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  1. TAB......... Please explain

    Interesting you say that, as reading some of his previous posts, I would have sworn he was connected to the TAB or NZTR somehow. Just had another look through and you are right, almost all of his posts have similar themes in shitting on people, just a rude f--king prick.
  2. TAB......... Please explain

    1% is a fraction in my book mate.
  3. TAB......... Please explain

    Well you learn something everyday & all as that does is highlight how farking terrible these bets are when the TAB are telling you what combos are going to have a fraction more on them. Seriously there would be less than 1% of punters who would even be able to understand that, least of all even know it existed. I certainly didn't.
  4. TAB......... Please explain

    I hope you are excluding me too.
  5. TAB......... Please explain

    Here's a little tip for you Ivan, taking field combinations in Quaddies, Trebles, & Doubles means that many of the runners you have selected are going around at chronic unders for you. Why? Because you have the same stake on all of them regardless of what the price is. ie: you had 5c on your 120 combinations regardless of what price the horse was. PS: Ivan you also lost 0.8c on each combo as well. as you actually had 5.8c per combo but as they round down you lost .8c per combo. If they had paid out your 5.8% you would have collected $4.87 Had you have spent an extra 20c you would collected a full additional %.
  6. TAB......... Please explain

    Are you serious Ivan? You are taking the piss aren't you? Anyone who didn't have so many combos like you did. You had far too many for the small % you took
  7. TAB......... Please explain

    No, for the reason there would be plenty who have made a nice profit from the outcome. Your problem Ivan is you had far too many combinations for the small investment made giving you a very small %. Its such a poor return when you take tiny % that its not worth the effort. If it pays $1000 you collect $50 for all the hassle you went too looking through 4 races & then its highly unlikely that you are still alive after the 4 races. When all as you needed to do was find 1 $7 winner for the same outcome. You would be far far better taking 3 $5 Horses in a $10 % any 2 Multi, if all 3 win you get $500 if 2 win you get $62.50. A lot more likely than you striking a $1000 quaddie to win $50.
  8. TAB......... Please explain

    Ivan its rather straight forward. The total dividend was $7 for 1 combo, you had 12 of them, but at only 5% each. = your $4.20.
  9. TAB......... Please explain

    12x1x1 =12 x $7 x 5% = $4.20
  10. TAB......... Please explain

    so you had field in leg 2? how many runners did you have in legs 3 and 4
  11. TAB......... Please explain

    What % did you have Ivan?
  12. TAB......... Please explain

    11.13.8 Abandonments (a) Where, after the scheduled start time of the first Quaddie Race, any Race in a Quaddie is abandoned, all Selections on that Race shall be deemed to be winners and the Dividend Pool will be divided on that basis. Paid it correctly according to what I can see.
  13. I hate to say I told you so.....

    The point is Gub that the majority of racing people are still intelligent enough to vote for National and never got sucked in by Winston's talk. Claiming that Winston got money for his mates is really drawing a long bow however.
  14. I hate to say I told you so.....

    Email just received from Simon Bridges, very poorly informed. Winston Peters is happy because he got his billion dollars for diplomats and a new embassy in Sweden, as well as more money for his racing mates. Unfortunately, Labour has put this ahead of funding the Roxburgh Children’s Camp and mental health.
  15. If Messara really is The Messiah

    4 of the 9 races at Waipa we’re won by the fav, and 4 of the 9 at Te Rapa, looks like the punters didn’t have too much difficulty with inconsistent/random results. 4/9 Riccarton 2/8 Wanganui, one below par meeting in the last week isn’t supporting your theory. 5/9 at Ashburton today