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  1. dkc

    NZ Cup

    Your right. This industry needs young blood and supporting young trainers is the only way this industry is going to survive. I think Mark Purdon is a brilliant trainer but I will continue to support the up and comers.
  2. dkc

    NZ Cup

    Not anti all stars at all. In fact they have to be admired. In the United States a trainer is only allowed 2 horse in a race which I think is a great idea. Think if that was the case we wouldn't have the exodus of better class horses to Aus or USA. If this happened then they would have to decide on what horses they wanted to keep. You would find the Regan Todd's, Steve McRaes, Mark Jones etc would have a cup runner. Say if Spankem leads in the cup I bet that he will only hand to one of his stables mates. Do you really think the lead will be there for anyone else. And if he does hand up to a stable mate then the lead will not be there for anyone else. But no that's not team driving!
  3. dkc

    NZ Cup

    Unfortunately the Ashburton Flying stakes has become a farce this year and the NZ cup will be one of the biggest non events. How can you get excited by one stable having 7 of the 11 horses in a race. Time to sort this out once and for all. Limit numbers one stable can have in a race. We've been saying for other trainers to up their game. But simple facts are you can't beat them. Not with so many horses in one race. Should be 2 max If owners want their horse to start in these races then they simply have to send them to other trainers. I know someone will say I'm All Star bashing but it will be the demise of our industry or it already is! There's 50 k up for grabs here. Post the cheques out now. It will be a miracle if anyone else's gets some of the pie. I'm guessing a 53 last half
  4. dkc

    In my view

    Think the problem with it all is what suits the South doesn't necessarily suit the North.
  5. dkc

    UMC still at it

    Scratch from Hannon. Hope he's OK
  6. dkc

    UMC still at it

    The horse had 3 weeks off. Hardly a turn out more a freshen up!
  7. dkc

    Times are tough

    Watch the Canterbury continue there weekly trek to Southland.
  8. I don't. The lowest polling committee member. He will not make himself available. Well that's what should happen
  9. Certainly sent a message. Be interesting if he stays as chairman. Think someone else will take the wheel?
  10. Thanks Stables but still want to know what they want and use the acceptance fees for. All they are doing is falsely advertising the stakes for the races. It's like Donald Trumps fake news
  11. I see the Maurice homes Vase. 6 runners nominated. Acceptance fee is $345 dollars 6th gets $600 less $345 = $255 left The R61 to R80 race 6th onwards get $260. Maurice Holmes 30k Other Race 13k Good on you Addington!
  12. Absolutely! Trainers do something about it. The power is your hands. You have the product that they need. You are providing the entertainment Time to get organized and do something about this. Starters are supposed to be getting 2 % of the stake. These group races with Starting fees means they are not getting anywhere near this.
  13. The last 10 k of the starting fee is never paid by the owner. Addington just take it off the stakes paid to the owner.
  14. What I can't understand is how can the owners not pay the last part of the nomination fee and the club not pay out the advervisted stake, How can they say it is race stakes? Or is this money coming from HRNZ actually Addingtons way of making the percentage paid to them from HRNZ and then paid out in stakes look higher than it actually is. I smell a rat!
  15. Stables will think that's fine. They are using nomination fees to make stakes look 30 percent better than they actually are.