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  1. elvis

    Luke Myers

    yes and we have a share in that one. Go the Zeds!
  2. elvis

    2019 New Season stallions

    Someone might lease her for a few years. That might be an option? Retain ownersip!
  3. elvis

    2019 New Season stallions

    Other than Ardrossan? Where are all the mares coming from. I’m selling mine . Had enough for now. Stallions way over priced Imo!
  4. elvis

    stallion for 2019

    Any opinions or feedback on Shamexpress. Seems to have a few handy horses around and in Oz too.
  5. elvis

    stallion for 2019

    Maybe it shows they really are good because they are probably winning at shorter distances in spite of the trainer not because of the trainer. I tend to agree with berri here.
  6. elvis

    Jjumpout results

    Check out the Woodville jumpout result on NZTR. Crack up
  7. What about Te Akau!
  8. Still leaves plenty of us monkeys to eat the peanuts here...lol
  9. elvis

    Waikato Weanling Tour

    was it a good turn out?
  10. elvis

    Name for my horse please.

    Nothing but Net is a good one.
  11. elvis

    Down come the Fees....

    cant believe the fee for Trapeze Artist. I really like him and think he is going to be good but $99 K. Wow! NZ studs seem to be a bit slow in announcing the fees for this year. Must be some long hard thinking going on
  12. elvis

    This doesn’t look so good for Cambridge

    One things for sure...they are all good pizza's!
  13. elvis

    Down come the Fees....

    Thank goodness
  14. elvis

    stallion for 2019

    Interesting thanks for that Berri
  15. elvis

    2019 new stallions

    Absolutely, good call. But I did see him advertised on tv standing at CS the other day?
  16. elvis


    I've got a share in one and she is just starting to wind up now called Mizzena. She has a very determined attitude. Here's hoping!
  17. elvis


    The Zed season is starting up. Great stalliion
  18. elvis

    WAIPA RC - Te Awamutu GONE!

    Sounds over the top but I tend to agree with you!
  19. big catalogue for gavelhouse this week.
  20. elvis

    Kevin Myers

    has cut numbers back I am told
  21. I haven’t bought on Gavelhouse but did on Bloodstockauction.com a wee while ago sight unseen.
  22. wow that's a big change. Wonder if Gavelhouse has taken quite a few of the stock. So much cheaper to sell on there.
  23. elvis

    Stay Strong Christchurch

    Kia kaha Christchurch
  24. elvis


    How good is this stallion. Three stakes winners today. We just bought a share in Colt by him. They just keep winning today
  25. elvis

    Al Hasa

    had a trial the other day I think.