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  1. BackPoonDrinkGoon

    Head to Head betting option

    Not for h2h’s. Try find a half decent operator and get them to print them for you before the first puha. Tell them to go to the sports index, fixed odds betting, then scroll to Hastings. Or just pop into a tab beforehand and get them off the SST.
  2. BackPoonDrinkGoon

    Brian Martin commentating December 6th

    Rozzo has many many lengths on Daryl, personally I find Daryl to be a very average commentator. At least Rozzo does his form, is very knowledgeable and accurate.
  3. BackPoonDrinkGoon

    ~the Everest..

    Classique will be in honkers by then I’m fairly certain.
  4. BackPoonDrinkGoon

    ~the Everest..

    Santa certainty beat in that.
  5. BackPoonDrinkGoon

    Australian WFA racing is very weak

    Leo said he’ll be fine so don’t worry about it.
  6. BackPoonDrinkGoon

    Australian WFA racing is very weak

    Shark may not even make the field. Very competitive cox plate which is missing a superstar. The Japanese horse for mine is clear top pick. Would love to see the Shark competitive but expect he will be risked in the market.
  7. BackPoonDrinkGoon

    Unpopular opinion?

    Oh how could I forget, the cash out is daylight robbery. Needs to be improved ASAP.
  8. BackPoonDrinkGoon

    Unpopular opinion?

    So this place gets pretty negative generally around all things to do with racing, but personally I think since the introduction of the new website ( teething issues aside ) the TAB from a punters perspective has been great. The promotions have actually been decent, the cricket one being my personal fav but this rugby one is alright for certain games, but the money back madness ones are generally worth a crack including for sport. I think the marketing guys have been doing a decent job. I haven’t really had an issue with the website or the app, personally find it easier to navigate, quicker to put bets on. Also enjoy the ability to use watch and bet for racing and sports without any issues, they show all the NFL games which is superb. The extremely quick withdrawal process is awesome. I’m not saying it’s anywhere near being perfect but I think it’s appealing for the younger generation. Things I think they could definitely improve on is getting rid of the deposit fee for online, I know elites don’t have to pay it but no other betting agencies I know charge for depositing. They also need to sort out some of their form guides, they still haven’t managed to sort out a proper way of updating aus dogs for example, quite often you see a dog that won 3,4 days earlier and it’s not recorded, that’s piss poor.
  9. BackPoonDrinkGoon

    Mark McNamara

  10. BackPoonDrinkGoon


    No it didn’t mate
  11. BackPoonDrinkGoon


    They 1000% didn’t on the old website buddy.
  12. BackPoonDrinkGoon

    The reason the TAB isn’t focusing on racing

    Unlikely I would think unless some of the whales load up big time on the $1.01 games. Also cricket goes for 8 hours and the in play betting on cricket is extremely fluctuating. Betfair had to void 90m in bets last night on the h2h market for the black caps game due to their bizarre cricket rules. Ouchies.
  13. BackPoonDrinkGoon

    Who's The Best Australian Betting Agency For Racing?

    Can you do the verification online or do you need a J.P to sign a few documents? I only have accounts with 365/betfair and the 365 id verification was very simple. Cheers mate. Have been looking at Sportsbet for a while they do have some great promotions.
  14. BackPoonDrinkGoon

    Follow the rail lad....

    Ever watched a race at Hobart?