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  1. Next progression will no doubt be clubs will cease to print Race Cards
  2. Strikes never work. Unless you can 100 per cent involved. And would you be able to?
  3. But I thought the great Winston was going to put a new injection of life into the Industry??????????
  4. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    Funerals - level 2 - I see someone whispered to jacinda "the Maori vote"
  5. If any people are serious about NZ Racing then they should cease to bet on the NZ TAB on imported product. Bet offshore on this if you have to - but bet locally on the local product. Actions speak louder than words.
  6. Are there anyone in the game with the brains to run the show - those with brains would have got out long before now, surely
  7. Who needs imported product of horses & dogs we never heard of trained by people we never heard of ridden by people we never heard of for pools that do not number the fingers on one hand???? And that we cannot listen to either. Actually it's an insult that they even call it product!!!
  8. Blue - I never set out to make a list of positives, or a list of negatives. Just facts. Hope you read thoroughly Barry Lichter's article (in T'bred forum) These too are facts - not negatives or positives!
  9. Or Taxi Drivers, or Barbers
  10. Cartman42 - you miss my point. Which is no revenue. Certainly not sufficient. What is "negativity?" Surely "reality" is not negativity?
  11. Surely all tracks are "important"
  12. eljay

    Sires Stakes

    For those interested here revised schedule https://infohorse.hrnz.co.nz/dochr/hrnz/MediaRelease-SiresStakesdraftdates.pdf
  13. https://infohorse.hrnz.co.nz/datahrs/Calendar/Trials/2020/trials_may2020.htm
  14. Just thinking - Alexandra Park a real ghost town at the moment. TAB locked Pokies locked Cafe locked Track unused Blues training field unused New development up to now deserted Lollipops closed Chinese Restaurant closed Function rooms empty And whopping loans to service
  15. And where do the banks stand with ATC? They must be very toey with no racing and no pokies and no functions. It's a hell of a situation - if because they got no funds what good is closing them down. They have to trade to service all the borrowing. Just like Robertson and covid 19. Only difference he got us while ATC stranded.
  16. Objective number one - take sufficient to cover top salaries
  17. Sounds a good idea but unfortunately those running the ship don't like to be told how to run things so for them it easier not invite ideas - hence why any forums they do conduct turn into halls of mirrors. Whether they look into these mirrors or not we never find out but no results are ever forthcoming.
  18. Tasman Man - if more costs to clubs as you suggest, where would they get these funds from unless we back on the old "less for owners" i.e. stakes Most clubs, if not all, are broke to put it mildly. To take more from the owners would only ensure - less owners!
  19. She said today will be 100 for function inside or out!
  20. A function or an event?
  21. The gravy train has never been short
  22. Preserve the club? In Formaldehyde?
  23. TV will be done from the studio plus the commentator so one imagines the course presenters will head the queue