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  1. A couple of scratchings and all of a sudden its anyone's!
  2. You can bet on it. I think I will pass. Who is going to attack. Pace will ease. And they will run a 26 last quarter.
  3. Well done to the sponsors and kind donations from industries participants for making it happen.
  4. This board is totally out of control. But we keep sitting on our hands and watching Clubs need to act now and send them a clear message. What is happening in Southland is nothing short of criminal. 2 Clubs that clearly out performed the other 2 stopped from racing on their home courses.
  5. We can see it so why can't they. Surely someone will wake up! I don't think this is finish with.
  6. And then they fucked it all up. Time for the whole board to resign. They are an embarrassment to the industry.
  7. They tried to get Wyndham to go to Winton and Gore to go to Invercargill. This all with out any consultation. Interesting to note one K McNaught is on HRNZ board. Now he is a past president of Winton and is still a committee member of that club. There are other alarming links to southern harness and Invercargill and Winton. Wyndham and Gore have been shafted and I would guess that they will make it known!
  8. The Wyndham and Gore decisions are the hard ones to understand. Gore a dual coded course and Wyndham the highest turnover per race meeting by a long way. Incidentally Gore is second. They have kept the two poorest preforming clubs and tried to get Gore and Wyndham to go race at them to boast their profitability. Good on them for refusing to. I think more is to come on this. It smells of insider trading to me.
  9. dkc

    Today's Press

    This idiot really deserves all he gets. Rules are rules and he broke them. Deserve everything he gets and needs to put his big boy pants on and take his medicine.
  10. Well then you back your post. Tell us what is the current CEO on. Back up your statement with some facts. Fact is you don't know! You've made a statement so give is the figures. Put up or shut up!
  11. Why do people that struggle for substance in their arguements revert to personal attacks. It was printed in the media and common knowledge for anyone who wants to look. RITA have 10 people in their organisation on between $200 -- $ 700 k per annum. Now I'm not into Rocket science but which one do you think will be the CEO's income?
  12. dkc


    I did see too much wrong. The horse never got within half a length of the leader so I wouldn't class that as attacking. The time and sectionals were nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps the horse he was driving is not much good. A lot of horses sitting parked stop
  13. dkc

    Justin Evans

    And then the clowns that put the past the post result up also got it wrong. Dave McDonald must have been laughing. But hey we all make mistakes. Just some more than others!
  14. Surely the fixed odds turnover should be backed up by how much was paid out on those bets. This is the real figure that matters What is profit?