So, in the first seven races thus far from Manukau, two absolute outsiders have turned up. The first in race #5 paying $25.00 The second in race #7 paying $23.40
  5. If you heard "sounds" in the apology, you may want to go & get that checked. I think it's safe to say the rest of us had to read it.
  6. Takes courage to commit a crime as well. Yes, everyone does make mistakes. Most mistakes made are simply an oversight. However some mistakes are made fully knowing what the consequences could be for making the mistake. I acknowledge the apology & remorse expressed.
  7. The RIU didn't crucify anyone. The RIU asked the JCA for a stiffer sentence than the one which handed down. David Scott breached the rules. David Scott was given the chance to defend the charges in the legal system & choose to plead guilty. David Scott was sentenced. Where's the problem in that? That's exactly the way the justice system is meant to work in a democratic society. Will the police have interest in pursuing the dropped charge further? Well they should. Threats of taking someone's life is a much more serious matter than attempting to have a dog drugged for personal advantage.
  8. Scott To Apply http://www.riu.org.nz/employment/stipendiary-stewards-2 I wonder if they do pre-employment background checks?
  9. At the end of the day, only one number was needed. 0800 748 123
  10. Another must read. http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/79089391/Racing-Integrity-Unit-considering-sending-David-Scott-investigation-to-police
  11. It's been a couple of months since this topic was last visited. Ascot greyhounds are an hour & a bit from the first race today. Will the 390m races be electronically started? Hand started? Some form of #8 wire combination of the two as in the past? The last post on the RIU's twitter feed was about harness racing from two days ago. https://twitter.com/riuorgnz?ref_src=twsrc^tfw GRNZ website - no help. https://www.thedogs.co.nz/Home.aspx The newest posting on the Club's websites news section was 20 months ago. http://southlandgreyhounds.co.nz/news/ However, the TAB is more than willing to accept uninformed punts. https://www.tab.co.nz/racing/#2016-04-19-m3-r1
  12. Please. However, that'd be likely to even further reduce the number of C5 dogs around.
  13. There's nothing stopping a criminal charge from being filed in the crowns justice system for the charge the RIU decided to drop. It'd only take a phone call from Nathan to the police. To me that's the most serious breach of any rule/law unveiled in the investigation. If a settlement was offered in lieu of a criminal court trial proceeding, it surely would help out a battling trainer much more than a drug assisted win on any track.
  14. The RIU's statement http://www.riu.org.nz/announcements/riustatement-davidscottgreyhoundracingboardmember
  15. Lawyer.. laughable.. Does that Auckland vehicle testing station sell law licenses too?