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With a few of his sons now standing Downunder an analysis of what lines appear to be working in his best performing progeny may be helpful when selecting suitable mares for them. To capture how his line breeding is building up in the background and how this is advanced with each succeeding generation his great grandsire Hail to Reason is a good start point.

His balanced duplication of Maid of the Mist through Craig an Eran and St. Germans provide some insight as does his double male strain of Plucky Liege (through Admiral Drake and Sir Gallahad) who's third dam Frivolity is a full sister to Windermere the dam of Muncaster. There is also line breeding to English Triple Crown winner Ormonde (unbeaten on the turf in 16 starts) his full sister Ornament, and their full brother in blood Martagon. Of note every horse named above descends directly from the same maternal family. Another two to watch (although not yet in play) as we come forward one generation to Halo are North Star's male strain of Agneta, Solario's female strain of Muncaster, and Blenheim's male strain of Desmond, again all from exactly the same maternal family as those above. The effectiveness of Agneta and Desmond are possibly enhanced by St. German's line of Torpoint who carries Tibthorpe, the full brother to Desmond's fourth dam Fair Agnes. Also Tibthorpe's dam Little Agnes is the third dam of Agneta and a full sister to Polly Agnes the second dam of Martagon, Ormonde and Ornament.

Halo has balanced line breeding to Blue Larkspur (with Agneta in behind) Blenheim and Gainsborough. Of particular note Cosmic Bomb's fifth dam Word of Honour is by Saraband, thus providing the male strain of Muncaster to balance the female strain through Solario.

Sunday Silence's dam has a male strain of Bull Dog to balance Halo's female strain of Sir Gallahad and a female strain of Agneta to balance North Star's male strain. This could appear somewhat insignificant but as Deep Impact's pedigree shows, definitely not the case.

Deep Impact has balanced line breeding to Mahmoud (by Blenheim with his male strain of Desmond) which is now balanced with a female strain through Nearctic. Sunday Silence's triple of Agneta are bought forward and balanced through a son and daughter of Dorina.

So how does the forgoing manifest itself in Deep Impact's progeny?

Pedigrees of some of his best racetrack performers to follow.

Hail to Reason.jpeg


Sunday Silence.jpeg

Deep Impact.jpeg

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Attached is an analysis of a representative cross section of his best track performers. It is noticeable the line/s being picked up in the dams are the opposite strains of those identified in the original post viz: Hail to Reason, St. Germans, Craig an Eran, (and full sister Sunny Jane) Bull Lea, North Star, Astrophel (and full sister Dulce) etc; etc. The analysis in the original post coupled with the attached pedigree's may assist with mating decisions.



A Shin Hikari.jpeg


Roger Barows.jpeg

Al Ain.jpeg

Deep Brillante.jpeg

Shonan Pandora.jpeg

Dee Majesty.jpeg

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Given all bar one of the initial pedigrees posted were colts, herewith five of Deep Impact's good fillies for review. Note all have balanced line breeding to a son and daughter of a female ancestor or full brother/sister.


Jour Polaire.jpeg


Mikki Queen.jpeg


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The above analysis again demonstrates the breeding principle that stallions have one or more ancestors they are strongest too, and when mated with mares that carry the opposite strain get the best outcomes. This is the sole principle this analysis is based on. It is evident Deep Impact has met with considerable success when mated with Storm Cat mares. They provide the opposite strains of Bull Lea, Craig an Eran and Tredennis found in Deep Impact's pedigree. By way of example the dam of Staphanos appears to be free of these lines, so given what nature has shown us utilising them seems a logical proposition. A couple of random examples are attached to demonstrate how this might work. The "constant factors" identified in the tabulated pedigrees above are somewhat compelling and identify other lines that can be line bred to (other than Storm Cat) thus increasing the population of suitable mares. Trust this is of assistance to those breeding to race to shift the odds of success a little more in their favour, at the same time potentially enhancing the stallions own statistics.



Black Minnaloushe.jpeg

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The term “strain” simply describes how an ancestor descends in a pedigree.If you go to the pedigree sheet immediately above (the Staphanos/Black Minnaloushe) and take as a for instance Eight Thirty highlighted in Blue.

You will see he is descending via a daughter in the top half of the pedigree, thus a female strain, and via a son (Bolero) in the bottom half, thus a male strain.

Exactly the same principle applies for Craig an Eran, Bull Lea, Tredennis, and Artists Proof as highlighted.

The answer to your second question is no.

It is an order of magnitude more difficult to start with a broodmare and endeavour to work out what stallion may suit her, there is simply not enough data to work with (unless it is a recognised cross such as Deep Impact with Storm Cat mares where nature has done the hard work)

Starting with a stallion, analyzing say his top ten racetrack performers, determining the “constant factors” in their pedigrees then sourcing a broodmare to suit is likely to be more rewarding.

Essentially that is what this Deep Impact et-al post endeavours to do. It makes mating decisions somewhat easier when there is at least a little clarity around what lines we are looking for.

Trust this helps, as always happy to answer any questions or queries.

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Some additional detail on the somewhat uncommon linebreeding to Red Sunset in the Postponed and City on a Hill theoretical matings above, and why this may be effective. (The tabulated pedigree sheets posted earlier in the thread should help to follow the text)

Firstly Sunday Silence has balanced line breeding to Agneta through North Star and Fox Cub.

Deep Impact brings that forward with his balanced linebreeding to Dorina through Fox Cub and Crepello. (Agneta is the fifth dam of Dorina)

Staphanos already has linebreeding to Dulce and her full brother Astrophel, both out of Dorina.

The Postponed and City on a Hill matings bring this forward again through an opposite strain of Red Sunset - which may be helpful for fillies bred to race.

It also begs the question wether broodmares carrying (but not only) a daughter of Crepello or a son of Busted in their pedigree may be considered?

A useful demonstration of how linebreeding is building up almost unnoticed in the background and brought forward, as always through an opposite strain. 

The tail female line of Crepello's pedigree (attached) may help illustrate the sequencing described above. 


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