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  1. R1=2-4 r2=6-9bb r3=4-7 r4=1-9bb r5=1-6 r6=3-6 r7=2-7 r8=3-7 r9=2-4
  2. NZ Cup entries Here.

    1st =Pentathlon (2) 2nd =Bee Tee Junior (5) Ladt = Locally Sauced (7) Thanks to Scooby and other sponsors.
  3. For the flying sulkies R1=3-6 r2=2-9 r3=8-9bb r4=2-7 r5=7-9 r6=5-6 r7=1-7 r8=2-6 r9=7-10 r10=2-4bb Good luck team.
  4. tab website crash today

    If it happens every big meeting you would think they would do something about it.Most new people would bet by phone app or I pad.
  5. TAB - Disgrace

    They try and attract new punters by offering them bonus money.Whats the fuckin use if you can’t get on to bet.How stupid does that make them look.
  6. Melbourne Cup Comp Entries Here.

    1st Almandin 2nd Johannes Vermeer last Us Army Ranger Thanks to all for the comp
  7. Well done team flying sulkies.Apologies for my dismal effort.Will try and do better next week.
  8. The flying sulkies R1=1-4 r2=2-6 r3=3-4bb r4=7-8 r5=3-14 r6=1-4 r7=1-17 r8=2-6bb r9=2-3 r10=1-12 I certainly hope I don’t let the team down.Tricky day today.Good luck team and Rob.
  9. I’m making a complaint to the RIU

    At least Hesi made it to the chandelier,your still sitting on the supermarket shelf.
  10. TAB Apprentice Competition

    Thanks Jason.I might try having a bet on a Friday and say I’ll pay them on the next working day.Dont really like my chances though.
  11. TAB Apprentice Competition

    Ye ha.I finally won $5 on Friday but as yet no money in the account.What a waste of time this promotion is,but I’m not surprised at all
  12. Caulfield Cup Comp Entries

    1st=#3 Johannes Vermeer 2nd= #1Humidor Last=#13 BoomTime Thanks
  13. If needed R1=13-14 r2=4-7 r3=2-5 r4=9-10 r5=3-5bb r6=2-5 r7=1-11 r8=1-2 r9=9-15 r10=9-11bb
  14. No problem will check back before r2
  15. Peter do you need me to post any picks for anyone today.