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  1. Australian TAB

    Manager of a post office should be fine too
  2. Another meeting bites the dust

    A lot of nice middle grade horses do. You’re right they don’t really cater for 90+ type horses but why would that matter? Only a handful of horses in NZ up to that class anyway and how many of them are racing in Winter?
  3. Another meeting bites the dust

    The vast majority of horses in Hong Kong wouldn’t have more than about 6 rating points difference (they only have one rating) in their performance start to start on the grass against the all weather. A few a little more, most a lot less.
  4. Another meeting bites the dust

    Bit unnecessary to stoop to name calling. Also lots of all weather tracks don’t have up and in biases. Neither HK nor Singapore significantly favour inside draws or leaders which are two I have watched hundreds of races on over many years.
  5. Trackside HK race 1

    This is very common. And totally unacceptable.
  6. Shez All Rock

    I would seriously doubt that before the other night she could have been worth over 100k as a broodmare. If for any reason she wasn’t a megastar at 4 (much more likely she will be now) you could argue most of her big money opportunities were over. Not many 4yo mares worth big money. Petsonally I think she has run into a poor kiwi 3yo fillies crop and shown them up for what they are. Sure 220 seems cheap now but I don’t think it was totally ridiculous.
  7. Gavin Smith

    Not sure I understand the comment. Would have been a lot less acceptable if he hit another trainers horse. Would have to assume that his young, inexperienced stable driver wasn't getting the best out of her one so he tried to help. Not saying he should have done it but picking there's not a whole lot to see here.
  8. Hong Kong Racing

    Anyone watching now? Any thoughts on the painful audio situation?
  9. Amateur Crap?

    I'm not a fan of them but they do add to turnover and they do bring different people to the races. That being said, always race 1 please.
  10. Was it really a Good 3?

    Coming home middle of the track and wider too. As usual.

    I think we both know there’s a difference
  12. Hong Kong Right Now

    Cant see the winner for the TAB prices. No worries, really interesting just watching 2nd to 7th More amateur hour. Not good enough.

    Hardly on tick when you pay for the bet before the race
  14. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    I'm half impressed that you were willing to post this before the race. Been a lot worse chances win big races this season. I guess we shall see how good or bad of a tip it was....
  15. TAB stores - opening hours

    Some people like betting in cash. Some people like reading the paper. Keep in mind the racing game has a much older fan base than most.... He may be a bit behind the times but you’re getting a little ahead of yourself. Not to mention rudely.