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  1. Was it really a Good 3?

    Coming home middle of the track and wider too. As usual.

    I think we both know there’s a difference
  3. Hong Kong Right Now

    Cant see the winner for the TAB prices. No worries, really interesting just watching 2nd to 7th More amateur hour. Not good enough.

    Hardly on tick when you pay for the bet before the race
  5. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

    I'm half impressed that you were willing to post this before the race. Been a lot worse chances win big races this season. I guess we shall see how good or bad of a tip it was....
  6. TAB stores - opening hours

    Some people like betting in cash. Some people like reading the paper. Keep in mind the racing game has a much older fan base than most.... He may be a bit behind the times but you’re getting a little ahead of yourself. Not to mention rudely.
  7. Where is the Promised Comingling with Singapore?

    No comments for Hong Kong and often computer generated rubbish for Singapore which is worse. Embarrassing.
  8. The Arab loses 100 million FFS !!!

    I’m talking about making money as an owner breeder. Not identifying a yearling and making a profit as a trainer.
  9. The Arab loses 100 million FFS !!!

    He could probably get some better advice. That being said making a profit as an owner/breeder is nearly impossible.
  10. The Arab loses 100 million FFS !!!

    The Arab? The mug? Prob a little out of line aren't you? Where would racing be without such owners?
  11. Hong Kong Right Now

    Anyone watching? Chinese AND English commentary. Together. Embarassing.
  12. tab website crash today

    Or do yourself a favour and make that plan A
  13. Oh gawd choices

    Wrong. No money for stakes, no money for tracks, no money for staff, no money. Owners would not race for zero return. Staff, trainers, drivers would not work for zero return. Harness Racing would not work without punting and when you think about it you know it.
  14. horses made to trial

    Yep, fan of Micks in general but punters have a right to an opinion, this is just a good place for people to meet and exchange views.
  15. horses made to trial

    Agree it was a poor drive. Agree it was given no hope to win. Extremely short favourite?