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  1. Showcasing no longer shuttling

    Just had quick look at the Craven Breeze Up sales results ( Tattersals) held in the UK in the last couple of days. While one sale does not mean much but Showcasing lots did not do exceptionally well. Scat Daddy seems to be the flavour of the month. An out of left field idea for Haunui might be to talk to Kevin Hickman at Valachi Downs and ask how his Kingman yearling ( passed in at Karaka) is doing and if OK try to buy into him now. He has similar bloodlines and Kingman was an unbelievable race horse.
  2. Power To Queensland

    Fantastic to see a Deep Impact horse coming to NZ. (He is interesting in that as a 2&3 year old it looks like he was trained as a stayer --being place at 1800 and 2000m but as a 5&6 year old he was winning 1400-1600m group races.) Arrowfield had great success at the recent Easter sales with their yearling by Japanese sires. So best of luck to Rich Hill.
  3. Power To Queensland

    Will be interesting to see where CS goes next in its stallion ranks. If it was me I'd be looking back at shuttling and talk to people such as Juddmont or the Aga Khan ( if they look at shuttling). I think Mark Chittick is right when he says the stallion market in Aust/NZ is getting overpriced ( I'm not in the know but just from what I have read about stallion sale prices)
  4. Choosing A Yearling

    Agree with Huey, Caroline. I looked at the Power match --on paper it looks good. Have a chat to Mark Chitty at Haunui, both of his established stallions would give similar matches and he would have enough knowledge by now of the physical types of mare that are the most suitable for them.
  5. Choosing A Yearling

    The family keeps giving for you Caroline, making your original purchase so remarkable. Hiyaam gives another Group1! to the family. You have found a little gold mine ( maybe not so little !!)
  6. Monaco Consul for sale unreserved

    Sold for A$37,500. I think some one got a very cheap horse .
  7. Monaco Consul for sale unreserved

    With a day and half to go the bidding for MC is at A$16,000. For a young NZ stud master he could be worth a go, with some innovative promotion, to get some experience in the "standing a stallion game".
  8. Monaco Consul for sale unreserved

    As a comparison this untried, 2 x Grp 3 winning horse ( untried at stud) sold at the Inglis sale on Sunday for A$32,000 https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2018+Autumn+Thoroughbred+Sale/catalogue/140 I agree with Insider that he could or probably will go relatively cheap. Presumably they have tried to sell him via the usual means --brokers , agents etc. so the fact they are selling on an online auction suggests there has not been much interest.
  9. Pen Hai Star blitzed them in the Hong Kong Derby. Incredibly confident ride by Ryan Moore. https://theinformant.co.nz/website/News/single_news/Kiwi-bred-Ping-Hai-Star-scores-spectacular-win-in-Hong-Kong-Der/DM3901 http://campaigns.hkjc.com/hk-derby/en/
  10. T K Allan - Done it!

    https://theinformant.co.nz/website/News/single_news/Long-drive-worth-it-as-Allan-cracks-1000-wins/KX4479 Well done Tony ! I hope you achieve your next goal of another Grp 1.
  11. Mares covered 2018

    skoozi One thing to consider is placing your yearling in the draft of a high profile vendor/consignor. Assuming they take the yearling on, it may cost you a bit more but it would help you get out of Book 3. The vendor is unlikely to take it on if it is not a good type, so getting past that step is should give you confidence. In some ways it would be better if it is someone you don't know as then you know they are not doing it "to help a mate".
  12. Grunt

    Agree BruceL. It is quite possible one or the other or even both do not end up standing at Cambridge. They maybe taking the gamble, as you say, and buy into several early on and hope one performs well enough to make it commercial and that the total investment is less than waiting until a horse has a couple of Grp 1 s under the belt.
  13. Grunt

    Plenty more with this Eastern Princess / Courtza cross coming up with Ocean Park over O'Reilly mares. Will be interesting to watch if it develops into really successful "nick".
  14. OK Caffers Your Thoughts

    Given your mare is from a Danehill mare there would be a temptation to look for a suitable Danehill match but the stats do not suggest it is a great way to go. Here is a discussion on the Aussie site -- Thoroughbred Village http://forum.thoroughbredvillage.com.au/inbreeding-to-danehill_topic48874.html?SID=3091-5c48b7z9b568e4c7a8ba8283101852 One post , made in 2015 : Inbred to Danehill 2,881 Foals of Racing Age 1,245 Starters 546 Winners 28 Stakes winners That is 1% SW to Starters. No magic beans here! Agree with Dopey's approach. Look at Wrote, for example. BTW. If a Danehill line is going to work with your mare, then Super Easy was a good choice, on paper, because of the other lines it brings in.
  15. La Zip The Ghibillines yearlings sold well at the sales including quite a few to Aussie. He seems to have been a horse that raced in good races and placed but did not quite make the "top draw". A win in one of those better Group races and he would not be at WRL. Also WRL have a good track record with stallion selection.