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Outsourcing TAB - Huge Mistake !

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If outsourcing TAB or some form of that is accompanied by exclusivity it will be huge mistake. NZ seems to love these vacuum cleaners like overseas banks, Google, Uber, Facebook, non resident real estate investors etc etc that suck up all the money. Now there are some wanting an overseas bookie to step in. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

NZ'rs need to have the opportunity to come up with better products or formula's themselves. Modern technology means there is no need for bookmakers or TAB.  There need not be any intermediary between clubs and punters. By TAB I don't mean Trackside or some of the other services e.g. Christmas at the Races. I can see bigger mistakes than purchasing the FOB platform being made.

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7 hours ago, LightsOut said:

Trouble is they are already outsourcing eg their sports betting side and signed up for 5 years. Marketing has been sourced out also over past years yet they still had a marketing department ?

It’s not all outsourced though is it? I thought all the main sports and nz stuff were still done here and it was the more random stuff they were out sourcing e.g Russian 3rd division football. 

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I don’t think he’s leading the charge to outsource the TAB. 

I think that he’s leading the charge to save the Racing industry. 

I can not see why we can’t work in cahoots with a much larger (Australian) suppler to offset both their’s and our costs.

My biggest concern is; If we hand over control to anyone else it will be gone for ever. Then it really will be the end of our industry. 

This will be the biggest test of Dean McKenzie’s career!

It’s going to be interesting from a personal point of view, as I once worked with him within the Racing industry. 



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2 hours ago, lamour said:

Anyone else think it is ironic that a politician that has spent his entire career fighting against foreign control of assets  is now leading the charge to outsource the TAB?

Yes exactly. He seems to be surrounded by a bunch of dimwits. Take for instance NZ First's sabotage of Labours tax on real estate capital gains. Overseas investors must think NZ's are absolute bunnies. They cream billions in capital gains whilst a good proportion of the population have their standard of living diminished. Mind you many do gain but its only a gain if you sell up and move "down country".

I've always adhered to the principle that the only thing a punter needs is another punter. Anything in between  is a burden. Technology must be used to get down to the most efficient formula. Not use technology to drive old betting formats. Rather devise wagering products around new technology and not the other way. 


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