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    Capital Value Disappearing

    ..unless of course you are bored at home on a Monday night and fancy a gavelhouse flutter.
  2. Dopey

    Capital Value Disappearing

    Agree with the comment that “would you buy (or race) what you are breeding”. Breed what you cant afford to buy (or would pay overs for) otherwise why are you doing it (from a commercial aspect) as you would be better off buying a horse when you want one. Spec days are largely over!
  3. Dopey

    Inglis Easter Sales

    Supply and demand
  4. Dopey

    Inglis Easter Sales

    One way ... advertise and sell on multiple platforms and the in person sale is “if not sold prior”... In any business knowing and connecting with your customer is key. On another angle As you may know I’m a a fan of parts of the German model and exclusive sire arrangements - I’m sure savabeel has done ok as private.
  5. Dopey

    Inglis Easter Sales

    I wonder if it will begin to swing the power back to supplier ie the major producers like arrow field who through necessity prove that in fact they have exclusivity and pulling power in a business where discerning wealthy buyers want an edge.
  6. Dopey


    I saw him at the parade when he first arrived, still a racehorse when I saw him, thought he was finer even a bit narrow in front - I may be being harsh - but with 4 G1 wins you can’t say he’s not a contender, sire son of Iffraaj seem to be sort after - I’m happy to have a mare by the international shuttle sire...
  7. Dopey


    He’s (showcasing) a great way to kick off a mare - like volksraad used to do
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  9. Dopey


    Here they all are:
  10. Dopey


    Showcasing 2nd and 3rd in the 2year old Karaka Million, two out of the three in the race....
  11. Dopey

    Big Win Avantage

    Avantage Won first start in AU from memory (same day as Mornington Cup day to the disgust of the local bookies) so not totally poor in AU. Enzo terrific / game.
  12. Dopey


    It’s his last set of yearlings at Karaka this year...
  13. Dopey

    Horse loading ramp

    Measure your own / most likely contract mover truck door and make it slightly wider for parking error, and also for its height. consider how both side and rear loaders can use it consider a rise then flat rather than continuous up hill hmmm.... consider an L shape when the horses walk around a corner as well...
  14. Dopey

    Time Test

    Totally agree. We can get a thrill from that dansili mare time test is out of, but we find out when the hoofs hit the turf. But disclosure I’ve sent my best mare to him...
  15. Point 4: never drink a Chardonnay cold , it kills the complex aromas. Point 10: really gets me as if you can’t hear what’s the point of being there, especially given point 9!
  16. There is a very powerful story about the destruction of thoroughbred racehorses in Australia after that are ‘unwanted’. It will be front page news tomorrow over here. It talks about the ‘industrial scale of distruction of ex racehorses... this is not painting the industry in a great light nor those of us who do not treat animals this way. someone might be able to attach a link but I’m watching it on replay on app ‘ABC iVIEW’ if that helps. This will be big news.
  17. Here's an article on 1 NEWS NOW I thought you might be interested in. Aussie racehorses wrongfully sent to slaughterhouse, investigation uncovers
  18. I think The rules of racing in NSW prohibit the sale of ex racehorses at unregistered/ unregulated sales, and while not illegal also the destruction of horses in this way at a slaughter house. The article quoted around 4000 a year being slaughtered- the NSW industry regulator - who appears to be not monitoring effectively - is quoting .4 of 1% from memory noting 14000 foal a year are bred in Australia.
  19. Dopey

    Time Test

    Great start but can he deliver. He’s got pedigree, speed, performance but a statistical hurdle to clime to be a good sire. Sire sons of Dubawi coming out. Backing in uk and in nz is good. No doubt mares he gets will be ok. He got a good one from me.
  20. Dopey

    Just another link to NZ

    I rate Time Test family above another Juddmonte import in zacinto - but what are others thoughts... I think the runs at ascot and York stand out, and Dansili in the broodmare sire position - and from such a good race mare. Thoughts?
  21. A tough day as roaring lion withdrawn from service due to a bout of colic. stud clearly looking after the horse and owners.
  22. Dopey

    Riccarton races

    To be fair that’s exactly what happened last meeting at Flemington - the new stand is made for non horsey people and the cafe facilities were grossly under manned. Had to go out of members just to get served. VRC are taking a pounding from members who are being asked to pay more - for less.
  23. I like your posts on interesting lots and potential sire Breeder - insightful out of the box thinking - keep on it as I feel you will land on something. Remember Sir T was not that well performed on first look but obviously was more than ok as a sire
  24. Dopey

    All the best Barbara......

    All the best Barbara it’s been ages since I shared stalls next to her. 100 wow