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  1. La doisa (nz)

    Same horse or not blind Freddie could see it was a zero from ten ride. jockeys must be more protected than any other species. i guess they could get Coleman on next time and go to Tasman man for instructions...
  2. La doisa (nz)

    funniest post ever
  3. La doisa (nz)

    Funniest thread ever the slug blew from 3/1 to 11/2 before the jump, if Boris did his cash Z just give him a big hug and tell him to get over it and next time at the bakers buy him some brown bread it will help his digestion......also avoid big drifters like the plague, there is a reason they drift ...... ignore Tasman man , remember he's the owner that insisted excellent take off 1000 out and try and outstay/out sprint Makybe diva In a cox plate when that failed he resorted to the trots you can see he really understands race tactics
  4. La doisa (nz)

    Horizontal no? LOL
  5. Mac Donald's

    Boris mate told me that they just put more Ice in the coke cola so they make more money to pay the rent at places like Jehovah's heights and nose bay theres more than one way to skin a cat, Z
  6. Track bias farce

    Caulfield yesterday is an example of course curators looking for a perfect surface and cocking up a big day leave the rail in the true position and let the jockeys avoid the chopped out section, again yesterday a leader railer bias that disadvantaged a majority of horses. Imagine owning a back marker, set for a big race and being served up the rubbish that was on show yesterday. give me a heavy track any day
  7. Bonneval

    One horse was definitely given NO chance to win , but the connections won't be asked why....
  8. Bonneval

    I can imagine the late great bede Murray looking down from above with a wry smile....
  9. The nips are getting bigger

    Nooooooooooooooooooo !!
  10. Tennis boot makers 101% idoits no ?

    Lol TM is indicating subtly nadal is a drug cheat..... But you must be on ice moron.
  11. Tennis boot makers 101% idoits no ?

    Lol full credit to tsnb, great win last nite BUT I finally worked out Tasman man, he's hates Spanish peoples yep 100% must be, he disappears and never has a good word about Nadal when he previously consistently destroys TSNB How is it Nadals beaten the Nancy boy five times in a row THREE times and TM is mute..... french open ....mute us open ... mute biased, ? racist? NO just another idiot Pollyanna !!
  12. Bonneval

    Spot on why Damian ran up a closing lane only he would know ? if its fit , just keep putting more on like boris does with his Californian poppy
  13. Bonneval

    Outridden on hartnell ? www.hollows.org the winner was clearly superior. mcevoy will be on bonneval in the caulfield cup imho2
  14. Melbourne Cup Comp

    Me two
  15. idoit article

    Wrong Cameron Smith Zelda tasman man is talking about the footballer Cameron Smith, the one that was reportedly arguing with the referee whilst Alex McKinnon lay paralysed on the ground. that one. google the sixty minutes interview , you will find it. enjoy the golf.