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  1. Trump written off

    Good on ya Aqua, I warming to Trump a tiny tiny tiny bit. I am going to be very interested in how his tax cuts helps his voters.
  2. Trump written off

    Haha, f--k that weed you smoke Aqua is some seriously good shit. You could make a fortune selling that stuff as its mind blowing.
  3. Jacinda Ardern

    These people you refer to chevy are not just away from our shores. Sit down with any Primary school Principal and they will tell you plenty of stories about the number of waste of space NZers spitting out tonnes of kids who are destined to repeat the cycle. These Waste of spaces are incapable of looking after themselves, least of all a young impressionable child. The dumbing down of NZ society is happening before our eyes and the social and criminal problems that exist today will be dwarfed by whats around the corner.
  4. One TAB in Oz

    Hmmm I an undecided whether this is a good or bad thing, I think its likely to be bad for the punter. https://www.punters.com.au/news/tatts-tabcorp-merger-to-proceed_164056/?utm_source=browser&utm_medium=push&utm_campaign=browser-notification
  5. Te Aroha - joke!

    Te Rapa last year.
  6. TAB stores - opening hours

    Sure, racing has an older fan base, do these same people still go into a bank? do they still take their paper Phone and Power bills downtown with a cash or cheque to pay? Do they still handwrite letters to family and post them? Do they still use classifieds in the Newspaper to sell stuff? Do they still use Encyclopedia Brittanica? Do they still use a dictionary or a phone book? What about cassette/VCR tapes?. These things only 20 yrs ago we accepted as the norm, less than 15yrs ago I was still using dial-up, progressed to broadband & now fibre100. The TAB & Racing are not immune from progress just because majority participants are older, plenty of the above things had older participants as well & they have adapted.
  7. Pumper

    Yes I loved it as well, I can't remember the person or persons I lent my copy too unfortunately.
  8. Te Aroha - joke!

    Blue, the problem is we live in the information age and everyone is a farking expert on everything with a quick google, take a look at how Admin is making a big cock of himself using google over on Gingernuts thread. IDIOTS take for gospel half the shite they read on the net, have a look in your email inbox and see all the pricks trying to alleviate you of your hard earned. I have had 3 today, from Netflix, Toyota, & some prick claiming I have $500 in free flights, & so on, none from genuine sites of course, but you can just imagine the Labour voters among'st us clicking on these links and happily filling out all there personal information in the quest to get something for nothing. The information age is a disaster for many idiots, including a fair few who post on here.
  9. TAB stores - opening hours

    What did you pop in there for anyway? to use the toilet? had your phone stopped working? Internet down?. Get in the real world, no one uses an outlet today. Similar to these geeks talking about nothing in the paper, take an early morning walk around suburban streets and count up the morning papers in peoples driveways, you will be puffed as fark before you get too 10.
  10. Te Aroha - joke!

    People are stakes focused mate because they are so farking low when costs are taken into account that no one is making a cent. There are multiple issues that need addressing & abandoning stakes rises to support track infrastructure is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Its not one or the other, both can happen if structured correctly.
  11. Gingernuts

  12. Gingernuts

    It wasn’t a personal attack, more a backhanded compliment.
  13. Gingernuts

    You seem to have altered your posting style and have become an objectionable wanker. The cynic in me would believe it’s almost deliberate to boost traffic on this forum, but the realist is going with you’re just an objectionable wanker.
  14. Gingernuts

    Geez you just confirmed for many of us what we had thought for a while now. That's like saying Beauden Barrett is cupable for an AB's loss, as guilty by association even though he played a blinder. Probably best you take a break and re-read your last 50 posts and see how silly you have been.
  15. Gingernuts

    I think you are confusing Gingernuts with the Warriors & Kiwi League teams.