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Slightly off the topic..I remember - just -  Jack Shaw from when I was a green school-leaver, working in my first stable job at Riccarton.

Female stable staff were a rarity then, as were riders - I think, in those early days Fran Kerr was the only one I recall, followed by Jan Kerr, and Patsy [became Mrs Eastwood ]...but Jack would always doff his hat to the girls.       

'Morning, ladies'  he would say.   Boy, times change!

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59 minutes ago, Blue said:

This from Jack Shaw in 1972 who, among others, trained the Champion Beaumaris.


207770566_HistoryRepeats.thumb.jpg.d6c67539a3c0a8b4ac65148d17e58777.jpgion Beaumaris.

I also remember a Trainers' Assn meeting, many years ago, where the merits of bringing in the ' permit to train ' category was discussed.

As a relatively young and naive sort of person [ then ]  I couldn't really see any reason why there should be opposition.

But, there was quite a swell of opposition.  Standards will drop, said one, there will be licence holders now who can offer far cheaper rates because they have another income, so the professional trainers will lose horses, and - how can these part timers teach apprentices or stable staff?

The licence-from-a weetbix-packet term came into being then, I think....


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Gentleman Jack, used to help him roll his horses thru the 60s, a wonderful man who gave me much learned advice on life and some about racing

One of the nicest I have met and known in my life, a gentleman with staunch fixed views 

Was very successful in harness also. Always had a very small team but most were stars


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