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  1. They’re obviously calling off a live feed. Happens in aus sometimes as well.
  2. Interested to know what ones are better so I can have a look. What are you viewing it on? What part of it do you struggle to navigate around?
  3. What’s wrong with the site from a customers perspective? The new website seems extremely face, and easy to use imo. What are the top 3 betting agency websites? TABs one is the best of those that I view. ( always on an iPhone not desktop ).
  5. Why isn’t it available to general punters? How does one become a ‘member’?
  6. Why does fasttrack have this information available for NZ dogs but our own website doesn’t show anything until I’m guessing the dogs are actually registered to race? Seems weird and lacks integrity imo.
  7. Agreed, he did well. Was impressed. Seemed more knowledgeable than Earley.
  8. Extremely surprised by the lack of comments on this thread. I didn’t know Steve but he was a great trainer. As a punter I really enjoyed backing his dogs, a few of my favourites would have to be Blitzing Mayhem, Lady Shambi, Piggy Back. Did a great job without having the numbers of the farmers. R.I.P Steve.
  9. Anyone know why we aren’t getting replays uploaded throughout the 2 meetings today? I hope it’s not a permanent thing as they finally had something good going on with the replay system.
  10. What’s the main problem with it? Without talking about the on going costs to paddy power I personally find the website easy to negotiate, fast and pretty decent to be honest. My only gripe with it is when taking tris and f4s, which I don’t take very often, but I find it rather frustrating when you click one runner and it selects it for the remaining placing’s.
  11. None of them show decent form.
  12. TAB stores open from Thursday
  13. No chance. Owners one of the biggest nut case’s I’ve ever seen. Check out his Twitter, it’s not pretty. Not Mr Vandyke’s first positive either.