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  1. Best Racecaller in New Zealand

    brett you are a loser. Thanks for the message you posted to my page also - here’s a copy so others can read it: ive been watching your stuff for years, i couldnt hold back any loger, you need a change in employment mr big stuff, maybe back to the waikato times, this is not for you, sorry for the spelling , some of us not as good as you What a winner you are brett
  2. Aiden R

    You have plenty to say on your first day. Just sort your spelling, grammer and break your sentences up...those commas make it awfully hard to read.
  3. Best Racecaller in New Zealand

    I see someone over on the other channel is saying he is about the be the #1 caller up in Singapore - never got to call many $200k G1 races in NZ but will be good enough to call $1M Singapore Derby & Cup...go figure! A failure of Trackside management in NZ once again
  4. Pirongia Boxing Day

    Was told NZTR didn’t see it up to Health & Safety standards for thoroughbreds to be galloping at that speed on a tight turning course, fair enough I guess
  5. Stop it, Tony!

    Agree, he has become hard to listen to now and continues to throw up all the same old lines and screams. I was a big fan of yesteryear but my support and admiration of his calls is slowly diminishing, he probably will be one of those guys that should have gone before hung around to long IMO. I’d rather remember him for great calls like Castletown, not the ones he’s doing presently. He wasn’t even there for the first few races, surely he must know what that traffic is like over Christmas...pretty poor I reckon I know I will get slated on here for the comments but it’s just an opinion
  6. Clean Up Your Act says Winnie

  7. Justin Evans

    Alot of new posters on this thread
  8. Justin Evans

    Someone told me he has fallen out with a few people
  9. Justin Evans

    Yelling and screaming like he did in race 1 won’t get him far! early crow too!
  10. Ellerslie today

    Resident know it all is correct
  11. Ellerslie today

    Agree, it should be shutdown it’s a disgrace to the industry
  12. Where's Winnie???

    Needs to happen. Industry participants are still to silly to see it

    It’s had one, they have boy wonder hosting it and his two pals

    Never have taken notice of them but theres no need to quack on about it week in and week out. I think we got the message