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  1. Ellerslie All Up Comp

    Race 3 #9 silver cloud Win race 6 #13 coming through Place thanks Col
  2. R2#5 win R3#2 win thanks
  3. 3 scratched

    What’s your proof (not gossip , but proof )that he has ripped people off for years.I would feel very sorry for the person who would take his place as they would have to put up with some very very jealous people.
  4. Ellerslie today

  5. Ellerslie race 5 #3 Coldplay $500 win Trentham Race 8 #7 Hank Moody $500 Win Thanks John.
  6. Trentham R6=3 Chance to dance $250 each way thanks John
  7. TAB - sort it out

    It’s happened twice to me so far.Have put on two bets that have won but not in activity report.Both were well before closing time.
  8. R1=1-2 r2=10-11 r3=2-4bb r4=5-9 r5=3-10 r6=2-10bb r7=2-5
  9. R1=4-9 r2=6-12 r3=9-14bb r4=1-5 r5=1-8 r6=4-8 r7=7-8 r8=6-10 r9=3-7bb
  10. R1=4-11bb r2=4-5 r3=1-6 r4=1-8 r5=3-10 r6=2-5 r7=2-7 r8=1-2 r9=7-11bb
  11. Dead baiting NSW

    Seems to be a lot of accusations but no charges.hmm.
  12. Dead baiting NSW

    Was anyone charged over the threats
  13. Dead baiting NSW

    Of the seven why will only one give their name or show their face.?
  14. R1=2-3 r2=1-4 r3=1-6 r4=3-11 r5=2-3 r6=1-8bb r7=5-7 r8=1-3 r9=1-5bb