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  1. Trump written off

    Imagine bumping into this looneys car at the supermarket, likely to pull a gun on you. Pity the poor bastards wife, second thoughts he won’t have one.
  2. BS from AS?

    The Aussie fan club speaks again after the event. YAWN.
  3. Without thinking

    Phar Lap, Grey Way, Bonecrusher.
  4. TE RAPA

    Symptomatic of racing worldwide Turny, 80% of winners are in the first 4 turning for home. However as Scooby alluded too above they came from everywhere on Saturday. Races 2,3,4,7 &9 came from further back to win.
  5. TE RAPA

    Not sure why Te Rapa would be gone if what you are saying is correct (which I doubt)..
  6. TE RAPA

    Been in last 12 months? $2mill spent on upgrading and it’s a very attractive facility now.
  7. TE RAPA

    Wow if we are closing Te Rapa then it really is lights out NZ. In all reality South Island Racing is long for the chop before Te Rapa. Riccarton, Timaru might survive but the rest are on borrowed time. No one here is interested in Deep South Racing and certainly zero interest in Aus.
  8. TE RAPA

    In case you failed to spot it, was fucking pissing down most of the day. Hamilton people are intelligent and don’t go to events to sit in the rain.
  9. Nz tab

    No issues with it La Zip, nothing illegal, just a bookie who had plenty more at risk on Kawi. Whilst the NZ TAB had $16.00 win & $3.80 a place, you could have got $101 & $16.00 like I did across the ditch. Legitimate bet and price paid.
  10. Kawi v Start Wondering

    No I don't agree. No go Te Rapa, No go wet, No more excuses, simply not good enough on the day.
  11. Kawi v Start Wondering

    What was exactly wrong with the ride?. The horse is a known rogue starter, Riddell circled at the right time, came to the outside and better part of the track and he just wasn't good enough to make up for losing ground at the start in unsuitable going. 5 starts at Te Rapa for 0 wins, 1 win from 8 starts wet tracks, previous stipes reports are full of slowly away, hmm he run up to expectations I would have thought.
  12. Nz tab

    Stupidity is not confined to the NZ TAB, one of the Aussie bookies paid me out this on Brilliant Shine today. 4:29pm Single > Horse Racing > Te Rapa Race 8 TE RAPA RACE 8 6. Brilliant Shine @ 16.00 Fixed Place
  13. TE RAPA

    One of the worst things is you have to sit through boring as batshit racing. The greyhounds are more entertaining that harness and less corrupt.
  14. TE RAPA

    Sorry as I was on course and not listening to any of that bullshit, I have no idea who was talking But I thought Bevan was a CD comments man & Brendon was Northern.
  15. TE RAPA

    Chevy who is BS?. or do you mean BP?