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  1. Fabulous to hear!! Do you know where he came from and where he went from you. Thankyou so much. There are a few gaps in his history, including a gap between being a jack and being a hack lol
  2. Hi I am seeking the skills of your many talents. I have a horse McConnell Road 16/4 C incircling J So far I have found he was breed by Jim Czmpin, Chequers Stud. Passed in twice at the 2 yr old sales.Then turns up being trained by Michael Pitman . Can anyone find anything else, when he was sold maybe?? TIA
  3. Yeah it's the person who died that I would like to know thanks
  4. Donthasslethehorse AKA...Bentley. She had 2 others at the time as well. He spent about a year in the Waikato with Donna Smith before being sold to Dunedin April 2013
  5. I have a horse who was owned by a female Jockey, who passed away 2011/2012. I am told as the result of a car accident. I am trying to find out her name. I am led to believe she lived around the Auckland/ Waikato region. Any leads would be appreciated