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  1. dkc


    The excuses given were like a Whitaker's add. They used a different one each time. Winton over Wyndham. Winton is Matty Williamson's favourite track
  2. dkc


    Obviously you kept your job with Rita
  3. dkc

    Harness boss stands down

    Doing what they are.doing in Southland and Otago. Also Manawatu is hitting the grass roots at their base. Instead of fertilizer they are using tordon. Howdo they expect a club like Tuapeka to go all the way to Oamaru or Invercargill. The locals in this area are not going to travel those distances. Gore a large service town with a Licensing trust who put a lot of sponsorship into racing will not sponsor because there is no return to them. Like most other sponsors. Volunteers who give a lot to all clubs in NZ . What do they do it for. It's a community thing. They are not interested in all that work if another area is going to reap the rewards. Look at Rugby. As soon as you don't us local content you lose interest and this is what these high paid corporate types lose site of. The value of the the unpaid. All they are interested in is the elite. Well if its was not for clubs like Tuapeka Manawatu Roxburgh Gore Wyndham Blenheim etc. there would not be an industry. The top 10 percent is costing us 50 percent of our money. But you won't get them to recognize this because they are the decision makes and the aren't going to chop their own heads off. That's my rant for the day
  4. dkc

    Harness boss stands down

    There is one more that has to go. The chairman one K Spicer. Lowest polling board member and he is still chairman. He is the one that put this CEO in. The one that got rid of the last CEO To much power. Has to go!
  5. dkc

    Riley Butt

    I see the last race a Menangle last night the winner was driven by Riley Butt. What is the connection to Tim Butt the trainer?
  6. dkc


    To the TAB Now is the time to treat us all as equals. Start looking after our local product. All NZ racing on Trackside one. Let's make it easy for ll the NZ public sitting at home to have a bet on local product. Do you think thee is anyone involve in the decision-making with enough brans to realise it?
  7. dkc

    Race 6 Forbury inquiry

    I thought it was only when say the 2 horses involved finished say 1st and 3rd. Perhaps the 2nd horse doesn't deserve to win but when they are 2nd and 3rd surely placings should be reversed
  8. dkc

    Race 6 Forbury inquiry

    Can not believe what the result of the inquiry was in race 6 at Forbury Press Play forced All Money down into the passing lane thus denying The Conqueror a run up the passing lane which was rightfully his. How the hell can Press Play not be relegated from 2nd to 3rd, Seems the logical out come doesn't it? No apparently not! The Conquerors driver, Matty Williamson, could not prove that he would have beaten Press Play Really how could he do that? How about the RIU prove that he wouldn't have beaten him. If All Money had taken his line with no interference then the placings would have been change straight away, would they not? Am I the only one struggling with this? And no I am not talking through my pocket!
  9. dkc

    Ben Hope

    I didn't start this post to bag Ben. I started it to point out a flaw in his driving style and point out that there seems to be little follow up and help when juniors get suspended. There should be a process that helps them fix these flaws People like Maurive McKendry, Colin De filippi, Clark Barron. They are 3 people that come to mind with experience who would be perfect candidates to help Horses run for Ben which is a gift. He is not the only one that needs help all juniors do. Have a look at the juniors races at Invercargill on Friday and Oamaru on Sunday. These young people are our future. Let's invest in them by giving them the best advise available and being honest, tell them when they need to adjust instead of worrying about hurting the feelings. Youthful exuberance is great but it seems in every junior race there is a novel written about it in the stripes report.
  10. dkc

    Ben Hope

    I think our junior drivers are hard done by when it comes to suspensions. When they are doing things wrong they need a mentor that came help them to change. Sitting on the sideline does nothing Ben is a great young chap but he needs to change things. Look at where his hands are when driving a horse. He rests his arns on his legs and has his hands way back on the reins. No control if he needs to take hold..Then when it's all out to the finish he throws the reins at them. Hope he doesn't take this to heart but there are plenty of senior horse men or women that I think would only be happy to help. All he needs to do is ask and be prepared to listen.
  11. dkc

    Ben Hope

    I know he's a good young man but surely a senior horse man can help him with the lack of control he has when driving his horses out.
  12. dkc

    All Stars slugfest

    JJ Flask aka Greg is 100% correct and DKC is incorrect There is nothing that will make a horse go faster than nature and training specify Drugs will only help a horse maintain their top speed for longer I do not believe that All Stars use anything illegal Operation Inca included their phones being tapped as well and not one iota of reference was ever heard in relation to illegal drugs Quite simply, they buy the best horses at the Yearling Sales, or they buy the best running along later, then their training methods are obviously world class Yes., their dominance may be harmful in some ways but I didn't see any Kiwis complaining when we won 2 Rugby World Cups in a row Mikie If you read my post it says exactly what you said. Horse can't go at a higher speed but the can go faster over a distance. So a horse can go faster! Believe what you want to believe. But I am of the opinion if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.
  13. dkc

    All Stars slugfest

    Really you got your head in the sand if you think there is nothing to that will make a horse go faster. The ability to not feel pain will make a horse maintain their highest speed for longer. Its called going through the pain barrier. They can only do it for so long then they do damage to themselves also known as breaking down.
  14. dkc

    Nigel McGrath RIU / JCA charges

    The RIU are now past the point of no return. Their $200k jobs are on the line, If they pull the pin now they are gone not to mention the lawsuits that will follow. Desperate is the word! There are higher up individuals involved here all designed to bring one particular code to its knees. Call it a conspiracy theory but why else has this bullshit go on for so long.
  15. dkc

    All Stars slugfest

    It's better than .4000 how do you beat 1.000 when you have 5 horses in a race. In actual fact on the night there were only 7 horses that beat an Allstar horse home. 3 of those beat Chase Auckland and he helped his stable mates finish 3 and 4 from impossible positions. While they are champion trainers and should be applauded. It is the elephant in the room that is killing the sport. Its time to cut stakes in our group races and start putting more into lower grade races. Its the only thing that will get the breeding industry back on track.