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      Winter getaway to Fiji....Hotel and airfares.....Comp to start in July.... details soon.....
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      Hi Everyone,           we are in the process of upgrading the site as you know and there may be some short interruptions over the coming weeks while this process happens, I will try to advise before these happen but apologies ahead of time for any inconvenience this may cause. What you all will end up with is a much better place for everyone to enjoy.


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  1. Go Roger Go !

    Roger looks in outstanding form Zelda, he hasn’t dropped a set yet. amazing endurance, longevity and gracefulness never before exhibited by any of the previous champions, a pleasure to watch. 4 quarter finals tonite a veritable feast for tennis fans.
  2. Pre noms Melb Cup surrey

    It’s an error it’s the price of it getting in the final field.
  3. Billy Slater Q

    Last origin game ever tonight for Queensland’s iconic full back Billy Slater. its amazing to see qld posted as outsiders, the drivel flowing from NSW supporters is unlimited as it is constant. go get em billy and engrave your name deeper in origin folklore what a player !!
  4. great racecallers

  5. Go Roger Go !

    Funniest post ever
  6. great racecallers

    great race callers dont screech like budgies
  7. Queensland Pollyannas

    It’s a beautiful day
  8. Roger world number 1

    Lmao the arrogant myth rissoled number two suits him Zelda
  9. How about this for a Sunday arvo ride.....!!!!

    Progeny of bolak or gold and ivory ?
  10. Would be a great story if he won.....

    More to follow.....
  11. Queensland Pollyannas

    Silent as church mice its June though, nothing unusual about that regards to Sham Smith, little billy salter , Greg Innes Fail, and cronk of shite. Get used to it wankers
  12. Pogo Gets Ridden By A Kiwi!

    Geez you blokes are harsh, it ran a creditable fifteenth, one to follow ..... might have been placed with a better hoop, just kidding Baz.
  13. Thanks Trackside for Ascot Coveredge

    Marginally ahead of the ambulance it’s 100/1 They must have left a zero off , n?
  14. Roger world number 1

    Funniest post ever no one who praises nadal has any credibility in your eyes.... its been your method of denial for years that has kept this fun and your disappearance every June. why would a loopy topspin forehand scare the Swiss Nancy boy off any way.? i know forbes, tennis experts no!
  15. Australian TAB

    lol south sydney, teeth lollies LOL legend!