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  1. C) Counties Race 6, #1 Sherrif D) Sydney Race 4, #3 Holy Snow F) Sydney Race 7, #10 Trapeze Artist G) SCORING METHOD (FF or TOTE), Tote Thanks for the comp!
  2. Pick For Place entries here

    Riccarton Race 7 - 1 Caricature Randwick Race 5 - 7 Problem Solver Randwick Race 6 - 3 Outrageous Randwick Race 7 - 10 Trapeze Artist Randwick Race 8 - 1 Arbeitsam Thanks for the comp!
  3. From the rules: 1) The QEII is a "WINX OUT" market and successful runners in that race will be calculated as 2nd is the winner and 4th will be allotted its tote place amount. I read that as you'd get the winning dividend that your horse was paying if it ran 2nd...
  4. D) SYD (OAKS ) - Race #6 (4.25) #2 Hiyaam E) SYD (QEII) - Race #7 (5.05) #3 Humidor F) SYD (CUP) - Race #8 (5.45) #13 Sir Charles Road Thanks for the comp!
  5. ROUND2/3 $500 VOUCHER Competition

    Ricc r6 5 Final Say TA R7 Romancer TA R8 3 Darscape Princess Syd R7 1 Ace High
  6. HQ “four good legs” comp continues

    R4 Dixie Blossoms R5 Levendi R6 Almandin R7 Unforgotten Thanks for the comp!
  7. NEW Competition & Cash Prize

    Awapuni R4 #2 Riverton R6 #7 Sydney R3 #4 Awapuni R7 #1, #4, #8 Sydney R8 #2 Thanks for the comp!
  8. Golden Slipper F4 Challenge

    5 Performa 11 Estijaab 2 Santos 17 Qafila Thanks for the comp!
  9. HQ Pick Four Comp this Saturday....Rules and Entries

    Ranvet #1 Gailo Chop Ryder #4 Winx Guineas #8 D'Argento Slipper #17 Qafila Thanks for the comp!
  10. Nz tab

    They've possibly now realised there was an error with this - result was final and paying out but payout is now stopped! What a joke!
  11. Nz tab

    Agreed - they already have an automatic link (presumably with permission given the fixed odds platform deal) to use the Sportsbet fixed prices so why don't they just set up a "white label" of the Sportsbet site?
  12. Nz tab

    The declared divided for Holy Snow was actually $45.60 - I presume pools were not co-mingled and it's a complete lottery with NZ TAB tote dividends when that happens. Good luck to anyone who backed him!!!
  13. Nz tab

    They have finally realised and posted on twitter that they are having technical problems.....
  14. Nz tab

    They are closing the races at the advertised start time for whatever reason... Some races aren't being resulted before the next race at the same venue either so there will no doubt be complaints about all-ups not being reinvested...