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  1. Takes 15 seconds max to find it on the self service?
  2. Anyone want to divulge some more info about these positives? Ridiculous the punters don’t get told until after the investigation about who’s involved etc.
  3. I’m assuming it’s the same combinations as a poker 4. Why would you think you only have 1 x $10 bet alive? Should at least be half familiar with the rules before you take it? a x b a x c a x d b x c b x d c x d a x b x c a x b x d a x c x d b x c x d a x b x c x d
  4. Anyone know if you will need to have your vaccine passport for tab retail stores?
  5. Highly doubt that’s the reason, can still train the dogs at home and not attend the races if that was the case.
  6. Anyone know why all his dogs have changed trainer?
  7. What a weak pathetic punters club this was, didn’t even turnover near close to the starting balance which should be rule #1. Along with some weird exotic bets, I’m a big fan of Guerin but this was not well done at all.
  8. #1 Pip Morris #2 Trevor Wilkes #3 Daylight
  9. Not a performance enhancer? That’s a rather stupid statement. What are you basing that off?
  10. Your the one saying “just quote us the market % at any point” and now trying to say the aus corps get down to 105%. Who was it? When? Dynamic odds shows the market % for all the corps and if you think they ever bet 105% then good on you but your wrong.
  11. Name an aus corp that bets 110% at any stage?