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  1. Chips $4 at Whanga races. Nice on a cold day. Some people must drink an awful lot of piss at the races if cost is an issue.
  2. Shoot out to see who has the last word haha
  3. Hope it’s not abandoned . Keen on watching some jumps races.
  4. 1; sub 6 2; /6 3; /6 4; /5 5; /6 6; /7 7; /6 8; /6 9; /6 10; /6 11; /6 12 ; /6 Thank you Ponda and Scoobs. Good punting all.
  5. Yeh I was waiting for it and couldn’t see it on Trackside. Bugger
  6. Reasonable crowd here. Bloody cold day. Red wine helping
  7. Anything catch the eye at Wanganui today? Will be attending
  8. More info on Wanganui races on Racenet than Tab NZ
  9. Don’t knock us 66 year olds ha ha. All my suits are black so I’m probably exempt
  10. Gaz your old man used to back the Lone Wolves too. Ha ha. Hard to do on your phone tho
  11. Not so. I just went to Racenet and if I had a Bet365 account I could bet anywhere they cover. Don’t know what you are looking at
  12. Oooow the better track should suit him today. I’m gunner have to go again at 30/1 . Can’t help myself Kaonic that is
  13. Yes Ohoka. Great opportunity for that young bloke to get a group one with only local jockeys riding. Prob do it a bit differently if he had a second chance. Looks like a Derby horse next time in.
  14. Ha ha everyone has their own systems good or bad.if you win it’s great if you lose it’s poor. Everyone is also an expert after the fact. I wish I had of had more on Tyzone on Saturday. And less on Overlord. But I didn’t. Stiff bikkies. Youd have to wonder about the ride on Overlord too. Fradd certainly showed him how it was done in the very next race.
  15. Good shopping with those early two bets.
  16. Looking forward to going to Awapuni. If I’m allowed. My world renowned patience will be put to the test if I encounter one of the self serve betting machines. Cant wait
  17. Yes Gaz. And Astral Blue. My fav at the time was Aku Hoa.
  18. Good man. Bit early for me. I was in the Marist sheds one day and they started the 10 furlong right next to it. I asked this jockey if he wanted a beer. All the Jocks said don’t do it they have TV cameras on us. Anyway he had a 7 Oz beer. Guy trains in Victoria nowadays.
  19. Crikey. You did well. What cub was that? Pirates?