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  1. Cambridge trots last night - why is a lower South Island based commentater flying to Cambridge and back when Jason Teaz lives 30 minutes away. Common sense has got to prevail, TAB must have money to burn! Not to mention the carbon hoof-print.
  2. Who represents and advocates for the South Island around the cabinet table when it comes to level changes?
  3. Well done Michael for selecting this horse, you put your hand in your pocket, not only do you talk the talk but walk the walk. A trotting race is won by the winner trotting over the line.
  4. Tim Vince for HRNZ executive, we could do with him around the table,some common sense needed urgently!
  5. A couple years ago John Allen told me and others at a roadshow that the sky- trackside deal had 2 years to run. Was JA asked, or did he say anything about the deal on this years tour?
  6. As usual so many great questions, many varied answers but little action. Nobody mentions the two elephants in the room!
  7. Any reason why the 2 trotting yearlings catalogued in the pacers section aren't in the trotters only section, seems strange??
  8. Time for the minister of racing to step up and pass the new racing bill into law this week. Add it to the other bills the new government is passing under urgency this week!!! Easy peasy
  9. I understand Winstons NZ FIRST PARTY has had quite amount of funding from the Cambridge area. Time for payback?
  10. read on the JCA website a successful charge against junior driver M Anderson for wearing a helmet with a repaired chin strap, taken by chief RIU (HR) steward Nick Ydgren. Part quote of the rule "All starters, starters assistants, crash crew members and any persons working with/amongst horses must wear helmets up to drivers standards" When is RIU investigator, RIU steward and STARTER P Lamb going to be charged for continuing to ignore this rule? One rule for all surely'!!!!!
  11. Not the form guide but the special informant Harnessed, they have all the picks for Alex park and Oamaru, why not Invercargill!
  12. Just arrived. Great read but why no picks for Invercargill Saturday! Alex park Friday yes, Oamaru Sunday yes. Once again our wonderful industry is being let down by the usual suspects. Come on guys, you can and must do better.
  13. This is mid september!!!!!! Who are "they" you are talking about? less meetings = less races = less income. This negative attitude and downward spiral has got to stop now!
  14. With no harness racing south of Methven this week and none in Southland for a fortnight, could someone tell me why there is no racing at Forbury tonight?