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  1. Tinkerbelle

    Trying to find name of a Jockey who has passed

    https://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/thoroughbred-sales/results/2007/4959/new-zealand-bloodstock-2007-premier-yearling-sale/1 According to that page, Roger J bought the horse from Haunui consignment in 2007. He may be able to help you with details of ownership.
  2. Tinkerbelle

    Small Successful horses

  3. Tinkerbelle

    wellington races weather

    The "water jump" on Friday: https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/94731056/trenthams-big-jumps-day-falls-victim-to-storm-sweeping-country
  4. Tinkerbelle

    Dave McDonald

    Apparently he drove himself home. Legend! https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/94770502/dave-mcdonalds-condition-improves-following-medical-event
  5. Tinkerbelle

    wellington races weather

    The weather in Wellington has been terrible for days and it is still miserable here. Yes, Disappointing but Absolutely the correct decision
  6. Tinkerbelle

    Setback for Race Fields Legislation

    I will say this for NZTR, it sometimes takes a while to reply but their staff addresses are all listed: http://www.nzracing.co.nz/NZTR/About/Staff-Contacts.aspx .
  7. Tinkerbelle

    Sea King

    Great win
  8. Tinkerbelle


    This is in the lease though, rather than being a Rule of Racing?
  9. Tinkerbelle

    TAB AD ...6pm TV1 News

    The one I just saw was a black and white montage of about six people and their jobs / lives with a shot of gingernuts in the middle .... that's all I can remember about it
  10. Tinkerbelle

    TAB AD ...6pm TV1 News

    Just saw the ad. Even with the heads up from here, it made no sense. What is the message?
  11. Tinkerbelle

    Trackside Listings

    Quite likely ha ha!
  12. Tinkerbelle

    Trackside Listings

    Trackside 2 listings are lagging. Not showing up Rotorua or Riverton on mysky info - still showing up as Racing to Win and then straight into Aussie - or is it just me? I assume Riverton is on 2?
  13. Tinkerbelle

    Sea King

    He is a quirky old guy though. If he doesn't like things, he lets the jock know. Today was a hurdle of course ... I might think about one more steeple before they make a call on retirement?
  14. Tinkerbelle

    Stipes Report

    Ha yes I just posted on this in the Palemo thread. Thought I must be reading it wrong ..
  15. Tinkerbelle


    Why is the Stipes Report loaded for Waikato, the one for Counties? Or am I reading it wrong? (Note - as of 7.43pm)