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  1. dkc


    It will never see the inside of the court room. My understanding is that some of those charge are in excess of 50k
  2. dkc

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    So I take it that all the people that are pro it will have no problem if hrnz makes it compulsory for the lab to notify every horse that they spin blood from. Let the punter know what horses are using this treatment. Will this tell a story. Who knows but if there is nothing to hide then why not tell everyone which horses are receiving the treatment. It's pretty simple isn't it?
  3. dkc

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Ok so I will ask the question. Are the human athletes using this ie the crusaders, the all blacks, If the answer is no. Why not? If it is that theraputical and there is no risk. Why not? It is to help heal not race on so there has to be a stand down period on it use. 4 weeks from time of treatment. As they said it's not performance enhancing. It needs to be administered under a vets supervision and recommendation
  4. dkc

    Simon Lawson

    Seems harsh. Seem to remember a certain driver backing Smolda on fixed odds in NZ Cup. A fine was all that was imposed. Struggle to see the difference
  5. dkc

    J dunn

    Has the name suppression been lifted? One would think so by what is being said here.
  6. dkc

    Invercargill Cup

    Dunrobin received $640 for finishing last in this race. If he had started in his own grade he would have received $200. Think trainer was just proving a point about some of the discrepancy in this pay losers system!
  7. dkc

    Utterly Unbelievable

    46 horses at waikouaiti gallops today and you think we have problems!
  8. dkc


    I don't think any All Star horse has made it as a sire. Will be interesting to see if Vincent or Lazarus can turn this around. I won t be rushing in.
  9. dkc

    All Stars Cup Week

    Yep if tim is the only one that drives by the rules then so be it. It wins. The fixer second. Tiger Tara 3rd.
  10. dkc

    All Stars Cup Week

    Why is cheating funny?
  11. dkc

    All Stars Cup Week

    I see Natalie was suspended for excessive use. Once again someone wins a big one by breaking the rules. Got to feel for Tiger Tara. It's time that anyone gets done for this automatically goes back one place.
  12. dkc

    Pats Delight

    He would be better bred than Lazarus. Don't think Pat Kubala would ever sell him
  13. dkc

    Open Class Races

    Theses are the stats that I am talking about not picking bits out of different tables to support your case. 4.463 mill love to know what percentage they got of the group money. Hey good on them!
  14. dkc

    Open Class Races

    Starts Wins ▾ 2nds 3rds Stakes UDR Mark Purdon & Natalie Rasmussen 367 122 71 40 4,463,338 0.4762 Robert Dunn 618 96 81 77 1,374,162 0.2697 Michael House 270 57 33 28 413,250 0.3136 Steve Telfer 346 50 47 47 695,064 0.2653 Cran Dalgety 250 48 31 28 787,820 0.2982
  15. dkc

    Open Class Races

    nice Stats but you fail to put the money won by these stables. is that to make your case look better. Do the states On the Group races. It will be a completely different story. And that could be the reason that we are not getting Open class races with more that 7 or 8 runners. When they get to this point they are sold?