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  1. National Day Suspensions WTF!

    Well its an incentive to not make mistakes and cause interference
  2. National Day Suspensions WTF!

    Its very fair I reckon
  3. Te Aroha - joke!

    Plenty of positive comments from me Ted, your comments make you sound like a smartarse
  4. Te Aroha - joke!

    Also the bloke who has been looking after te aroha has done so for a very long time...clearly its because the surface has never been renovated...properly!!! Like they do at a Flemington and MV on a regular basis, i know they have big budgets but they do it properly!!
  5. Te Aroha - joke!

    Agree. And as for the statement about sheep on the track, get a life. You dont see sheep on tracks in Australia (probably not even a picnic track) or in Hong Kong. Those days have gone. Your comment shows whats wrong with racing and some of the people in it
  6. Te Aroha - joke!

    The joke of nz racing continues...Te Aroha abandoned again! a known problem course in the past! How does this keep happening you ask? Because NZ is so stakes focused and will not put money into facilities. Also because nobody will change and make the tough calls in this industry, make the radical choices and stop issuing licenses who can’t produce safe surfaces and build one decent track in the Waikato FFS
  7. Where is the Promised Comingling with Singapore?

    Kiwi connections won the gold cup and Stephen Gray ran second by a nose
  8. Bloody Hell...

    It has gone to the pack big time
  9. Donna Logan to Singapore

    That she is and good on her. Leaving the sinking ship that is NZ Racing
  10. ellerslie

    Kate Gourdie aka Kate Lynch of this story http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10743880
  11. Trackside Ozzie Coverage

    We have to remember ch7 run ad breaks just before each race so thats why someone in the stuido here talks over it while they are showing the ad break in Aussie
  12. ::::::Bruce Sherwin at Trentham:::::::::::

    Should call the CD full time, doesn’t scream
  13. ellerslie

    Food is poor, clubs in general need to do better
  14. Common Taters

    Indeed but I think his age is showing IMO
  15. Common Taters

    Bruce is all class. Should be doing it full time