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  1. https://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/thoroughbred-sales/results/2007/4959/new-zealand-bloodstock-2007-premier-yearling-sale/1 According to that page, Roger J bought the horse from Haunui consignment in 2007. He may be able to help you with details of ownership.
  2. The "water jump" on Friday: https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/94731056/trenthams-big-jumps-day-falls-victim-to-storm-sweeping-country
  3. Apparently he drove himself home. Legend! https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/94770502/dave-mcdonalds-condition-improves-following-medical-event
  4. The weather in Wellington has been terrible for days and it is still miserable here. Yes, Disappointing but Absolutely the correct decision
  5. I will say this for NZTR, it sometimes takes a while to reply but their staff addresses are all listed: http://www.nzracing.co.nz/NZTR/About/Staff-Contacts.aspx .
  6. This is in the lease though, rather than being a Rule of Racing?
  7. The one I just saw was a black and white montage of about six people and their jobs / lives with a shot of gingernuts in the middle .... that's all I can remember about it
  8. Just saw the ad. Even with the heads up from here, it made no sense. What is the message?
  9. Trackside 2 listings are lagging. Not showing up Rotorua or Riverton on mysky info - still showing up as Racing to Win and then straight into Aussie - or is it just me? I assume Riverton is on 2?
  10. He is a quirky old guy though. If he doesn't like things, he lets the jock know. Today was a hurdle of course ... I might think about one more steeple before they make a call on retirement?
  11. Ha yes I just posted on this in the Palemo thread. Thought I must be reading it wrong ..
  12. Why is the Stipes Report loaded for Waikato, the one for Counties? Or am I reading it wrong? (Note - as of 7.43pm)