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Spring Trans-Tasman Super Comp Quarter-Finals Sat Nov 4 - entries here

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OK, us Mighty Blues have got the preliminary stuff out of the way now, where we cruised merrily along in second gear doing just enough to get in to the Quarter-Finals today with the lightest possible weight 49 kgs. A testimony to strategic genius, making sure that serious talented teams like the Ferdies and the Turbos were despatched to Wooden Spoon matchup status, and leaving a ho-hum bunch ahead of us on the leaderboard for us Mighty Blues to now pick a path through. Our opponents today the Kauri Kats were one such outfit that badly overachieved when nothing was at stake, seeing them into the quarterfinals with top-weight 61 kgs. Sure they'll be the hottest of favourites today on disclosed form, but there's more than a suspicion that as the field enters the final 200m later today the little Kauri Kat paws will be going up-and-down on the one spot as the 61 kgs takes it's inevitable toll. While at the same time the feather-weighted Mighty Blues will be launching their sustained and irresistible dash to the victory line. 

We'll see someone in the semis.

Can't wait.


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1. Awapuni R1 - 9&13

2. Awapuni R3 - 9&12(scratching replaced)

3. Awapuni R4 - 4&8 

4. Flemington R2 - 1&6

5. Awapuni R6 -8&10(scratching replaced)

6. Awapuni R7 - 11&14 BB

7. Flemington R5 - 5&16

8. Flemington R6 - 3&5

9. Flemington R7 - 1&2 BB

10. Flemington R8 - 6&10

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So up against the MIGHTY PJ - and with the wooden Spoon on the line!! - had to go a little wider in here goes, before I succumb to the stress and overthink everything!!! :):) 

R1: 1,3 B/B

R2: 2,6

R3: 1,3

R4: 1,7

R5: 3,10

R6: 4,7

R7: 5,10

R8: 2,16

R9: 1,7

R10: 5,12 B/B

All the best PJ - so appreciate what you do with all these comps. May the Handsomest, most intelligent, luckiest, best man win!! :) 

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  • Race 1      : 
  • 1 - Outstanding             BB                Is better than these, and that's good enough reason to take it. No fancy price, but a winner's a winner's a winner.
  • 9 - Tipperary Mary        BB                Looks the only danger to the favourite if she can work in to it from an average-only draw.
  • Race 2      :                                          
  • 1 - Hundyamonth                              Almost always gives a good sight, and the 2kg allowance will help. Holly Andrew rides well. Dangerous.
  • 2 - Londaro                                         Lots to like about it's recent win. Looks the sort to go on with it from a handy draw.
  • Race 3      :
  • 5 - Ocean Emperor                            Expected to do better last start, but still finished close up. This is within range today. 
  • 8 - Lord Sibford                                  Useful performer and well-weighted. Can get over the top of these at a good price.
  • Race 4      : 
  • 1 - Bring Me Roses       BB                Excellent last-start win, and has built nicely to this. Has to be the one.
  • 10- Teodora                   BB                Did plenty in the running last time out, and still fought on. With a better run today has to be the danger.
  • Race 5      :
  • 10 - Storytime                                    Has always looked the goods, and was very good winning last time out.
  • 13 - Red Sierra                                   I like the look of this one.  Well-drawn, well-weighted, and will be in it for a long way.
  • Race 6       :                  
  • 12 - Go To Man                                  Ran home nicely last start after a couple of "sighters". Will be the "go to" horse today.
  • 13 - Gorbachev                                   Nice run first up, and looks well placed today.
  • Race  7      :
  • 10 - Eptimum                                       Picket-fence formline. Very impressive last time out. Nice draw. Strong chance.
  • 16-  Catchy                                           Has the credentials. Will be flying at them late.
  • Race  8      :
  • 3 - Foxplay                                           Disappointing last start. Expecting her to get back to her prior excellent form.    
  • 9 - Daysee Doom                                Better over a shorter distance, but with one crack at them could surprise at good odds.          
  • Race  9      :
  • 1 - Ace High                                         Serious on-pace racehorse that will take all sorts of running down.
  • 2 - Tangled                                           Has been the bridesmaid in lead-up races.  Looks primed to go one better on the biggest stage.
  • Race 10     :
  • 5 - Tom Melbourne                             Surely today. What could possibly go wrong ? :) 
  • 10 - Sovereign Nation                         Very nice racehorse. Will be storming at them late.


Good luck, Sylvia.

Wishing you great luck, Mighty Blues Brothers. Big win today, then on to the semis next week. Locked and loaded.                                    



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R1-3 Handyman 9 Tipperary Mary

R2-2 Londaro 6 Seraphim

R3-4 Travimyfriend 5 Ocean Emperor BB

R4-5 Hiyaam 6 Rimraam

R5-4 Vinevale 10 Storytime

R6-1 King Oberon 6 Lovetokeephim

R7-5 Viridine 6 Jukebox

R8-3 Foxplay 16 Shoals

R9-5 Main Stage 6 Sully BB

R10-1 Tosen Stardom 5 Tom Melbourne

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1. Awapuni R1 - 9,10

2. Awapuni R3 - 2/6 bb

3. Awapuni R4 - 3,7

4. Flemington R2 -5,8 

5. Awapuni R6 -7,10

6. Awapuni R7 - 7/14bb

7. Flemington R5 - 5,10

8. Flemington R6 - 2,5,bb

9. Flemington R7 -5/8

10. Flemington R8 -5/6

We used to finals footy Canes...slowly but surely,...tick em off and take the points.


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Thanks P.J. Good luck Geoff(loved your commentary,had a ring of deja vu)

Picking the Hayes/Dabernig team to have a bumper day:D

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Hi all,

race 1       1  -  11     

race 2       2  -  6

race 3       3  -  4

race 4       1  -  10

race 5       3  -   5

race 6       4  -  12   BB

race 7       16  -  17 

race 8       16  -  17

race 9        3  -  6   BB

race 10     1  -  6




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