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  1. My question is what bought about this behavior?? What lead up to this event? Without excusing what has transpired? Sadly we have only heard part of the story without the context, always makes me wonder.
  2. Exactly.........hahahahahahahahaha
  3. The country tracks in my humble opinion make the best race days. They are often well supported by locals with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Family friendly and the best meetings you will ever go to. My favourites include Hastings, Matamata, Rotorua and sadly Dargaville. Thames was another good one.These meetings are also well supported by the trainers also, just look at the South Island country circuit. I have no idea why you would suggest such a thing?? My question is, was it really that bad that the meeting needed to be cancelled? The horse had just been interfered with and was off ba
  4. The time has come for privatization!!!
  5. This type of share is a waste of time. Your 25% covers the trainers costs so his share of winnings are all profit. Your share of winning still gets all the deductions for trainer, jockey etc. I would advise not to touch this type of investment. He will charge excessively for all associated costs as well. My trainer just charged $300 for ulcer treatment that I can buy myself for $200. They will clip the ticket on everything. Also is watch out for Right of Purchase lease agreements.
  6. The imprisonment of his daughters and a doping scandal. See for yourself See "Sunday" programme 7 March 2021
  7. If worried about your account why not go down to the nearest TAB and place the bet there?
  8. Its a fair question. When you look at the fixed odds early you have to decide if you will accept the price otherwise wait. Often horses will drift on the day close to race time. The horse, jockey,stable and publicity will all have an impact, its up to you. Just don't be disappointed if it pays better on the day and experience will teach you what to look for. That is unless someone like the Boys Get Paid gets a "special" on a specific race.
  9. Could the Jockey have got out earlier?? Was it a GOOD ride? Especially since it was such a slowly run race?
  10. Really, how hard can it be when you train hundreds of horses for the biggest buyer in the country? You have been sucked into the publicity machine.
  11. So Patrick Hogan improved many broodmares in NZ all those decades ago when Sir Tristram arrived. Ahead of his time?
  12. I refer specifically to rule 431. The owner or leasee including racing manger shall comply with the above act. If they don't, who does the policing?
  13. The Rules of Racing refers to the Financial Markets Conduct Act for monetary responsibility for Racing Managers amongst other things. My question is, Who polices this? If you try reporting anything to the NZTR or the RIU they say it is not their responsibility? If this is the case then why do they refer to the Act at all? Surely if a racing manager is not performing their financial responsibilities, they should loose their license? Or is that too simple?
  14. I think ABBA coined the phrase, MONEY MONEY MONEY.